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    What Price Fame? Kerry Washington & Gabrielle Union

    in Pop Culture

    WHAT PRICE FAME? Kerry Washington & Gabrielle Union

    To be recognized as one of the best in your field is surely an honor. What comes with it in entertainment arena is fame and fortune. Who wouldn't want that? why wouldn't you work hard to attain it.Your name goes down in history in the annals of time as the very best during that year at what you do. Should it matter that you are portraying a stereotype, a negative stereotype at that. Sister gotta eat right? Watch this video by Prentice Powell titled "I Don't Dance" then decide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z88eQNSMVIU&list=PL5by6_eh66KJMyD-ypeKloFIVYHV8LLJw

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    Kerry Davis - African Americans Aint African

    in Politics Progressive

    Kerry Davis, author of "African Americans Ain't African," joined "Human Rigths Demand and hosted a series of shows on the subject of Blacks as indigenous people of America. This is his debut episode. Please call 347.857.3293 to listen, or access the show from our archives at Blogtalkradio anytime, 24/7. See Davis on video at YouTube at https://youtu.be/LURMdeTsKyA also. Davis asserts that Blacks in the USA descended from people who lived in the area now called the United States many generations before the first Europeans arrived and did NOT arrive here on slave ships. You are invited to leave comments for Mr. Davis in the comment field at Blogtalkradio at "Human Rights Demand" channel, or contact him using the information on the tape. Thank you for listening to and sharing this tape.

    Black History Month begins January 1 and ends December 31, but we celebrate in February. Happy Black History Month 2016!

    "Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will." ~Frederick Douglass

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    Kerry Star of ABC TV Show Aborts Baby on TV w Negro Proj. Babette Holder Talks

    in News

    Is Welcome Babette Holder , cousin to Eric Hokder former U.S. Attorney General . The program today is so that you as Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts can find out  really know how they are have been used to fulfill the eugenics program of racist Margaret Sanger with the Negro Project, with Planned Parenthood s being placed in almost every city in the country. This project is to make people , young men and women, feel it's OK to openly sacrifice their unborn child by killing them with abortions.

    Kerry Washington Star of ABC TV ' S  Scandal is a perfect example and is leading the pack with this atrocity by 10 of millions of young innocent minds following her suit. Kerry not only  has an aborrtion on TV and does it to the Holy tune of Silent Night, but after the abortion she is in the waiting room drinking a glass of red wine to the tune of the song "Ave Maria". You can'tvmuch more blasphemous than tbat.  

    Babette will talk with us on what she v thinks about this act of ungodliness.  works with the Frederick Douglass Foundation Mission – Developing an ever changing new cadre of strong minded, politically savvy and effective political leaders. The Frederick Douglass Foundation of Illinois members are "action-oriented doers not just thinkers" who form the foundation for the purpose of collectively coming together and thinking how best to address new and innovative ways in addressing our state's most pressing issues. We want  Babette at the ://www.itsaboutthechild.com/ conference. 

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    The Marketing Evolution Game Changers: Next Level Marketing Readiness

    in Marketing

    The Marketing Evolution Game Changers is all about up-leveling the evolving perspective for the new era of entrepreneurial innovation. In this segment Cross Niche Journalist/Cross Industires Authority, Alicia Nicole Waters!, and her co-host Online Marketing Mentor, Mike Martinez and Media Exposure Expert, Kerry Heaps, will be addressing the topic of marketing readiness and the importance of being prepared.

    Learn more about Alicia at www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com

    Learn more about mike at www.mike-martinez.com

    Learn more about Kerry at www.strictlymarketingmagazine.com and for free and premium memebrships visit www.strictlywomeninmarketing.wildapricot.org (use Alicia Nicole Waters for referral).

    30-Day Virtual Publicity Boot Camp  Feb 15th 9 AM EST w/Kerry Heaps
    Be sure to choose Alicia Nicole Waters at checkout!


  • Fred de la House & Marcus Cummings --Charles Int'l House Music

    in Radio

    Charles Berrin is the RDJ of Charles International House Music radio program that showcases and features DJs from around the world playing all thea best of HOUSE MUSIC -- Techno, Tribal, Euro, Vocal, Jazz, Ethnic, Progressive, Deep, Minimal, Funky, Soulful, Gospel and more.  Each Saturday from 2 to 4pm (EST) broadcasting from Washington, DC, USA.

