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    Police Officer Turn Whistleblower

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    NCLEO is an acronym for the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers. This organization is a group of current and former law enforcement officers turn whistleblowers. They reported abuses they observed in their police departments and have since gone public with the information. Recently the members of NCLEO went to Washington to speak to congress about police brutality. Tonight Alex M. Salazar and Sgt Cheryl Dorsey two members of NCLEO will be our guests, they will tell us about their experiences as police officers and why they decided to become a whistleblowers.

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    $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed in Kendrick "KJ " Johnson Case

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    The parents of Kendrick Johnson, Jackie and Kenneth Johnson along with their attorney will come Center Stage tonight and give us an update on this case. Recently, a $100 million dollar civil lawsuit was filed naming several of Kendrick's classmates as being responsible for his death. 

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    Hot Topics

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    Tonight's show is all about HOT TOPICS...

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    Hayley Hines - Culture of Health

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    Hayley Hines has been involved in wellness for over twenty years. She helps employers develop health management programs. In this interview with Jack, she discusses how today’s health management is so much more than sticking a treadmill in the break room.

    Companies used to make a half-hearted effort at wellness by doing an annual health fair and perhaps adding a healthy food machine in the break room.

    Armed with years of data from health insurance companies, Hayley helps employers realize that strategic and comprehensive wellness programs impact not only employees’ lives, but the company’s bottom line, as well.
    In order for a company’s wellness program to work well, everyone has to be fully involved, from the top-level senior management all the way down the company’s ranks at the bottom.

    Hayley points out that a culture of health is more than offering choices of healthy food in the cafeteria. For example, according to Hayley, stress management can impact a company’s finances more positively than even a weight control program. Therefore, all aspects of health should be addressed when putting together a program.

    The impact of having a complete wellness strategy can be felt in as few as a few weeks all the way to seeing the real outcomes and results by the third year of implementation. One example she shared was of a company that had added a health clinic to their campus. Two to three weeks after this, an employee’s life was saved when he was diagnosed to be having a heart attack and was rushed to the emergency room by the clinic’s staff.

    This interview is eye opening for companies of all sizes. If you own a company or are an employee, this information will definitely be useful.

    To learn more:

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    White History Month - Now that it's over, let's talk about black history daily.

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    Oh my gosh. 
    Oscars.  All Star games. 50 shades of grey. Patricia Arquette and the white feminists claiming that black men are "attacking" them. 

    Grammys. Zimmerman is free and everyone is surprised that Bill O'Reilly lied. 

    Seriously. Folks are actually amazed that this clown would actually, ever be dishonest. 

    Come on now. 

    But we have work to do anyway. 

    We need to get our Exposing Men's Rights Activism episodes up and running and we need help with graph art. 

    Speaking of help, here is a link to toss some coin over at the homey, Joy Loco who helps us, so let's keep it circular. 
    Thank you. 


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    The Hair Radio Morning Show with Kerry Hines #36 Monday, February 23rd, 2015

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    It's Memorable Business Monday on The Hair Radio Morning Show.. I Welcome trained Economist, Dr. Leroy Hines (My Brother) to Breakdown Recent Business News and Weigh in On Entrepreneurship in tough economic times. Great Hair Talk, Music and more! Tune in from 6am to 9am. To Listen.. During the show.. Use your cell phone or home phone.. call 347-996-5040 and you'll be automatically connected to the LIVE broadcast. To Listen Online.. Go to www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Hairadio and select broadcast you want to hear and it will play. Enjoy!! Featured Music Artists Include:  Jeffrey Osborne, Teena Marie, John Coltrane 

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #40 Friday, February 27th, 2015

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    A Very Special Friday Edition of The Hair Radio Morning Show as we celebrate the big 40!  It's our 40th broadcast and Sistas Are Doing It For Themselves!  We're Featuring TWO Sets of Extraordinary Sistas with TWO Unique Businesses.  Black Girls Divine Beauty Supply in Brooklyn, New York introduces us to their beautiful products run by the Brown sisters.  Also, we'll introduce you to two sistas behind Natural Born Hats.  Great Hair Talk, Great Music & More.. 


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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #39 Thursday, February 26th, 2015

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show talks with Sherone Bryan of Beauty from Ashes Organization as our featured guest on the broadcast.  She informs us what we can do to connect with the community and offers 'look better feel better' services to young women in need.  We also have suprise announcements, music and so much more.  Join Us.  Text 'hairadio' to 292929 to receive automatic show updates. 

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #38 February 25th, 2015

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show focuses on makeup in our feature hour from 7am to 8am.  Lots of hair talk, music and so much more!  Join us! 

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    HBCU Tuesdays! Discussion On ALA State Football & Coach Brian Jenkins Allegation

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    Brian Jenkins turned the Bethune-Cookman University football program into a winner, but off the field former players and coaches say the program was rife with rules violations and teetering on the edge of dysfunction because of the animosity between them and Jenkins, who is the new head coach at Alabama State University.

    With one exception, they independently provided nearly identical details of rules violations and what they felt was Jenkins' mistreatment of players.

    Allegations against Jenkins and his program include:

    — Improper benefits provided to players;

    — Improper housing arrangements;

    — Continued and extensive violations of the NCAA weekly practice time limits;

    — Failure to pay three assistant coaches that resulted in a federal lawsuit;

    — And, bullying of staff and players with retaliation against those who spoke up.

    Prior to Jenkins' departure in December from Bethune-Cookman, officials there had conducted an investigation into a number of allegations, and assistant athletic director Tony O'Neal, who wouldn't answer questions about the investigation, said, "Anything that needed to be reported (to the conference and NCAA) was reported."

    "I talked with Coach Jenkins about those issues, and he was very up front with me about everything," Hines said. "My view on that is that it's all personnel matters from his previous workplace and this is a fresh start. (The trustees and I) have discussed those issues, and I made them aware of potentially what could be out there."

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show #37 Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show..Great Guests, Great Music and Great Hair Talk.  Special Guest:  Musician David M. of Lest We Forget Fame. 

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