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    KIVA B&C Talk Radio Presents...

    in Business

    This week our special guests will include Michael B. Adelholc Esq. to help you with rebranding yourself and finding a career you love and Joe USA on setting up a business in a bad economy.

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    KIVA Biz Talk with Maria Marsala

    in Entrepreneur

    From selling Avon at 14 to Wall St. by 17, this savvy business woman understands the entrepreneurial spirit!!! Now this Strategic Business Coach who happens to be a trained Life Coach is going to share her experience and advice on finding your ideal target market to create your own business success. Today on KIVA Biz Talk.

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    KIVA Biz Talk Presents Serial entrepreneur Jim H. Houtz

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    Jim Houtz knows about the life of an entrepreneur, how to drive innovation, and create business competitiveness. For over four decades he developed, bought, and sold companies and helped mentor entrepreneurs along the way.  In his book, Houtz shares a wealth of information and advice, tips, and strategies—based on professional experience and research—on how one can establish and grow a business in 2011. 
      In his book, Grow the Entrepreneurial Dream, Jim offers viable strategies in the many areas. He will reveal to your listeners the following: Understanding the 11 reasons why businesses fail Showing why entrepreneurs are needed to rescue the nation’s economy Establishing your core market and supporting growth through the right hires Building a foundation for the business around a vision statement and integrity Growing your employees and executing operational excellence Jim, who founded a company that sold for over a quarter-billion dollars, has survived and thrived in his entrepreneurial endeavors against the odds.  If you're looking for answers for your business start up or how to stay in business after start up you owe it to yourself to listen in!!!  

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    KIVA Tips and Tactics Radio How to Network in a Career Planning Center

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    This is the premier edition of TNT on KIVA Talk Radio. This week we'll talk about how to network in a career planning center.

    Can you think of a better environment to learn networking skills? They offer job counseling, seminars and classes that put you in touch with business professionals and they can help you with resume writing and much more. So check out how to network in a career planning center.

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    KIVA Biz Talk Presents "Charlie's Thinking Cheese" author, Mark Juarez

    in Entrepreneur

    Charlie's Thinking Cheese is the great new inspirational book by the founder of the Happy Massager. If you want to know how to kick start your new business, revive your current business or re-energize your career you'll want to listen into this show!

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    KIVA Career Talk Radio w/ career specialist Julie Austin

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    In our first hour seminar and job expert Julie Austin of "Fun Job Fairs" will stop by to discuss her company and its creation as an alternative to the job fair mills.

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    TTE Presents "KIVA Talk Radio" featuring guest Jay Forte

    in Business

    Jay Forte, a former financial executive and corporate educator, now performance consultant, speaker and author, is a nationally ranked Thought Leader and President of Humanetrics. Jay teaches organizations how to maximize manager performance, ignite employee performance and advance women’s performance, all with an underlying focus on first advancing our personal performance.

    He's here live on this week's KIVA Talk Radio.

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    KIVA B&C Talk Radio hosts LinkedIN expert Wayne Breithbath

    in Entrepreneur

    Today on KIVA B&C Talk Radio it's we feature Wayne Breithbeth, the LinkedIN guru on the proper utilization of social media and networking for job seekers and people in career transition and small businesses.
    Don't miss out!

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    TTE Presents KIVA Talk Radio w/ special guest award-winning trainer, David Couper

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    David Couper is the author of seven books and is an award-winning trainer and coach in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Couper has helped miserable outsiders become happy and successful at Fortune 100 companies, fast-food joints and faith-based organizations. He has a BA in Communication, completed postgraduate work in education and graduated with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. He has been quoted in over 30 different online and print publications. He lives in Los Angeles, California. Listen to more about David in this interview.

    He's joining us this week on KIVA Talk Radio, you don't want to miss this show!

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    KIVA B&C Talk Radio Presents...Larry Braman and award-winning author, Denny Stockdale

    in Jobs

    Up first is Larry Braman, president of Global Career consulting and Placement. He will help us learn how to conduct a more proactive, entrepreneurial job search—one that expands our understanding of the value we have to offer the professional world and the places where that value could literally be employed. We’ll explore how we can best communicate that value—in our resumes, via social media, and networking--in order to uncover exciting opportunities we never before realized were there. For more information on Larry please visit the website (www.globalcareercp.com) or on Twitter (http://twitter.com/NextJobFaster).

    Then in our next segment, on KIVA Biz Talk we welcome back Denny Stockdale. Denny’s motivational book, Conversations from the Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys to Rediscovering Lost Dreams and Finding Your Life’s Calling, is winner of the 2010 Inspirational book of the year in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

    He's returning to KIVA Talk Radio to offer further insights on the economy and job outlook for 2011.

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    How to Invest Like a Woman with Kiva Leatherman

    in Finance

    It’s clear that what we’ve been taught to do with our money is not working. For most of our lives, we’ve been taught that the key to financial success is to work hard, save 10% toward our retirement and buy some good insurance. We were taught that we needed to find the investments with the highest returns, never to mind what kinds of businesses were producing them.
    Well…times have changed, and as women, we are by and large making the financial decisions for ourselves, our businesses and our families.
    Join Vanessa Halloum as she interviews radio host, speaker and business strategist Kiva Leatherman on how to invest with your feminine intuition, values and purpose.
    You will discover a new definition of a great investment and a new found respect for the collective power of our financial decisions.
    Kiva will teach us:
    - Five shifts in thinking about investing that embrace a more feminine approach than what you’ve been taught
    - Why it is vital that women know about the practical AND the energetic sides of the money equation
    - The definition of personal currency and WHY it is the most valuable asset in your life.
    About Our Guest:
    Kiva Leatherman is a radio host, speaker and business strategist in the new paradigm of women, money, mothering and business. She has a proven ability to create leveraged brands, products and services that generate “whole”istic wealth for women: supporting their independence, flexibility and freedom.
    Learn more about Kiva at: http://www.wisewomennetwork.com/