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    Happy New Chinese Year! TimeMaps, Sacred Runes, Fairies... What next.. Genetic Testing

    in Spirituality

    Happy New Chinese Year. We have entered the year of the Monkey. 

    Tune in if you wish to find out more about this.

    Also, more on Angels and Timemaps and fairies; we have got the whole shabang here so if you want to get cosy,.... or not..., do join us for an interesting show with loaded audios and more.

    This show is brought to you by your magic loving hosts Vanessa and Joanne and it is dedicated to Almine, world leading mystic and seer

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    Dog Works Radio: Author Joanne Sundell

    in Pets

    Join host, Robert Forto as he speaks to author Joanne Sundell on Dog Works Radio. 

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    Reading with a heart. Tarot with a twist psychic numerology

    in Spirituality

    please join us today with psychic joanne  Tarot with a twist  psychic numerology 

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    Dynamic Aging with Joy Jinks on NOWTIME Radio

    in Spirituality

    Join Joy Jinks, Wednesday, January 6, at 2PM (EST) for her show (named after her recently published book): Dynamic Aging: I Intend to Live Forever, So Far, So Good! Her guest will be JoAnne Pope, Triathlete and Iron Man Competitor up to age 72 when she quit to go to nursing school. At 79, she hung up her running shoes for dancing shoes and now, she and her husband, dance everyday! Her second guest is Dr. Vaughn Grisham. He is the Director Emeritus of the McLean Institute for Community Development at the University of Mississippi where he has taught for the past 40+ years. He has authored several books and numerous articles, including Tupelo: The Evolution of the Community and Hand in Hand: Community and Economic Development. He has helped establish leadership programs in more than 300 counties and has done community development work in more than 30 states and two Canadian provinces. Dr. Grisham’s most recent research has centered on Extraordinary Results in Ordinary Communities, an occasional paper published by the Kettering Foundation.

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    Are You Ready To Get Turned Out???

    in Books

    Tune into the premiere of DRMRAB Radio with special guest cohost Papaya Wagstaff of Sistahs On Lit. We will welcome the authors of the hottest and sexiest anthology, realesed under ARP Publications. Join us as we get to know writers, Fabiola Joseph,Christiana Parrish, Renee Wallace, Raynesha Pittman, and Ben Burgess Jr. Tune in as these talented authors share their stories of how this anthology came together. Get to know their work(s) and hear why you should support the #TTOQ movement. The DRMRAB is ready and you should be too!

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    God Belongs in my city-A prayer walk in Downtown Durham

    in Christianity


    Exceptional Service Home Care Agency is an agency that focuses on helping seniors and individuals with their daily activities to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment in their homes. 

    They are offering CNA classes right now if you are looking to start a new career in the medical field.

    For more information call their office @ 919.309.9065 or Business Cell # 919.225.0538. Or visit them at their website at www.exceptionalservicehca.com.

    Join us as we broadcast live ""God belongs in my city" with coverage and interviews from the people who organized it and other leaders in Durham, NC as they pray throughout the communities in Durham. Presented by One Love Ministries

    Guest: John C. Fitzpatrick Jr. of One Love Ministries, Jonne Woodard and others.



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    Time Maps ! Personal Phrophecies ! the list goes on

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's show is filled with updates and cool audios from Almine , yes the lady herself recovering rapidly world leading mystic and seer of our time 

    Almine tells us about the newest tool she recently recieved and how it works this new tool given to those who feel it call is a Personal Timemap

    Other things that sprung up on the horizon are your very own Personal Phrophecy with an exquisite artpiece that come with this new gift

    Oh and there may be a mention of education conspiracy hmmmm

    Tune in to tonights show with your delighted hosts Vanessa and Joanne


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    Live with Sarita Pittman

    in Self Help

    Women of power are simply an inspiration to share the airwaves with, This time is no different, meet Sarita Pittman founder and visionary of Stiletto Society. A network where women entrepreneurs connect. Mark your calendars for the much anticipating launch on January 16,2016. For additional information visit astilettosociety.com!! We love connecting with email us at thenekascottshow@gmail.com follow us on intagram @thenekascottshow and like us on Facebook The Neka Scott Show. The place where AWEmazing people share their business and success stories. 

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    Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Clinton Paradox with Joanne Bamberger

    in Moms and Family

    Hillary Clinton’s name is on everyone’s lips as we head into the 2016 presidential election. Is America ready for a woman president? How research on women’s likability impacts Hillary’s campaign? What do feminists really think about Hillary? Why Hillary Clinton can and should change the way America cares for children and supports families? What those pantsuits really mean to women’s power and agency in a man’s world? Will voters accept a woman commander in chief? How can voters hate a woman chosen 17 times by Gallup as the most admired woman in the world?  

    These are some of the topics covered in the Amazon #1 bestseller Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox authored/edited by Joanne Bamberger. The book is an anthology that explores the question of why so many Americans, especially women, have such complicated and conflicting feelings when it comes to one of the most well-known and admired women in the world — Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Joanne Bamberger, an entrepreneurial journalist, award-winning writer, and attorney, is the publisher and editor in chief of The Broad Side, a noted digital magazine of women’s commentary.

    Join Joanne Bamberger and me on Wednesday, January 6, 10-11 A.M. CT US. We will be discussing the complicated feelings about one of the most powerful women in American politics and possibly our next president. 

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    Activating white magic in the Brain! Cosmic Template Changed more on Esklavenat

    in Spirituality

    Well there has been so much going on since the last radio show and many updates on the Transcendance ceremony and insights into the epidemic of depression  from Almine

    More on the cosmic template and Esklavenat BelVasPata for removing ghosts and yes more again ! 

    Consider joining your hosts Vanessa and Joanne for a very interesting show

    This show is dedicated to the sacred teachings of world leading mystic Almine                           


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    CALL IN for intuitive healing / readings /coaching NOW ON THE AIR (646) 595 4274

    in Self Help

    2PM PST / 5PM EST:


    Intentional Reality with Joanne Parker on NFTS – 2ND Friday of the Month at 2PM PST / 5PM EST – Call in for an Intentional Reality Coaching Session on the air! Joanne has always been able to look at someone and see past their limitations to their true shining self. She has studied many modalities along the way to help people break past their limits. She is a certified life coach, has her practitioner’s certification in Matrix Energetics, and has been an herbalist and Licensed Acupuncturist since 2002. Her unique style of transformational energy work and coaching helps people open up to the full range of possibilities in life

    Welcome to the Blog Talk Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained. News for the Soul was launched in January 1997 as a positive news newspaper in the Vancouver, B.C. area in January 1997 by journalist Nicole Whitney. Over the years, NFTS evolved into the #1 life changing talk radio show in the world according to google and aol! Find out more online at http://www.newsforthesoul.com