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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Darrell Mangum. He'll be 'chatting' with me about his new book, You Must Be Joking: Improve Your Communication. Business & Interpersonal Skills All Through the Correct Use of Jokes.

    About the book:

    Learn to tell jokes. Develop a good sense of humor. Learn to distinguish bad jokes from good jokes. Learn to tell a joke like a pro. Learn strong communication skills. Collect some really good jokes. After reading this book, you'll know when and where to tell a joke, and you'll be ready with some of the best jokes in the world.

    About the author:

    Darrell’s been speaking and teaching most of his life. And joking too! The plain truth is that Darrell’s a very funny guy!
    As a stand up comedian in the 1990’s Darrell learned the fear that comes with telling jokes to a skeptical audience. Joke telling is a true skill that can be learned and perfected.

    You can connect with Darrell online at: http://youtellajoke.blogspot.com/


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    MizT's Comedy Nugget #7

    in Comedy

    Relax a moment with Comedian MizT and Evangeliss Sizta Pookie's singing Time has made a chain, RAYRAY's Prayer Line, CNB - Christian News Broadcast, The Bacon Prayer, Dea. Ray's Church Announcements and jokes in Just Joking Around. 

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    Breaking the world record for longest video chat (14 days w/o disconnecting)

    in Comedy

    Comedian, Host, Actor, and  Producer Alex Weber and Producer, Writer Rob Mor will discuss with me how they broke the world record for longest video chat (14 days w/o disconnecting) and what the experience was like.  Alex who has starred in numerous TV shows, Digital Content, and Commercials. He starred on MTV's pilot, The Every Night Club with his best pal and fellow comedian, Rob Mor. He was also featured on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 making fun of Carrot Top.  Check out Alex at http://ImAlexWeber.com Rob who has starred in Comedy's Central Tosh.0, and his most recent project for MTV's pilot The Every Night Club, which he produced and starred in alongside his best bud and fellow comedian, Alex. Early this year, Rob launched a sketch comedy channel, Real Rob Mor, that has been featured on Elite Daily, Brobible, and Total Frat Move. His video content, Diary of a Drunk Boner hit #1 on Reddit videos. Rob has created and produced web videos and series that have accumulated MILLIONS of views! You can see Rob perform sketches and improv at THE CLUBHOUSE, IO WEST, and UCB.  Check out Rob at http://RobMor.com

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    MizT's Comedy Nuggets #6

    in Comedy

    Have fun with Comedian MizT and have Whoo-saahh moments with comedy skits like Out of the Mouth of babes, RayRay's Prayer Line, Songs with wrong words, and audio clip Ushers, Just Joking Around, and Things a crackhead will try to sell you!.

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    Rational Propaganda Media - Unconstitutional Tucson City Elections

    in Politics

    Rational Propaganda Media adds to the political equation necessary ideas such as reason, logic, natural law, philosophy and freedom into our current political environment that we all share responsibly for. The importance of fact checking and critical research provided in a safe place of debate, appears to be abundantly lacking in our dissimulated mass media. We invite you to take a revolutionary different approach and get involved in the discussion today.


    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals deemed Tucson’s Electoral Process Unconstitutional

    (8:44) Interviewed Republican candidate for Tucson City Council Kelly Lawton the importance of fiscal responsibility and our Tucson hybrid electoral system

    (48:24) Interviewed Republican candidate for Tucson City Council Margaret Burkholder how to raise median household income and creating an atmosphere that creates jobs in Tucson as well as our electoral system

    Aaron and Jason talk politics while speculating about our country social and economy issues while also joking around.

    Discuss content for future show including Netflix Documentary Review

    Guests and listeners are always encouraged to call in and participate in the discussion, call (323) 870-3961.


    Monday nights at 6:30 PM


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    MizT's Comedy Nuggets #5

    in Comedy

    Enjoy skits like Out of the Mouth of Babes, RayRay's Prayer Line, Songs by Evangeliss Sizta Pookie, That's Yo Cuzn and the Bow Legged Deacon comedy clips and jokes with Joking Around.

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    MizT's Comedy Nuggets #3

    in Comedy

    Relax and whoo-sah with comedy skits, jokes and parodies from the mind of Comedian MizT. Hear segments like Out of the mouth of Babes, RayRay's Prayer line, Parodies by Evangeliss Sizta Pookie and Just Joking Around.  It will be the coolest 30 min of your day designed to increase your happy flow! 

