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    PIJN News: Even Democrats Oppose John Kerry for Attacks on Israel

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    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Even democrats are now opposing Secretary of State John Kerry for his attacks on Israel.
    * Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to amend the Israeli Constitution to define Israel as Jewish?
    * Dennis Prager refutes false accusations of apartheid.

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    Kamala Harris John Kerry Israel Korea Lazaro Arbos

    in Psychology

    He said what?
    Sec State John Kerry
    Keeping focus
    American Idol Lazaro Arbos
    Halie Berry still bearing fruit

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    Radio Free America with Duke Brooks: The NBA, John Kerry and Benghazi

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    At the intersection of policy, history and politics, skulking in the vast wasteland of the internet is... Radio Free America!

    Because last week's show was deep-sixed due to technical problems, tonight we'll revisit the Doolittle Raid of April 18th, 1942.  16 U.S. Army B-25s took off from the USS Hornet (CV-6) to bomb Japan in America's first strike back at Japan after Pearl Harbor.

    US Sec'y. of State John Kerry calls Israel an apartheid state; a White House email surfaces telling former U.N. Ambassador Suzanne Rice to trot out the "internet video" line a week after Benghazi, and Obama's poll numbers are in the low 40s as "millennials" desert him in droves.

    Brad Bierman will be here to talk about the Los Angeles Clippers owner Robert Sterling and the ramifications of the NBA's sanction.

    Also...Civil War history, some hangar flying and...your calls!

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    John Unleashed

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    John J Nazarian has returned to the airwaves!
    Celebrity P. I. John J Nazarian's weekly take on the news from the funny, to the bizarre, to the serious. John's show will have 1-3 guests  depending on the topic; which will be announced on his site. The guests will range from the funny, bizarre, good friends to the top experts. John and his guests will be covering current events including High Profile trials, celebrity gossip, celebrity guests and/or top expert guests in their fields. Some shows will have guests debating with John, other shows will be fun, or to gossip about Hollywood and the rich and famous; some shows are serious with serious content, like John's commitment to stop teen bullying and suicides. John's  shows will run the gambit to crumple you over with laughter from bizarre headline; to educate you with society tough topics; to making you cry as you listen to a guest bare all. Telephone lines are always open to call in throughout each show.  We encourage you to join in the discussion, or ask questions of John and/or his guests. Visit John's website to get the latest breaking topics coming up on future shows at: http://www.desperateexes.com Or you can just check back here to see who John's guests for a particular show; guaranteed to make you laugh, think and at times cry. Be sure to go through his website to see the pictures of John's family, grandchildren, Charlie the $10k PI doberman, and John's love for cars, motorcycles and all things fast!

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    John Kerry America's Secretary of State Terrorism

    in Politics

    Join our hosts as they address the actions and words of America's primary inciter to anti-Israel terrorism and Jew hate.

    Created and Directed by Reaper Productions 

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    A Reset in U.S. and Cuba Relations

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    “I am delighted that Alan Gross has been released from Cuban confinement in an exchange that also involved the release of an Americans spy in jail for 20 years, along with three convicted Cuban spies in America going back to Cuba; and I am thrilled that President Obama will open negotiations with Cuba to resume full diplomatic ties more than 50 years after they were cut off. Special thanks are due to John Kerry who made normalized relations with Cuba a priority when he was nominated for Secretary of State by President Obama. I am also thankful for the direct assistance of Pope Francis and the Vatican and the help that Canada rendered over the last 18 months to make this day possible.Rev Jesse Jackson Sr

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    President Obama releases 6 Guantanamo Bay Jihadist inmates to the Nation of Uruguay to be set free and resettled into the community. Also a "Massive Nor-easter is headed for the East Coast of America with expected winds, rain, floods, snow and lighting. Also Secretary of State John F. Kerry asks Senator Dianne Feinstein to delay the release of the CIA torture report because of fear of reaction by radical islamic groups. Also mass animal deaths in December is shocking the scientific community. Also a baby found in the sewer in the United Kingdom is still alive after being flushed down the toilet. Also Ebola continues to spread as an Ebola Doctor returns from the edge of death. Also massive L.A. fires continue to burn as the racial tensions flames are being fanned by the Main Stream Media. Also earthquakes, sinkholes, and strange sounds are being heard around the globe. Also Al-Qeada says ISIS is not being human in their beheadings of people in Iraq and Syria, by not following Shiria Law. Also these events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Heidi Begley filling in for Pastor Paul Begley in recovery from surgery.

