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    Activating your April through Journaling #activate #attitude

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    #activate #journaling #strategy 

    if you don't have a journal get one 

    if you don't have a partner get one there are going to be times when you have to activate some part of your life and don't think 

    Activate is something that is a process through time and this thing can't happen over night

    there is a moment when the vibration of your activation is suppose to make sense 

    The vibration has to be right and you can't understand the importance of time until you understand that activation is the very thing that you need to succeed today 


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    #journaling #jaimesjournal 

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    Dream Journaling

    in Writing

    Join Wendy and Suzanne today as they talk about Wendy's new book, One Hundred Nights: A Dream Journal.

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    Law of Attraction Journaling! Dr. Michael Pearlman

    in Self Help

    Join Constance as she interviews Dr. Michael Pearlman, MD as he shares about Law of Attraction Journaling, Your 4-Step Road Map to Create the Change you Want in Your Life. You will learn the spiritual components of the Law of Attraction, the 4-step process to Law of Attraction journaling, how to use journaling to manifest wealth and love and the importance of discerning the hearts desire vs. the egos desire.



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    Activating your Health through Journaling #activationtime

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    There are times when you are feeling fed up and tired and run down and you seem like giving up

    times when things are really working your way and you think what am i do wrong

    is it my #stress or you just start to question things that you don't normally do in life today

    today in life we are focusing on so much other things in life today sometimes we can't get things to work unless things turn from the worse to getting better 

    Activate what are the steps to make the next move?

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    March running thru #proverbs with journaling

    in Writing

    #journaling #wisdom 

    Solomon as a young man, Solomon had consuming passion for knowledge and wisdom 1kings 3:9-12. He became the litrary prodigy of the world of his day. His intellectual attainments were the wonder of the age. Kings came from the ends of the earth to hear him. He lectured on botany and zoology. He was a scientist a political ruler, a business man with a vast enterprises, a poet, a moralist, and a preacher. 

    A proverb is a brief popular statement that expresses a general truth. I love the book of proverbs it teaches you many things and #wisdom is the main thing in life today. 

    #proverbs www.faceook.com/jaimesjournal or jaimesjournal@gmail.com

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    Activating your April through Journaling #strategy

    in Writing

    #connection #strategy

    Its important for us to all to have a connection and a strategy 

    when we are in a relationship we need a plan we can't just throw up on everybody who comes along in life

    there is a time and a place for everything and a strategy needs to be important before you enter into people life

    you got to make a decision either you are going to speak great about the person or be nasty and hateful towards them 

    relationship is key in any business in any process of life you can't build a big or small business and keep on not having a stratgey or a plan 

    see we know who to chat with and not who to chat with but we hardly say hey how are you doing today? sometimes being personalable is better than not asking them anything at all 

    make a activing movement today!

    #connect #strategy 

    build a concept of a relationship

    www.facebook.com/jaimesjournal or email is jaimesjournal@gmail.com 

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    Soul Empowerment Radio: Journaling Discussion and Intuitive Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join your host Michael Brazell as he offers you intuitive insights and practical guidance towards living a soul empowered journey.  Each episode is an invitation for you to join your soul path with greater insight, clairty and power.  

    Presence - Prayer - Intution - Power - Yoga - Poetry - Loving Awareness

    These are some of the topics that we will dive into each episode.  If there are topics you would like to hear Michael speak on, feel free to contact him directly at: michael@michaelbrazell.com 

    I am the Light

    The Light is within me

    The Light Moves Throughout me

    The Light Surrounds me

    The Light Protects me

    I AM the Light!

    To schedule an in depth session with Michael, you can contact him via his website:


    Also be sure to add him on facebook



    This show is supported by the loving generosity of listeners like you!  To make a love donation please visit:


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    Constance Arnold - Law of Attraction Journaling! Dr. Michael Pearlman

    in Spirituality

    Join Constance as she interviews Dr. Michael Pearlman, MD as he shares about Law of Attraction Journaling, Your 4-Step Road Map to Create the Change you Want in Your Life. You will learn the spiritual components of the Law of Attraction, the 4-step process to Law of Attraction journaling, how to use journaling to manifest wealth and love and the importance of discerning the hearts desire vs. the egos desire.



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    Michael Pearlman~Law of Attraction Journaling

    in Spirituality

    Host Lindsay Marino will touch on topics that will improve your intuition, guide your consciousness, and help lay the foundation of balance throughout your day. Lindsay welcomes and encourages her audience members to call in during the show, so that you can receive personal messages to guide you towards your best life. As well as giving mini readings, Lindsay will regularly have special guests come on the show to share their insights. It is her mission to guide you in living abundantly and fill you with rich infinite beauty and peace.

    Website: www.lindsaymarino.com

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    Journaling for the Spirit - Telling your Story.

    in Writing

     Why Inner-Spiritual Journaling?  Because your life experience and story is important.  Welcome to the Home site of Written in Our Hearts, Inner-Spiritual Journaling (WOH).  WOH is where you can share and dine on mystical writings from others and yourself.  WOH is not a representative of any religious organization.  WOH does not take the place of a church, temple, center, or synagogue.  WOH only encourages self-expression through journaling so that the author can "separate meat from bone" along their spiritual journey, knowingly, what is their true inner spiritual path and purpose from the outside influences of others.

    The name is inspired by the lectures and writings of Pastor and Author Ted Nottingham's "Written in Our Hearts (available through www.Amazon.com) on the "Work" for self-transformation.  See Founder of Inner Work for Spiritual Awakening ( see www.innerworkforspiritualawakening.com) for more information.  

    Your Host and fellow journalist is an Interfaith Minister and Universal Lifelong Seeker.   For over 40 years, Sheryl has studied various sacred scripture writings and religions.  During this time she has kept spiritual journals  and diaries.  

    WOH (in the presence of this website and Podcasts) only intention is to encourage self-journaling to seek and understand your personal spiritual experience and story as a mean to explore your deeper self-realization. Spiritual journaling has helped Rev. Sheryl's soulful growth.  Like so many men and women of the cloth, she only wants to help beings become higher beings belonging to the Universal God.  

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    Dr. Michael Pearlman & Jay Forte, Law of Attraction Journaling

    in Self Help

    Are you feeling you are unable to attract the things into your life that you want – that your greatest dreams and desires are always just out of reach?

    The founder of Law of Attraction Journaling, psychologist and personal life strategist, Dr. Michael Pearlman, shares that though we want to attract abundance and greatness in our lives, many of us are blocked. Inspired by his own personal story of using journaling to listen to his soul, he shares the Law of Attraction Journaling, a practical four-step journaling process he developed to connect with our deeper selves - to move past our blocks and attract the things we want most in life. If journaling has not been part of your life, you will be inspired to try it. If it has been, he’ll share ways for you get more from your process. More about Dr. Michael Pearlman www.LawofAttractionJournaling.com

    Jay Forte, the host, is a coach, author and speaker who helps others discover, develop and live their greatness – to live in their Greatness Zone. More about Jay’s greatness focus in work and life www.TheGreatnessZone.com

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