  • Spiritual Awakening-Aging is Optional& Breaking Old Patterns&FREE PSYCHIC READ

    in Spirituality

    2 HOUR SHOW!!!  Spiritual Awakening has many aspects to it and I will cover the details of acceptance of aging in detail.

    Yes, our chronological years tell us our age, however, aging is optional.  I do not understand what it means when someone says to act your age.  Seriously, is there a certain norm that we must follow as we chronologically get older. Does that mean that we have to stop laughing and joking around?  There's a difference between immaturity.  One can be immature in their 20's with humour that is not funny. As you spiritually awaken you will find the inner child within. You will see things for the first time perhaps just like a child.

    Do we have to dress a certain way?  I am into style and I think body image is important for us individually. It's feeling good about yourself.  If you hate looking in the mirror there is some body dysmorphic dysfunctioning occurring and this can happen at any age. I noticed many women who are middle aged resent young women.  I will explain why this occurs and if you are one of these women how to deal with it. This is a major issue for many middle aged women as they feel they have lost their youth.  Youth is within.  So, this will lead me into breaking old patterns. These patterns may need to be broken for any age group regarding love relationships and simply bad habits and negative thinking.

    Life is simple. However, people make it much harder than it really is and that's because of fear and negative thinking. Let's break these patterns. Shall we?

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!! Contact me for a prive and detailed email or phone reading at mia0899cs@gmail.com or http://www.kasamba.com/MIA-ExpertPsychic

    Love and Light,






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    Full Steam Ahead

    in Entertainment

    This week, join us for a discussion on all things Days of Our Lives. The show wasn't joking when it hinted that the new writing team would take this show in an entirely different direction. Fans can't help but notice a change in story pace, character motives, sets, directing, music and more. We have seen the arrival of new and familiar faces, powerful performances and shocking exits these past few weeks. We want to commit the full show to all things Days of our Lives and will be taking calls and checking the chat regulary. Please join us on THURSDAY (not our usual Wednesday night ) for a candid talk about the good, the bad, the shocking and the controversial.

  • Which College Teams Still Have Fight?

    in Football

    We thought last weekend was setting itself up to be a bore, but this weekend is even more lackluster in terms of Top 25 matchups.

    Washington visits No. 17 Southern Cal. Will the Thursday Night Curse Return?

    Illinois, somehow 1-0 in the Big Ten, travels to Iowa, who is somehow still undefeated.

    No. 3 Baylor, the highest-scoring team in ever, visits Kansas, maybe the worst team in ever.

    No. 10 Oklahoma travels to Texas. This should be a good game because of the rivalry. Right?

    Maryland heads to No. 1 Ohio State. The Buckeyes have to prove they're the best sometime, right?

    Georgia Tech travels to muddy No. 6 Clemson.

    LSU travels to South Carolina. Or they don't. Because they're actually playing at LSU. Because rain.

    So Northwestern is No. 13, and the Wildcats will be on the road at No. 18 Michigan. I'm not joking.

    Wisconsin and Nebraska, possibly the reddest teams in the country, are both unranked. And playing on national television. Because Big Ten. Or something.

    There are even more games, too!

    But the NFL has games this weekend as well. Dallas hosts the Patriots with a team of what we're assuming are medical redshirts. Seattle heads to Cincy with two losses while the Bengals are 4-0. Huh? Jacksonville heads to Tampa Bay because the NFL hates us.

    And lots more!


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    Poop Culture crazy stories - Refugees want faster internet - jihadists abound!

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1 Joe read "fan" mail...

    Refugees complain about lack of amenities in emergency camps! Maybe they'd like to go back home and see how ISIS treats them? How quickly they forget. Ingrates.

    Have your kids told you about their school's ALICE drills yet? Prepping for active shooter situations. Are they having them? 

    Hr2   If it's really about women's healthcare, why can't approve the $500 million budget line item toward different women's healthcare facilities? Because it's all about Planned Parenthood... not women.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

    Can you still be blessed if you steal Pope Francis' water glass to drink from it? Because anything he touched becomes blessed. Confused PA Congressman.

    What 8-10 yr-old girls do with period pads on Barbie/Lammily doll. Not age relevant. Plus, no woman ever referred to her period as a Period Party!

    Millennials are less resilient and more sensitive than previous generations. Doesn't translate well in the workplace. People raised to think they're perfect don't handle failure well. Failure is key to success.

    Hr3  Male body part "prosthetics" for transgenders as young a 4 years old? Not joking.

    The next "rights" battle... pedophilia.

    ISIS jihadists toss 9 more gay men and a boy off a roof and then stone them for good measure. Is this a headline in the US yet? Why not?!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?