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    Record Talk Radio with Kathleen Donovan

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    Join us on Friday, June 20 at 11:30 a.m. when Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan will be our guest on Record Talk Radio.

    Donovan, a Rutherford Republican, is running for a second four-year term. She is opposed by Democratic Freeholder James Tedesco of Paramus, who will be our guest on a future program.

    We'll talk with Donovan about some of the issues likely to come up during the campaign, such as the debate over whether to merge the County Police into the Sheriff's Office and the county budget.

    Do you have a question for Donovan? Email me your suggestions at johnensslin@gmail.com.



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    Record Talk Radio with Kathleen Donovan

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    Record Talk Radio kicks off its third year on the Internet just as we did the first two years with Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan as our guest on Monday, Oct. 28 at 1 p.m.
    We will talk about her recent battles with the freeholders over their attempt to rewrite the county administrative code and merge the County Police into the Sheriff's Office.
    Do you have a question that you would like me to ask Donovan? Email your suggestions to ensslin@northjersey.com

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    Record Talk Radio with Kathleen Donovan

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    Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan will make a return appearance on Record Talk Radio at 10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 15.
    Donovan was the first guest when Record Talk Radio debuted in October 2011.
    This is a rescheduled broadcast of an Oct. 24 program that was postponed because of technical difficulties.
    Plenty has happened since then.
    Superstorm Sandy devastated the county.
    Democrats regained control of the freeholder board.
    Demarest voters endorsed contracting with the County Police for local patrols.
    Controversy and a lawsuit broke out over a temporary suspension of the county's Blue Laws.
    The freeholders voted to appeal rulings in two lawsuits that Donovan filed against the board.
    We'll talk about all of those topics. Do you have a question you would like me to ask? Email your suggestion to me at ensslin@northjersey.com

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    Record Talk Radio with Kathleen Donovan

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    Tune in for the inaugural broadcast of Record Talk Radio when Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan is our guest. Bergen County reporter John Ensslin will interview Donovan on topics such as the proposal pay-to-play ordinance and the recent Korean-American festival in Overpeck County Park.
    This is the first in a series of broadcasts involving interviews with Bergen County newsmaker.

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    TSL Podcast: 2015 NFL Draft Recap Show with NFL Draft Analyst Donovan James

    in Football

    On tonight's edition of the Total Sports Live podcast, Jovan Alford and Angela Montoni will be once again joined by NFL Draft analyst Donovan James from RSENReport.com. Tonight they will be talking about how well the Philadelphia Eagles did in the draft, Day 2 of the draft and if there were any surprises.

    You can follow Jovan on Twitter: @Jovan10, Total Sports Live @TotalSportsLive, Angela Montoni @angemontone and Donovan James @DonJamesSports.

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    Windows to your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Join psychic Kathleen Avino for chat and readings as time allows. Please limit your reading to one specific question as to allow time for others. As always a full reading is best, please visit www.kathleenavino.com to schedule yours. Be sure to mention the btr show to get your free!! 10 minutes added onto your paid and scheduled reading. 

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    #TheSnatchback! Clippers & Spurs Have A Game 7! How Will Cavs Survive W/O Love?

    in Sports

    Welcome to another episode of #TheSnatchback Podcast, where I express my ever growing opinion on the game of basketball. Who will win Game Seven between the Clippers and Spurs? Do I really believe the Cavaliers can survive W/O Kevin Love? Why I do NOT like the Oklahoma City Thunder coaching job anymore? Please listen, as I discuss these topics and more on the Podcast... because this is #TheSnatchback! 


    FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! @ArdenSportsTalk

    FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR! ardenlovessports.tumblr.com

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    LoveHuman with Betsy Otter Thompson

    in Self Help

    Did you ever wonder exactly where you came from before you were here--and where you are going?  How about questions regarding the meaning of life, other life in the cosmos, or if you are doing what you came here to do?  In her new book, LoveHuman, Betsy Otter Thompson addresses the questions we have about how to find comfort in a world where uncomfortable things happen.  Join us as we welcome Betsy back into the Coach Cafe!

