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    Episode V: Capsaicin Strikes Back

    in Entertainment

    The Jimmy Ray Show RETURNS to Blog Talk Radio tonight!!
    Corporate called, with the recent outage at BlogTalkRadio a few weeks ago BTR now only has enough money in the budget for 2 hosts for the show... So believe it or not, we already lost our newest co-host... again!
    Jimmy Ray and "Midwest Machine" Mike partook in a spicy hotwing challenge a few weeks ago... and WON! So this episode is all about the wonders of capsaicin and the hot and spicy! Jimmy Ray is gonna eat a fresh habanero on the show too and describe the sensation
    Join us tonight with our special guests, Chicago's own Tristan & Ben! The 4 Horsemen of Raypocalypse have finally come together for one triumphant show! Tune in if ya dare, we promise you won't have more fun wasting time faster than this! lol

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    Episode IV: A New Host

    in Entertainment

    Well... the test results are in... And I'm afraid it's worse than we had thought... it appears that "The Jimmy Ray Show" is BACK! Did you miss us? We're in a brand new studio, and will be continually upgrading our technology with each show. We're probably gonna pick up off the same random tagent we left off on. Oh wait, did I mention there's a NEW co-host on the show?! Didn't want Jimmy Ray an the Mid-West Machine to be lonely-online did'ja? Find out who it is this week when The Jimmy Ray Show returns to BlogTalkRadio! You can listen live and get in on the fun if you like, but if ya can't there's always the podcast replays! Best waste of 45 minutes you'll never get back! Join us, won't you? :D  

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    Episode IV: A New Host - Part II

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    What happens when you have a new stuido, new format, new guests, and NO PREPARATION?! That unGoddly piece of crap that was Episode IV. With the amount of technical difficulties and distractions enountered with that show, we at The Jimmy Ray Show feel obligated to give you a much better Part 2 to this week's show, where we will pick apart and critique our own half-assed work. In hopes this public humiliation will prod us into producing better shows with quality material.We ALL deserve a F- for that last show (call-in guests excluded), so as such, this is our form of Summer School, trying to make that grade a lil better before the next Episode!So feel free to call in and tell us how bad this week's episode sucked! The Jimmy Ray Show returns to the air TONIGHT!

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    Episode VI: Return of The Credi-bility

    in Entertainment

    The Jimmy Ray Show comes back tonight at a special time with a VENGENCE! The final episode in our 6 part saga. David Brown, wicked chef from Buffalo Pub & Grill here in San Luis Obispo heard our show last week, listened to us eat habaneros and sweat it out... an he wants to finish the job TONIGHT! David is preparing the most hellacious pepper-filled meal ever. Somebody is goin to the hospital tonight! Seriously, why do we do this? The answer, so you can laugh at our misfortune! (the secret is we actually LOVE it!) We also have special guest Indy Pro Wrestling Powerhouse SLEDGE!! He's gonna be with us ringside in the studio  and take in this unimaginable meal that would even bring "JD", horror. (shout out to our boy!)
    Midwest Machine Mike, Jimmy Ray, and Sledge are gonna really be payin for this one, the irony of it being "free radio". lol

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "BACK WITH BLACK"

    in Wrestling

    Live from the 805! Cen-Cal Pro Radio is here back once again bringin you everything that is Cen-Cal Pro, and tonight we're Back With Black, Sean Black that is will be our guest this evening. Gonna give our Central Coast Audience an extra mission from the Ubran Juggernaut, an get some background on this tough as 10-inch nails athlete! Sean Black has made quite the name for himself at UEW in SoCal... but what's his mission here at Cen-Cal? Join host Jimmy Ray as he finds out just what makes The Urban Juggernaut go off... or naut? Also more info about our upcoming May 24th "Show #2", the all new Cen-Cal Pro Merch available NOW, and Sean Black is gonna be on the show!! Cen-Cal Pro Radio is comin, where will you tell everyone you where when the blast went off?

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "FROM CANADA WITH LOVE"

    in Wrestling

    Live from the 805!! Cen-Cal Pro Radio is back once again! Last time on the show, we featured the ring leader of this "Cold War Movement" Sasha Darevko... This week we peer into the mind of his right hand, Shoop Shellhammer! This is the versy first American Radio interview featuring this up an coming star of the Indy Scene. We will hopefully get to draw an audio map of his road to Cen-Cal here tonight. Shoop seemed to have chosen sides in this "Cold War of Wrestling" rather quickly if you go back to our Inaugural Show, alligning himself with Darevko and 'Wrestling Personified' Rik Luxury, calling their faction "The Wrestlers of Mass Destruction". Did Shoop pick the winning side? With the impact this faction has made here on the Central Coast... it's not likely there will be anyone to stand against. Join host Jimmy Ray as he gets the very FIRST American Radio interview with Canada's Shoop Shellhammer. Hopefully this can remain cordial, until the BIG questions get asked... by then the gloves may have to come off.

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "COLD WAR OF WRESTLING"

    in Wrestling

    Live from the 805... Cen-Cal Pro Radio is LIVE once again this week with arguably the most infamous man in all of Cel-Cal Pro, he is the Super Czar, Sasha Darevko! His debut at Cen-Cal was an absolute explosion! Fans who were in the audience got their first taste of his Cold War on Cen-Cal.. Alliances were forged right away on both sides at the first show, which brought the reunion of Creepshow, as JD Horror came from the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake to help maintain order! Sledge isn't afraid to call in some old friends to even the odds. The Cold War of Wrestling is coming to Cen-Cal... Wrestlers from all sides will be taking a stand at this next show... which side wil YOU be on? Sasha Darevko makes his declaration to the Fans and Locker Room of Cen-Cal Pro this week! Join host Jimmy Ray live from the trenches as he gets the Manifesto of a Madman! WE are Cen-Cal Pro, and we will NOT be stopped!!

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "AMMO FIRES BACK"

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    Live from the 805!! Cen-Cal Pro: Prime Time RETURNS!! Tonight on the show we have Max Ammo oh UEW and now Cen-Cal Fame who's here to give us a taste of Urban Discipline! With the next Cen-Cal Show weeks away, Max Ammo has agreed to come on the show and discuss "terms" as it pertains to the Perfect Kings. Not sure exactly what that means, but this will be interesting none the less. Ammo has been known for speakin his mind, and tonight that mind is ours to be spoken from!Join host Jimmy Ray for another installment of Cen-Cal Pro Radio!

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "INAUGURAL BRAWL - (The Recap Show)"

    in Wrestling

    Live from the 805! Cen-Cal Pro Radio is BACK tonight! An boy oh boy do we got a lot to talk about! After the recent success of the first ever Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling show at the Grad in SLO, we gotta do a radio show for everyone who was there... an everyone who wasn't! Tonight on the show we'll be featuring the founders of Cen-Cal Pro to go over the highlights of last Sunday, and maaaaybe just maybe leak a few details of what fan can expect May 24th when Cen-Cal Pro RETURNS to the Grad! Join host Jimmy Ray as he covers all the happenings of this Inaugural Brawl of a weekend! It's gonna be rad, it's gonna be hot, folks went home happy with the tickets they bought, an tonight we're gonna talk all about that which made the fans happy... a quality wrestling show that both the fans and performers alike can appreciate!