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    Fill Your Referral Pipeline- Glenn Kirkwood

    in Marketing

    Business by referral is one of the best ways to fill your pipeline. But often we are at a loss for how to go about getting them, not to mention keeping them coming.  In todays program Author, Speaker and Trainer Glenn Kirkwood- That Referral Guy, will share with us how to effectively build our referral network and then maintain the momentum. 
    If you do business by referral, then tune in to The Once Timid Networker Radio Show

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    A Local Cabbies view of the state of the area!!!

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    I drove cab back in the day, 20 years ago. I'd do it again if DSS would let me, but.... That's another show. Lol This woman embodies what is, and was happened here in the area! And, trust me, there was was no idea this was on the record! But I'm not a, "real", reporter, so on/off record...? Who the fuck cares?!?!?!?! Lol


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    It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.....12 Kings have agreed "Every Relationship Matters. Join Jason "The MoGul" Linton & Keith "The Kernal" Murphy as we present to you the history, vision and purpose of 12 KINGS AND THEIR TREASURE ~ Transparent ~ Testimony ~ Truth.
    Ahhh yes; seating for a King and Queen. Your Table is prepared! Kings ~ Vision of Purpose ~ Understanding of Identity ~ Heart to Serve. Jermaine Connelly * Eric Haylock * Dennis Jenkins * Brian Baker * Robert Cottrell * Rodney Kirkwood * Kevin Harrison * Dave L. Wiseman * Mandrill McGlaughlin * Peo Gray * Jason Linton * Keith Murphy * 12 KINGS!
    Come hear how 12 ordinary men collaborated on a literary project together to produce a treasure trove of unprecedented alternatives for many relationship issues and concerns. These remarkable, anointed men will serve you and serve you well. We are Twelve Kings assigned to bring you treasures in your effort to A.P.E. *Avoid *Prevent and *Eliminate Generational Curses and Failures in ALL relationship matters! Including father to child, brother to brother, sister to sister, mother to child... ALL relationships.
    Twelve men, filled with a burning desire, and the passionate commitment of purpose to stop The Generational Curse of Failed Relationships and Marriages through our writings and testimonials, which were inspired by our vision from God. 12 KINGS AND THEIR TREASURE *TRANSPARENT * TESTIMONY * TRUTH
    Tune in @ blogtalkradio.com/twelvekings OR dial 323-642-1768 Be blessed with Transparent Testimony and Truth!

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    The Ministry Of Music: Featuring Larry Clark

    in Christianity

    This world is full of various types of music. From Jazz, Rap, Country, R&B, Classic, New Age, Metal, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Soul, Inspirational, Reggae, Latin, and the list goes on and on. Music has a way of influencing our actions, moods, and thoughts. In other words....there is a ministry in music, whether good or bad. In this show we want to focus in on the church and how music through history has been instrumental in worship and encouragement to those who are receptive to it's message. When it comes to music, what is acceptable by God? What is truly conducive to proper worship? How much of the secular world have we allowed in to the church?

    This being a week where we will be featuring many aspects from our book entitled "12 Kings and Their Treasures: Transparent, Testimony, Truth". As we spotlight our fellow King Eric Haylock's chapter entitled "Hip Hop"..we will have the honor to be joined by our VERY special guest Mr. Larry Clark. A talented songwriter, producer out of Detroit, Michigan who is also a member of Perfecting Church that's lead by Bishop Marvin L. Winans. Larry also comes from a legendary musical family known as " The Clark Sisters"..where he recently worked on a couple of projects with his aunt Twinkie Clark. He is also the Minister of Music for New Greater Love Baptist Church out of Detroit. We are grateful to have him share with us his insight on music within the church. Tell your family and friends...and join myself Rodney D. Kirkwood and my special co-host and fellow King.. Mandrill Mclaughlin as well for what will be a DYNAMIC broadcast with the 12 Kings. Join us and be blessed!

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    A Conversation With Mark Kirkwood

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    Mark Kirkwood is the CEO of Biotecture Training. Mark builds Earthships, Aquaponics Systems and whole lot more. Mark also teaches courses in this area. Please feel free to call in and ask Mark (Captain Kirk) a few questions. I am sure he has valuable info to share with us all. http://biotechturetraining.com/

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    Open Treasures: Encouragement While On Your Journey

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    The truth of the matter is that all are dealing with some kind of battle, struggle, storm, trial, or test in life that's included in the journey to our destined place. Our purpose must carry our fair share of trying times...however, there is encouragement available; there is strength to make it through. Join Kevin Harrison and myself Rodney D. Kirkwood for another episode of Open Treasures. Be there and be blessed!

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    DEFINITIVELY, religious means doing the same thing daily, weekly more or less. When we hear the phrase "The devil made me do it. Is this REALLY true? Or when we blame God for "allowing it to happen? Whatever that "it" is? Is it REALLY true? When we say "How could I have been so stupid? Is that what you REALLY mean? KDK, do you???

    Does everything in our lives come from a Spiritual perspective? Aren't we "just human" sometimes? Are we not personally responsible or accountable? KDK but I'd like to. How about YOU?

    Join The Kernal & Co-host Lady T with Special Guest Speaker, & Minister Rodney Kirkwood as we discuss this topic on KICKIN' IT WITH KEITH. Thursday 4/2/20015 @ 7:00pm EST/6:00CST @ www.blogtalkradio.com/twelvekings OR dial in at 323-642-1768. Your input & questions are valuable!

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    The Predictive Power That HR Can Bring

    in Business

    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, from 7-8 pm ET (4-5 pm PT).

    Last week we talked about the realities of the Ideal HR-vendor relationship, and this week we're going to talk about the predictive power HR can bring (we're proud sponsors of the Predictive Analytics World for Workforce).

    In a global market where the recruiters spend seconds reviewing resumes, it’s no wonder the "gut feel in hiring" is less accurate than a coin flip. 

    Enter predictive analytics: the ability to take what happened in the past and find common relationships and factors (leveraging human behavior and neural networks) to model and predict the future and report back in analytics with recommendations for the future.  

    Departments like Finance, Sales and Marketing are already using predictive analytics. Now it’s HR’s turn.

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we talk about the predictive power HR can bring with this week’s guests: Chad W. Harness, VP of Lead Human Capital Analytics Consultant at Fifth Third Bank; and Jen Phillips Kirkwood, ADP Analytics and Innovation Ambassador.

    Thank you to all our TalentCulture sponsors and partners: Dice, TalentWise, Hootsuite, IBM, CareerBuilder, PeopleFluent, Jobvite, Predictive Analytics World for Workforce and HRmarketer Insight. And we're big CandE supporters!

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    Cierra interviews actors Elvire Emanuelle & Darnell Kirkwood

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    And the Oscar goes to.... Special Friday Night broadcasting live at 6:30pm est, this Oscar winning weekend on Cierra's Corner, Cierra will interview award winning actor Elvire Emanuelle and actor/model/entrepreneur Darnell Kirkwood and talk about what's it's like being an actor and much more.  Listeners can call in at 347.989.8858 and wish our rising stars the best.