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    UN Arms Trade Treaty: the "Good, Bad & the Ugly. Rush is right to sue...and more

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    Overthe past several days there has been a renewed onslaught of chatter on the internet social media sites concerning the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty. As expected, there are a rash of alarmists, pacifists, Dingbats (far left extremists) and Wingnuts (far right extremists) out there spreading all kinds of warnings and propaganda.

    Just what does the Arms Trade Treaty actually say? Will the ATT really take our beloved weapons from US citizens? Are John Kerry and President Obama trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and using the UN as a masked partner in the effort?

    This morning we will sit down and sift thru the ATT to see if we can determine Facts vs Baloney.

    Rush Limbaugh considering wheter to sue the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for defamation...GOOD FOR HIM! No matter if you think Rush to be an outspoken patriot or a bag of hot wind I encourage him to sue. What is this all about? 

    Yep, a little bit of controversy "In the Pickle Barrel". Really? What would you expect?

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST every weekday morning.

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    Conversations with John Kuhry, Sr.

    in Religion

    An exciting and hard-hitting show with host writer/speaker, John M. Kuhry, Sr. in discussions of very relevant topics deemed “too hot” to be mentioned in today’s pulpits due to the political correctness of our popular culture. The show will feature discussions on the Roman Catholic Faith and provide call-in opportunities for questions and commentary.

    John is a retired CEO of multiple companies, lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife of 50 years, is a father of 4 children, a grandfather of 9, and a great grandfather of 3. He’s also a golfer, author and keynote speaker. John is a registered Republican, an authentic Roman Catholic, and detests modern politics.

    John has written several books and recorded numerous talks available from his home page at www.johnmkuhry.com. Tune in Sunday nights at 8:30 pm ET.


    Please help this apostolate spread the light of Truth by supporting us in your prayers. If you are able to donate, please visit this link to contribute through PayPal:

    Click here to donate to Forward Boldly

    Thank you, and God bless you!

  • Joe Johnson's and Jude's Jolly John-iday Party!

    in Pop Culture

    "Beatles Brunch" host, Joe Johnson and our own Jude wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Holiday. And tonight, they're joining forces to play some Beatlesque Christmas music and give YOU a chance to wish Season's Greeting to your loved ones.

    You can call in and send your holiday wishes out to that special someone...and have it captured on the show archives forever! Think of something really special to say and go for it. Joe and Jude will be spinning the special holiday music of Alan Bernhoft, Rande Kessler, and Jack & Dale...Beatles fans all! They'll also be giving away copies of Seth Swirsky's "Beatles Stories," a Rande Kessler "Doors of Liverpool" poster, and a copy of Vol. 1 in The John Lennon Series, Shoulda Been There. Some Fun Tonight...er, Thursday night at 9pmET. Join them!

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    BLT - Business Life Transitions with guest John Tarnoff

    in Marketing

    John Tarnoff is a  career development coach, speaker, university educator and former media/entertainment executive, John Tarnoff focuses on personal and professional transformation across generations – reintegrating the Boomer Generation workforce into the rapidly evolving 21st century workplace, and developing programs, opportunities and curriculum to support new generations of leaders and entrepreneurs. He speaks on the challenges Boomers face in reinventing themselves to stay engaged and relevant in the digital age, proposing a 5-step reinvention process to achieve success.

    John created the Boomer Reinvention® curriculum from the lessons he has learned over a 40-year career devoted to developing and nurturing creative teams and projects in the Media/Entertainment industry.

    John holds a MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and a BA magna-cum-laude from Amherst College.

    Business Life Transitions is a radio show that talks about you and your business.  It will help you understand how to re-invent yourself, your business, and your life.

    Join Brian Basilico & Jan Marino every Monday Morning at 9am CST.

    Brian Basilico

    His best selling book, “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon! Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World!” simplifies the way social networking can help you grow your business.

    Recognized as one of the Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014.

    Jan Marino

    YOU are the product. YOU are valuable. YOU are on a mission and Jan can help guide you become even more successful.  She's the manager of the Linkedin Chicago group (87,000 members) and a business owner-High Gain Companies, Inc.

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