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    Pastor Allmann's Christian Lecture Series

    in Religion

    Pastor Allmann’s continuing Christian Lecture Series currently on a Jewish Commentary of Proverbs 1-15 focusing on Practical Christian Living and emphasizing Holiness and Fearing the LORD GOD.

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    "Lunch & Learn"Series w Dr. Minetta "Ways to INCREASE Your Business PROFITS" Pt3

    in Entrepreneur

    Lunch and Learn Business Series with Dr. Minetta Hare. present  "The Power of ASKING" 
    Join Me Every Thursday ~ 12 pm ET/USA 

    This is a radio show designed for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Employers, Professionals and Marketplace Leaders

    TODAY'S SESSION:  Ways to Grow Your Business:  Ask for What You Want! 

    Every Thursday, 12pm ET LIVE.... Dial 1-347-945-6272 with Questions and Comments


    PRAYER AND INTERCESSION for BUSINESS SUCCESS: Join me as we get intentional about praying for our businesses and the people we serve.

    Invite your friends! I want as many people to cover their businesses in prayer as possible so I am opening this training up to anyone in business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or are in direct sales, you don’t want to miss this! I’m so excited to see what God will do when we prioritize prayer in our business.  ENROLL: To get resources and materials to this FREE training, email your name & email to us: globalprayerforce1000@gmail.com 

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    Finding Courage Series Part Two Tubman - Northup - Lincoln

    in History

    Last week we started on our journey of facing up to the struggles in our lives with courage, faith and determination.  We determined that the true anecdote to fear is courage, and facing that fear can indeed be daunting at times.  

    As we tackle this topic, let’s look to three historical figures whose life sacrifice becomes the basis of why courage is such a majestic force of change.  

    Today we’ll explore the heroic lives of Harriet Tubman, the ex-slave who led more than 300 slaves to freedom, Solomon Northup, kidnapped into slavery only to emerge as a free man 12 years later and Abraham Lincoln who fierce determination to keep the Union in tact ultimately emancipated millions of slaves around the United States.

    Freedom fighters and survivors whose courage triumphed over fear in the midst of some of the most painful periods of American history.  

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    Relationship part 3

    in Spirituality

    join us on relationship series. Discussing the "triple threat" relatio

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    Series 4- ''God's Will- Resisting; The ''Pitfall Call Self Sufficiency''

    in Religion

    Rev. Frankie Dorsey

    Scriptures; 1 Samuel 9:2; Ecc. 3:14; Romans 1:24-28; Romans 12:3

    We invite everyone to come and join us  Thursday @ 10:00 Am Est.  You can join us by listen in @ 347-237-5593 or you may join us in the chatroom online every Thursday @ www.blogtalkradio.com/in-his-presence-ministrywe

    May God bless you richly for coming to share in the teaching of His Word!!



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    Hymns #1 - Precious Lord, Take my Hand

    in Religion

    Starting off our series on popular Hymns, we explore the history and what the intent of the lyrics really mean -- and we implore all to know they can take the LORD's hand anytime, when you are tired, when you are weak, when you need His strength, when you need Him to lead you home. His hand is outstretched and ready to grab hold of you - all you need to is reach out to Him...

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    #LetsTalkBusiness: Founder of @FanBoyFilmFest Michael Kanik

    in Entrepreneur

    Introducing The Fan Boy Film Festival, an online film festival for filmmakers who want to share their art with fans and interact with other filmmakers - www.fanboyfilmfestival.com 

    Are you a filmmaker with a great piece? Do you love films? Then The Fan Boy Film Festival is the place for you. Stream great new films, vote, and share the experience.

    There is no submission fee and they are awarding a $10,000 Grand Prize for the Best Film. 

    The Fan Boy Film Festival accepts features, documentaries, shorts, student films, web series, trailers, music videos and original trailers in the following genres: science fiction, drama, comedy, fantasy, horror, action, animation, superhero, and fan film.
    The experience is 100 percent FREE. No politics and no BS with an easy upload process and an enjoyable experience.

    And did I mention the money prizes?
    Feature Film - $10,000 Prize
    Film Captured Entirely on a Smart Device - $5,000 Prize
    Shorts - $10,000 Prize

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    May 2016 Chicago Bankruptcy Question and Answer Podcast with Joseph Wrobel

    in Legal

    Chicago bankruptcy and consumer credit attorney Joseph Wrobel answers real people's frequently asked questions about bankruptcy and how it can affect their life and finances in edition of the monthly bankruptcy FAQ podcast series. 

    Sample questions in this 30-minute show:

    My real estate taxes are going to be sold, would Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 help me?
    What can I do if I need to file for bankruptcy but cannot afford to hire a lawyer?
    Can someone still sue me to get a judgment if I file for bankruptcy?
    My husband lost his job, we are on disability, and have medical debt, what can we do?

    Joseph Wrobel has been a practicing attorney since 1973 and has experience in a wide variety of law relating to legal matters for individuals and families. Wrobel helps clients get out of debt and get a fresh start. He is an active member in several bar associations and the Bankruptcy Panel of Pro Bono Program of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. After serving the U.S. Army Reserve 363rd Civil Affairs Unit, Wrobel earned a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern University and in 1973, he earned a JD from DePaul University Law School.

    Follow Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Avvo, to read client reviews! www.ChicagoBankruptcy.com (312) 781-0996.

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    Come Get Sum Day 12: Get To The Sum Of DeadXRadio Jeff Hillyer & Chance Hancock

    in Pop Culture

    Jeff Hillyer and Chance Hancock of DeadXRadio talk about early interest in entertaining, actibg and the paranormal. In this (P1 of a 3 part series) We learn how the gang came together to create and grow the DeadXRadio Brand. Also, We talk about Independent film like, Jules Dongu saves The World and John Rusnack's House of Blood. Being recognozed, no being a jerk to the listeners and world domination.

    Follow the crew on Twitter

    @chanceDXR      @PatWebbDXR

    @JeffHillyer        @ IamJohnRusnack

    @DeadXRadio    @MorganStrebler


    Attend great Upcoming events with the guys:


    See Jules Dongu Saves The World on Vimeo!




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    The Breakdown Episode 8

    in College & High School

    Today Louis and Tayler have a packed show! They'll be talking Big12 Expansion, the possibilities of an ACC Network. Recapping the NFL draft and looking ahead to 2017. Preview the upcoming UofL baseball series with North Carolina and much much more! You won't want to miss this show.

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    The Time And What Must Be Done and Our Responsibility To Respond

    in Spirituality

    Another Clean Glass Production & The Sisterhood Connection Presents: An Open Discussion. on Minister Louis Farrakhan Lecture Series “The Time And What Must Be Done."   And we shall be discussing Our Responsibility to Respond. We will be continuing with Part Four.  Along with our show, we will have our Sister Maryam Muhammad recite “What The Muslim Want.”  Next in the program we will have an Open Discussion on “The Time And What Must Be Done.”  Join us , call in at  657-383-1420, press #1 to make a comment, - Thursday, May 5, 2016 @ 10:00 AM EST or 7:00 AM PST.with Sister Charisse Muhammad. Tune In...In Peace...(As-Salaam Alaikum)