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    The Joan Henry Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    The Joan Henry radio show is a fun forum for individuals interested in becoming an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to another level to learn from other successful entrepreneurs. The show features guests who spoke on a variety of business related topics such as: goal setting, recognize opportunities, Mindset, creative thinking, problem solving, planning and organizing, financial literacy, taxes, branding, marketing, etc. The show also features guests from multi-level marketing, franchising, and other marketing concepts

    Joan Henry is best known as the Founder and President of the Women’s Entrepreneur Expo  (WEE) LLC,  and a motivational speaker who uses a variety of tools to help her audience understand themselves and their inner motivations, and to help them remove the roadblocks sabotaging their success. Joan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from the Audrey Cohen College in Manhattan, New York, a Master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University in Washington, DC, and is currently pursuing her (DBA) Doctorate in Business Administration, with a focus on Entrepreneurship, with Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Sponsors:  Rita Ricks   Off The Vine   Audible Trail

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    Breaking News Journal Interviews James O'Keefe Project Veritas

    in News

    One of the Young Squires, legendary Young Conservatives, dubbed by CNN and Fox News, JAMES O'KEEFE needs no introduction,  but he will light up the BNJ lines With information about how our country is being destroyed with Common Core. BNJ would like James take on the Blasphemous ABC T V Episode of its star of their hit show Scandal,  having an abortion to the music of "Silent Night", then afterwards in the waiting room , drinking a glass of Red Wine to the song of "Ave Maria".

    Also James travels the world to get information for us to know how to handle the battles we're in, so we can win the war and take our country back. James will talk about his media "Project Veritas" and the fact that he has given Breaking News Journal 24/7 News and Investigative Reporting, care Blanche to be on the TV line up of news programs,  and with RSS Feed, BNJ will be able to air live I'm put from Project Veritas on location. The entire Bears & Lord production crew and  staff are excited about the teaming up so clips can be watched on the launching of Bears & Lord Network,  of Breaking News Journal and Cityonahill TV. There will be lots more to talk about with this young Squire. Support Project Veritas www.project.com, and support the child www.itsaboutthechild.com. and the new clean and real TV of the Bears & Lord Network. HELP us launch today with your subscription and become a 700 Valiant Founding Member,  so you can participate in the decisions 9 new programming for the Family, Cooking, Fashion,  Kids, Classic Cars, Fitness, Nutrition, Clean Comedy, programs of old, that are clean, The Ubiquitous Learning Channel,  24/7 Sports, -Breaking news on RSS Feed and much, much more, ww

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    Victorious Living

    in Family

    Victorious Living is the place where we come together to farther learn about the care of our bodies. Dr. Tamara Jackson a licensed psychologist with a private practice, located in Washington D. C. talks to us about the care of the body. She informs the our listeners about the importance of "REST" for our spirit minds and bodies.

    Minister Janice Williams shares with us the need to have the Spiritual food and nutrition from the word of God. We have a delightful time in the Lord.

    That's every Friday Night 7:00-7:30 or you can just listen to our archives whenever it;s convenient for you.

    Be Bless in the Lord!

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    Nothing But the Truth: Hosted by Mowreh IshiYAH

    in Spirituality


    Nothing But the Truth, hosted by Mowreh ishiYAH YisraEL is here to Proclaim the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, about YAHWEH and his Holy People; YisraEL! Mowreh IshiYAH Ben YisraEL, is the Mowreh of the House of YisraEL of Raleigh, NC. Mowreh IshiYAH has been teaching the Word of YAHfor nearly 25 years. He is one of the Founders of the House of YisraEL of Atlanta, and the Founder of the House of YisraEL of Raleigh, NC. Mowreh IshiYAH is one of the pioneering Mowrehs that helped establish the Restoration of the Sacred Laws of the Most High Conference; along with the Late Prophet ofYAH, Mowreh Elesha Ben YisraEL. Mowreh IshiYAH Ben YisraEL was Mentored and Personally taught by Mowreh Elesha, the Man of ELohim and Founder of the Congregations known as the "House of YisraEL" Mowreh IshiYAH Ben YisraEL is one of the original Founders of the World Ingathering of the Children of YisraEL Group, the Same coaliton that Marched on Washington D.C. and Rallied at the Jefferson Memorial in 2004 to Proclaim that YAH is One! and YisraEL is the Holy People of YAH! Mowreh IshiYAH is a Teacher of Teachers and warrior for the Almighty YAH. Most of All, Mowreh IshiYAH is a Servant of YAHWEH the Elohim of Abraham, Issac, and YisraEL! And he is now here to Present to the world the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth! HaleluYAH!

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    Religion and Humanity

    in Religion

    First hour will be hosted by Imam Musa Muslim Abuwi, eldest living descendant of the Honorable Booker T Washington
    Second hour will be hosted by Murad Muhammad