    Betsy is a writer with a passion for communicating spiritual concepts. In every job she has had from the age of 16 – whether it was waitressing, selling radio time, being a commercial print model, housewife, executive assistant in the entertainment business, or author – her lessons have been about understanding how she faces herself wherever she goes. Betsy finally realized that each job and each person was an opportunity to know herself better, not an opportunity to blame others for her problems. Betsy is the author of 6 books and is now in the process of getting her early self-published books up on Amazon in newer, improved versions. 

     In addition to LoveHuman, Betsy is the author of The WHAT HAPPENS IF I… Book, Walking Through Illusion, The Mirror Theory, LoveParent, and You Are What You Think- Make Your Thoughts Delicious.

    Find Betsy at: http://www.betsythompson.com  and follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn!

    Call in to speak with Betsy- 646-649-1015

    Visit Coach Cafe' - www.coachcaferadio.com

    Meet your hosts -Kathleen Martin-kathleenmartincoaching .com Estra Roell-americaslifepuporsecoach.com

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    The Crossover Cafe - The Master Chefs Edition

    in Sports

    NBA Playoffs at full throttle as the First Round comes to a close and the news and notes around the league lead up to a great show tonight.  Billy Donovan leaving the University of Florida to become the Head Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder sets up Tymeless for a discussion you will not want to miss.  Join Royce King, James Fitzgerald IV, Chandler Knight aka Nostradamus and Tyrone Powell aka TP Tymeless on another extravaganza in the Sport City Chefs Kitchen!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN!!!!!!!  And if they don't know.... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!!

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    Nuts And Bolts Sports Present: "The Football Shows 2015 NFL Draft Special"

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    Welcome to the 2015 NFL Draft! Nuts and Bolts Sports are proud to bring you live coverage and reaction to this event. We have a great group of NFL junkies who eat, sleep, and drink the game. NBS Founder Joe "Cright" Cardoso will host and is joinded by Senior editor Larry "LBizzy" Bisagni and our panel of NBS NFL Writer Ryan"Cross"Crossingham, Host of the "One And Dunne" hit sports podcast, Donovan James NFL Draft Analyst for rsenreport.com. We are JACKED!! This is where Super Bowl winners are made or lost ask the Seahawks and Pats. Look at the Browns or the Jets.


    We are wall to wall with the trades, surpirse picks, bone head moves and more. So tune in and join us as the next great crop of NFL players are drafted. What does the team you cheer for need? 

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    Become an Empowered Parent with Kathleen Martin

    in Self Help

    Did you attend Parenting University? Do you feel empowered as a parent to raise happy, healthy children- body, mind and spirit? Do you feel prepared to handle the challenges that come with parenting your children?

    If the answer is a big NO to all of the above, then join us Tuesday April 28th 11 am ET as host Estra Roell interviews cohost Kathleen Martin about how you can become an' Empowered Parent'.

    Educators and child psychologists have long known that self-esteem, self-image and personality characteristics are formed early in a child's development.

    During this enlightened conversation, Kathleen will be sharing parenting skills you can begin to use immediatly to help you to feel confident as a parent; reveal key beliefs that your children already have that are causing difficulties and ways you can 'reshape' and 'replace' these beliefs to help encourage positive qualities in a child's life, enhancing their ability to function in their environment with confidence, esteem and self love. 

    To become 'Empowered Parents', it is vitally important to  be aware of our own beliefs, behaviors and parenting patterns that are contributing to the challenges that happen on our parenting journey. By becoming aware and then changing these ineffective patterns through deliberate empowered words and actions, you will positively effect the harmony of the family as a whole. 

    The future of our planet depends upon 'Empowered Parents' who have the skills to raise emotionally strong, happy, conscious children who are know the value they bring to their family, community and world. 


     To connect with Kathleen Martin, visit- www.kathleenmartincoaching.com

    Find Estra Roell-  www.americaslifepurposecoach.com

    Visit Coach Cafe' -www.coachcaferadio.com