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    The Science of Happiness Have you ever considered Karate`?

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    My name is Lori Purdy Faitel and I am your host for The Science of Happiness. This show airs on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. I am a brain injury survivor from 1986.  I was in a car accident on a local freeway one morning on my drive to work. At the time I was almost 25 years old, I was working full time in a job that I loved and I was on track to marry the man of my dreams. AFTER the car accident; it took about 6 years to relearn, readjust and redevelop into a functional adult. The man of my dreams was a guiding light thru it all as, was on specific friend. Alan and Robin who are both very important to me to this day. Alan is my husband of 25+ years and Robin is my best friend. Life is different and challenging to all of us. Let us take a 90 minutes to discuss how we can increase the happiness in our lives. Join me as I welcome my Guest Marc Gersenburger. He is a martial arts teacher, Husband, Father and Happy man-lets pick his brain to see his secret to happiness. Tonight at 8 PM EST.

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    Karate Christian or Zen Buddhism/Dr Pat Holiday/Dr Sabrina Session/Marshal Perot

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    amzn.to/1tmYt28       Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books

    Karate Christian or Zen Buddhism

     Mixing the Gospel with Eastern Religion

    Ministers around the world have invited these karate teams to hold crusades in their churches, knowing that they will draw a capacity crowd that can then be told the good news of Jesus Christ. While I do not doubt the good intentions and sincerity of these men, sincerity is not the issue here. Truth is. And the former is never a substitute for the latter. So while the motivation behind such performances may be earnest, in viewing them, the Bible believer is eventually forced to question whether such displays are biblical. We know they are popular, but are they compatible with Christianity? More to the point, is a martial arts demonstration a scriptural platform from which to preach Christ? 

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    Women in Karate

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    Women in karate- a mans world. Who are the Influence? What are difficulties, and successes.  Karate is considered a man's world, lets discuss the Womans side.

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    Point Fighter Radio-April 19, 2015

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    Click to Listen

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    Movies to Love: The Karate Kid

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    Who can forget the memorable 1984 movie of a handy man who teaches a young man who moved from one coast to the other, who is being bullied? This is an awesome and touching movie. He teaches him martial arts to fight the right way. This is a great movie to watch with the family and teaching moments. This is one of the movies that has moments movie goers don’t forget.Tune in Saturday at 6 pm for Movies to Love.

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    Raymond Daniels Live on Point Fighter Radio Live April 12 at 6pm Eastern

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    Join Host Alex Reyes and co-hostJeff Doss along with guest Raymond Daniels and Rob Zbilski. Click on this Link from your computer, tablet or phone to listen live or to the recorded show. 

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    ReBroadcast of the Pilot Episode

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    Join us for the ReBroadcast of the Pilot Episode of the "KBK Today Show!" If you missed it, you can join and may have a word at the end of the show. 

    The KBK KAI Internet Radio Network (Kuro-Bushi-Kai Karate Association International) is a media event and service featuring news, interviews, profiles, commentary and hard hitting answers to the KBK family and friends in the worldwide community of martial artis.

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    Final ReBroadcast of the Pilot Episode of the "KBK Today Show!"

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    Join us for the Final ReBroadcast of the Pilot Episode of the "KBK Today Show!" and get ready for The "SUNDAY EVENING LIVE!" KBK TODAY SHOWS! 6PM Every Sunday Evening!  Beginning Sunday April 12th!!!

    The KBK KAI Internet Radio Network (Kuro-Bushi-Kai Karate Association International) is a media event and service featuring news, interviews, profiles, commentary and hard hitting answers to the KBK family and friends in the worldwide community of martial artis.

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    Modern Combat Masters Presents Professor Gary Lee

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    Modern Combat Masters Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his Co-Host Kancho Daniel Vena invite you to call in and speak to our special guest Professor Gary Lee.

    Just dail 1-(646)-716-6825 and press 1.

    Professor Gary Lee 9th Dan, Founder of The Sport Karate Museum, has Graciously excepted the award of ‘The Life Time Membership Award’, for his tireless work he has undertaken on forming this Sport Karate Museum in Preserving the History of Martial Arts in America.

    It has been his lifetimes work to honor, preserve and protect the legacies of our Martial Arts pioneers. We are proud and honored to present this living legend to our loyal listeners. Tonight he plans to read off the names and speak briefly about some of our most trusted masters in all of the martial arts worldwide. Please join us in welcoming him to the show and call in if you would like to speak with him directly.

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    Martial Arts K.I.C. with Destiny "Karate" Vergara

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    Saturday 11/2/13 @5pm EST:What does it mean to be responsible? Join us as we discuss what it means to take responsibility for something with Destiny "Karate" Vergara. The call in # is 6467166825 & listen,question or comment Bio:My name is Destiny Vergara, 11-years-old from Queens, New York. I am currently in the 6th grade and doing very well, last year I passed with above average grades. I am also 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 USA National Karate Champion. Starting traingin at the age of 4 at Shotojuku Karate located in Astoria, Queens. In the summer of 2011 I earned my Black Belt.
    2008: 6&under Champion and Competitor of the year at N.Y.T.K.L.
    2009, 2010, 2011&2013 USA National Karate Champion
    July 2009:1st place and 2 gold medals in Kata & Kumite at USA-NFK National Karate CHampionship
    October 2009: All 1st and selected to perform at Disney Martial Art Festival Showcase
    2010: won Nationals SC,Junior Olympics US Open in L

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    KBK Moving Forward "The Time Has Come!"

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    USH, KBK-Family!

    If you missed the first KBK Internet Radio Show, relive the moment of this exciting experience as many of us came together in this initial event. Many more are slated to appear in the upcoming weeks....

    Note: This is an edited 56-min. version of the original 90-minute KBK Today Show that was aired on Saturday March 21st, 12-Noon (CST) Please forgive the edited cuts that are noticeable at times.

    The president of Kuro-Bushi-Kai "Grandmaster Hal T. Haywood, Jr." spoke to us on the forward direction of KBK as there was interact with some of the 1st Generation Black Belts of Kuro-Bushi-Kai Karate Do Kempo and old warrior pioneers that blazed the trail for us.

    If you've been wondering what's going on with KBK and where we are going, you don't want to miss this Pilot Episode of:  "The KBK Today Show!"

    This is an exciting time for KBK.... PASS IT ON!!!!