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    Judge Scott Steffen bails on DA jury tampering

    According to jurors in the A.J. bail bonds case, Dist. Atty. Dave Harris and DA investigator Steve Jacobson interviewed them outside the courtroom before they went into deliberations.

    Judge Scott Steffen stated that he was obligated to do something about the corruption of his jury but was seeking “legal advice” on what should be done.

    On Friday, February 27, a hearing was scheduled to hear the complaint against the Dist. Atty. and what course of action had been decided by Steffen.

    Dist. Atty. Dave Harris was represented by County Counsel, but the judge had already decided that he was removing himself from the case.

    Steffen sent the case to Judge Silviera, who then sent the case to Judge McFadden.

    Back room decisions have been made. Perhaps the legal advice that was being sought by Judge Steffen was to remove  himself  from the case. Who is advising the other judges on what to do about the misconduct in the District Attorney’s Office.

    All this was done without any paperwork and leaves the judicial system with an obligation to inform attorney Frank Carson about what is going to be done about his revelation of the jury tampering .

    At the very least,  Judge Steffen should reveal what legal advice he has received other than he might be a witness.

    Judge Steffens jury had not been released to go into deliberations when jury members reported to the court bailiff the actions of the District Attorney’s Office and in particular those of investigator Steve Jacobson.

    Nine days after the jury’s decision to completely exonerate AJ Pontillo the courtroom bailiff  was fired by Sheriff Adam Christianson, she had served the County for 16 years.

    Christianson was a witness at the trial, On the way out he paused and saluted the bailiff that he fired after the trial.

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    DA Harris Admits To Jury Tampering.

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    Coming up on The Back Story at 11:30 am, the admission of district attorney Dave Harris to jury tampering. 

    The admission is memorialized in the transcripts from the AJ Pontillo hearing on January 8th.

    Mr. Pontillo was exonerated of all charges by unanimous jury decision.

    Fladager , Harris and Jacobson are all accountable for tampering with the jury in a failed attempt to poison their minds.

    DA Harris stated tampering with the jury didn't matter because Mr. Pontillo had been acquitted.

    No Harm, no foul.

    An attempted bank robbery is not a crime because it was only an attempt. 

    Defense attorney Frank Carson stated he was obligated to bring the jury  tampering to the judges attention and the judge reveled the jury commissioner dumped it back into his lap.

    Judge Scott Steffen said he was seeking legal counsel in regards to this matter.


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    DA Harris Response to Defense Motion on Jury Tampering

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    Today we will hear from AJ Pontillo of AJ's Bail Bonds. We will cover the on going court dates pertaining to the holding of his personal and business property and the jury corruption that took place during the trail by DA Investigator Steve Jacobson.


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    Trial of DA Harris and DA investigator Jacobson has been continued until July 27 2015.

    Tampering with the jury is a felony, the court can only deal with contempt.

    So far no agency is available to charge the two law enforcement officers with a felony.

    The decision could be made that Harris and Jacobson be suspended without pay until the matter is resolved.

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    Will Judge Steffen take the stand today?

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    Court will resume at 1:30 todayin the contempt hearings against DA Dave Harris and DA investigator Steve Jacobson.

    Judge Scott Steffen, who provided a declaration as to what happened in his courtroom during the AJ Pontillo trial and the charges of jury tampering and withholding of evidence.

    Defense attorney for Harris asked that Steffen be called as a witness and Judge McFadden said, "Are you sure that's something you want to do."

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    The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa

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    Activist Lisa Brumfiel, AKA Liberty Lisa discusses a wide range of subjects including Jury Nullification, Common Core, Libertarian principles, the Constitution, Natural Healing, GMOs, Fluoride, Forbidden cancer cures, Fracking, wrongful foreclosures, and local politics. Liberty Lisa prefers a one on one format on her show, which is never scripted. Support Lisa in her fight against the Gangsta Bankstas at www.LibertyLisa.com and spread the word about her health coaching at www.LifebringsLife.com

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    Rage with KC Massey with guest Legendary Jim Parks

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    Its the last week before my scheduled trial and still no ruling on my case, Bikers murders, and Jade Helm and Terrorist threats by the terrorists our own Government created. News from Texas about our new law putting the Grand Jury back in the peoples hands not the elitists friends. Come join in the conversation tonight.

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    The Victims of Tulsa's Sheriff Department -Justified Murder

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    323 870 4626 is the call in number-save it to your phones for future shows. 1921:Tulsa, Oklahoma was the richest city in the world because of the oil boom. It was the city of dreams however with dreams there are nightmares. We had the largest race riot in the history of the United States. 1921:The summer where blood ran in the streets   In 1921 there in the streets of Tulsa's renown Greenwood District otherwise known nationally as Black Wall Street, lay African American men drawing their last breath  . It is now 2015 in Tulsa and in that same renown former Black Wall street area  known as the Greenwood District, I must report , I must educate the public that STILL yet African American men lay dead in the streets . They are told by Tulsa's finest , a Tulsa Deputy commanded to serve and protect its citizens this: "F#&^k your breath ". Eric Harris heard this as one of the last statements spoken to him . He had been shot in his back while laying on his stomach in the Greenwood streets of Tulsa by reserve deputy Robert Bates aged 73.  It is 2015 not 1921.  This is not a made for TV production.  This is everyday reality for minorites residing in Tulsa County in the great state of Oklahoma. We The People Of Oklahoma is a grass roots group dedicated and organzied to protect the citizens of Oklahoma including Tulsa. Why should this matter to you ? Because this group is effecting culteral change within the legal system and society.  What they are doing in Tulsa can be studied and duplicated in other areas. We the People of Oklahma has gone before a judge to plead their case ; to attain a petition for a grand jury investigation into the Sheriff's department & Tulsa's Sheriff Larry Glanz investigated. Please refer to Glanzgottago.com for locations on where to sign the grand jury petition  Call in to listen or push 1 to join the conversation.

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    Justified Murder by Tulsa Reserve Deputy, Robert Bates

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    We the People of Oklahoma, a grass roots organization have appeared before a judge for permission to file a petition for a grand jury investiation of the Tulsa Sheriff Department including  Sheriff Glanz. The outdated and deadly polices of Sheriff Glanz need to be stopped. All callers welcome. Please help us stop a corrupt system within Tulsa. We need 5,000 signatures. This can be done in other cities as well. Not from Tulsa ? Call and let us converse about the possibilities of what is effective and what is not. 323 870 4626

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    The Human Solution International LIVE with Joe and Kristin

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    The Human Solution International LIVE with Joe and Kristin

    Listen to 'News From the Front Lines LIVE with Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor!' Regular guest stars include Eugene Fischer (plant prisoner for 26 years), Craig Cesal (serving life in prison for our plant), Stacey Theis (Cannabus), Kathie Z (retired nurse), and Tom Korby (THSI Leader) ~ Other guests include cannabis defendants, prisoners, doctors, lawyers, THSI chapter leaders, and more!  Join us each week as we help educate our communities and spread awareness ~

    No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!