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    The Joshua Generation Network: Panel Discussion on Racism & Personal Politics

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    Join Us on The Legacy of A Nation/Joshua Generation Network Panel Discussion:

    What is your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with racism in America? How did you handle it?

    Are there better ways to handle it when you run into an issue of race? Has President Obama's legacy taught us anything about dealing with racists in our own lives? 

    We're here to declaw and pull the teeth out of the roaring lion. Maybe we can't kill it, but we can stop the poison that impacts our daily lives once and for all!

    Tonight's Panel Discussion Members include:

    Cook, Phyllis Banks

    Fatoke, Adetokunbo

    Ford, Briana Melissa

    Irvine, Patrick

    Jackson, Terry PhD

    King, Joseph "Chinedu"

    Nix, Tony V

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    The Joshua Generation Network: Seeing 'Bad Guys' By the Tone of Their Skin

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    The Joshua Generation Network welcomes its listening audience here on The Legacy of a Nation to a whole brand New Year.

    2015 looks promising and non-compromising as more and more Black people across the nation and around the world wake up and come to a conscious knowledge of the truth about us as a people, a truth that was solidly embedded in centuries of historical lies.

    As we move through the remainder of this year, we plan to start a New Panel of Courageous Black Women, beginning on January 28, 2015, and continuing throughout the year who will step forward and actively become the conscientious collective of the Black Communities across the nation as this year is declared to be "The Year of the American Black Woman".



    The Light has come.

    Tonight in the News: http://m.dailykos.com/story/2015/01/09/1356509/-Fox-News-Host-How-Can-We-Spot-Bad-Guys-If-We-Can-t-See-Tone-Of-Their-Skin?detail=email

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    Happy New Year from The Joshua Generation Network Radio

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    Tonight, we sign out and sign off for the year 2014 and usher in a New Year.


    The focus of the Joshua Generation has been Black women and children, and we will continue to work to build up and built out the self-esteem of Black girls and women all over our network broadcasting area.

    Tonight's topic is quick and painless, and even though none of us know where we are going to be at this same time when it's time to ring in 2016, what we do know is that Black women, the Daughters of Eve, the Sisters of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, our JOSHUA GENERATION ... will remain at the top of OUR Priority List from now until the Lord's return, whenever that may be.

    The Afrocentric American Woman's Guide to Abundant Riches in Year 2015.

    Stay Tuned.

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    The Joshua Generation Network: Patty Cake, Tea Parties and Paper Dolls

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    Do you have a friend that you've known since you were children or teens? Do you stay in touch or is it someone you haven't seen in awhile? Is your best friend a man and is it platonic, really?

    Have you ever had a fight about anything with a good friend? If so, how did you patch things up?

    Do you have or have you ever had a white female friend? Can Black women and white women in America even BE friends?

    Is it hard to make new friends after a "certain age"?

    Is there an old friend out there you just want to send a special message to just to say "I'm thinking about you"?

    Yes, it's National Friends Night on The Joshua Generation Network Radio

    There are old ships/

    There are new ships/

    But there is no ship/

    Like friendship.

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    Joshua Generation Network: And This, Too, Shall Pass

    in Self Help

    Join us tonight as we talk to Life Coach Mary I. Allen of Illume III about depression, suicide and low self-esteem in the Black community.

    We will be discussing Mary's background and highlights about what a Life Coach is and does, what are some of the signals and signs of depression and what level of help to seek. We will also discuss what happens when we are in denial and how things can pile up until they become a slow-burning fuse that will eventually explode on everything and everyone around us. 

    Let's talk about the importance of getting help early and dispel the stigma that has been attached to mental illness as well as other mental health and life crisis issues for the first hour of The Legacy of A Nation: Joshua Generation Network - Living Black in America. Second Hour: To Be Determined.

    Call in to 661 554 9123 with your questions and comments about depression and suicide in Black America.

  • The Joshua Generation Network: Genesis

    in The Bible

    In this first of a series of "walks" through the Bible, we take the time to break down the Douay-Rheims version, hand over first. On last week's show, we laid out the ROE (rules of engagement) for participants:

    1) No religion, including Christianity, is 100% valid. All fronts have a little truth mixed in with a lot of lies. We will proceed on the presumption that anything that is man-handled is fallible. 

    2) We make no presumptions as to the validity of heaven or hell, or the literal interpretation of any Bible story -- only of the things in the Bible that we can prove as scientific and historical fact. All allegories have truth at the heart of them and that is what we attempt to explore. If Christ said there is a heaven/hell, we take Him at His Word, sight unseen.

    3) We make no stances as to any version of the "Bible" being the infallible indisputable Word of God. It is a series of letters/epistle, reports, notes and compiled communications. #thatisall

    4) The Bible refers to whites only when it speaks of the mix-raced Greeks who came from Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Aegean, and to Rome. Everyone who is not of this ancestry is a Gentile, including the African people who sold our Mesopotamian/Persian and Mediterranean ancestors off to the highest bidder. 

    5) We are the remnant of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, we are not "Jews." We are the original remnant of the Hebrew people belonging to our ancestor Abraham. We exist temporarily in [Rome].

    6) White supremacy is only given for a season. Their time remaining is short. 1 Peter 5:8 and Revelation 12:12

    7) Man is incapable of self-governance. If he cannot reign in righteousness with the world as given, he cannot go into other nether-realms without disastrous results. All scripture is evidenced by history, politics and science.

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    The Joshua Generation Network: The American Black Women on African Nations

    in Culture

    What should be our stance and response as Black women on the state of affairs in African nations?

    The mainstream media makes every attempt to make it appear that Africa is filled with nothing but wild violent uneducated monkeys running through the wild and the jungles of the continent, but the truth is that there are plenty of African nations that are more well off economically than many Black communities in America, even with its more indigenous and poverty-stricken cultures.

    What should be the Blackwoman's stance in America as to the continent of Africa and to any particular African nation?

    Instead of using the words "Black Unity," let's phrase it a different way: "Are we ever going to start singing our different parts and playing our different instruments in the same choir, or start singing all of our different parts in the choir to the tune of the same song at the same time?"

  • The Joshua Generation: If Black Men Had Been Where They Were Supposed to Be...

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    Intentional Ignorance

    On Wednesday, August 6, I broadcasted a show here on The Joshua Generation called "Introspection: The Seventy-Two Percenters."

    Though the show's intent was about the stereotyping and stigmatizing of Black women as single mothers, one "Brotha" called in to the show with the apparent intention of further stereotyping and the degradation of Black women.

    It became pretty apparent that the "brotha" either called in to degrade Black women intentionally, or he was intentionally ignorant enough to believe what he said had any validation to it.

    He also let us know that one of the main problems Black women have is that we are constantly being thrown under the bus by Black men. But worse than that, he did what his kind are typically prone to do.

    He was not reading or listening to the show before he called in to do nothing OTHER than degrade Black women as wives, mothers, and as the women who birthed an entire world.

    The question: "Are Black men to blame for Black women's suffering, pain and struggling?"

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    The Joshua Generation: The Bible-the Black History Book of the World

    in The Bible


    1 We presume no religion as ultimate authority over any others.

    All MAJOR religions (Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity) came from and out of Blackman and are partial truth mixed in with a lot of mythologies. Christianity is now no longer in the form in which it was originally given in Jerusalem and later in Antioch, Greece. We seek the heart truth of the Bible, not the dogmatic exegetical discourse.

    2 We presume that the Bible is nothing more or less than a series of letters/lectures/notes/reports, and communications written some 200,000 years ago. Later translated from Hebrew into Latin, English and then all of the westernized versions that we read now.

    3 We presume no stance as to the existence of heaven or hell. If the Christ said they both exist, then only He knows this at the moment. No one else has lived to confirm it one way or the other.

    4 The Bible only refers to white-skinned people as Gentiles (some of whom are also Black), Greeks (a mixed race of people), and Romans. All other characters in the Bible are, in fact, Black men and women of ancient times in Persia, Mesopotamia and Assyria and Eurasia before there was an "Africa" or Alkebulan.

    5 We presume that man is incapable of self-governance and that there will never be Peace until God is seated at the Conference Table.

    6 We take no stand as to the "infallibility" of The Bible. Anything that lands in the hands of man becomes "tainted" and subject to misinterpretation and error. Only God Himself is infallible and immutable. 1899 Douay-Rheims is the main reference. 

    We are not religious "jews," we are the ancestral Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

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    The Joshua Generation Network: The Cycle Continues...

    in Spirituality

    We are living in an age that was very much prophesied by the ancients of our Mesopotamian/Persian and Far Eastern/Turkish ancestors ... a time when women would be fearful of being without men, when children would turn against their parents, when parents would turn against their children, when elders would be disrespected, when the love of God would wax cold throughout the universe and when people would kill and murder and maim without repentance and then attempt to justify their ill will and atrocious behavior by measuring it against the very throne of God.

    A time when "wars and rumors of wars" would persist throughout the Earth and when everything under the sound of Heaven would cease to make sense.

    But out of total chaos and utter nonsense would come the only sense there is ... revealing the very nature and character of God Almighty Himself and the fact that man is incapable of self-governance, let alone self-reliance.

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    Joshua Generation Network: Black Women as Single Mothers in America

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    Join The Joshua Generation Network this week as we talk about single Black women and motherhood/parenthood.

    We know that "baby daddy"' was a creation of white America and that integration, in and of itself, has devastated Black families and especially Black women across America.

    Are you a single Black woman, whether by widowhood, divorce, choice, or "just because"? If so, what do you think about how American living has redefined Black womanhood, Black fatherhood, and the Black family through the "Plantation Picaninny" and "Mister" model of America's antiquated Jim Crow Society.

    How have white people's attitudes and their televised and musical "plantation ownership" filth about us caused damage and harm to us, socially, morally, and psychologically? How should we answer this in the days, months, and years to come?

    Where are American Black men in the lives of single Black women/mothers, whether the "fathers" of these children are deceased, disabled, or missing in action, i.e., have opted, like their white forefathers did, to abandon their Black families? 




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