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    My Gospel Soul... Who Has the Father and the Son?

    in Christianity

    Today on My Gospel Soul 

    2 John 1:1-13

    Whosoever Trangresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. 2 John 1:9


    Do we really know how important it is to stand firm in the Teachings of Christ?

    So many Doctrines today that you could lose site on the Simplicity of the Gospel. I encourage you today to stick to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

    ~Pastor J.~ 




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    The Bible On Trial

    in Religion

    This is The Bible On Trial, brought to you by Spirit of Truth Ministry. We test the tenets of Christianity and all religions against the words and teachings of Jesus that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples. Join us for a unique experience in studying to find truth, Justice, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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    What Jesus Said During Four Of His 19 Resurrection Appearances To His Followers

    in Spirituality

    On the day before Easter, we will be exploring 4 of Jesus' appearances to his apostles, disciples, and other believers after his resurrection. 

    The Urantia Book recounts 19 separate appearances made by Jesus after his death and resurrection. We'd love to recount them all, but feel like time limits us to 4 of them. Which would you choose?

    His first two appearances to Mary Magdalene

    His third appearance to his brother James in Lazarus' garden in Bethany

    His fourth appearance to his family and friends in the Bethany home of Lazarus.

    His fifth appearance to twenty-five women believers assembled at the home of Joseph of Arimathea.

    His sixth appearance to forty Greek believers assembled at Flavious' home.

    His seventh appearance to two brothers as they walked home to Emmaus.

    His eighth appearance to Peter in the garden of the Mark home.

    His ninth appearance, first to his apostles, in the upper chamber of the Mark home.

    His tenth appearance in Philadelphia to some one hundred and fifty followers.

    His eleventh appearance was to his apostles in the Mark's upper chamber.

    His twelfth appearance to Rodan and some eighty other believers, in Alexandria.

    His thirteenth appearance to ten apostles, whom he walked with, two by two, on the lakeshore.

    His fourteenth appearance to eleven apostles assembled on the hill near Capernaum for ordination.

    His fifteenth appearance to more than five hundred believers from the environs of Capernaum.

    His sixteenth appearance in the courtyard of Nicodemus to many of the Jerusalem believers.

    His seventeenth appearance to Nalda and about seventy-five Samaritan believers.

    HIs eighteenth appearance to a group of believers in Tyre.

    His final appearance to his apostles, again in the upper chamber of the Mark home.

    Please join us as we read and discuss 4 favorites!

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    When Jesus Says Yes: A Biblical Discussion about 2015's Stellar Awards Show

    in The Bible

    Each year, the Stellar Awards recognize the achievements of high-profile gospel music artists and personalities. This year’s show, which aired on Easter Sunday, featured the likes of David and Tamela Mann, Rickey Smiley, Erica Campbell, Kirk Franklin, and Destiny’s Child.  Click here to watch Destiny’s Child’s performance of “Always Remember Jesus” and “When Jesus Say Yes.”  

    What is the purpose of awards shows?  Should the church encourage the world to join its cause for the "gospel’s" sake?  This blogtalk show will address these questions, and more, as we draw on 2015’s Stellar Gospel Music Awards show to discuss modesty, discernment, and true commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of a great falling away.

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    The Real Truth

    in Christianity

    The Real Truth is Jesus Christ living a perfect life but carried the sins of world to the cross where He died to redeem us from the wrath of God the Father. After three days in the tomb He rose from the dead and now sat on the right side of the Father God. One day He will return to bring born again believers home to God the Father. I hope you will be in that homegoing my friend. The Holy Spirit lives inside of every Christian. I love you!

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    Are We Living in the End Times?

    in Self Help

    For the next eight weeks, we are discussing the debatable topic of End Time Prophecy, which is a series of catastrophic events that occur before the return of Jesus Christ. Do you believe that we're currently living in the Last Days and that Jesus will return soon? Various books in the Bible support the prophecy of the End Times. Everyone needs to know the truth!

    What are the signs of the end times? What can you do to prepare yourself? Our intent is not to frighten you but to share knowledge with you so you can be aware of what's going on in the world and not just be oblivious and caught off guard.

    Some people may believe that God is cold and unloving because of the chaos and violence in this world, but God truly does love us and doesn't want to harm us. Stay tuned and learn more as we delve into this exciting and informative discussion.


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    Truth in the A.M.

    in Entertainment

    Join the Ladies of Truth Be Told for another morning filled with HOT topics and current events. Click link or call into (718)664-9884

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    Church Service 81 (Jesus is coming soon!!!)

    in Christianity

    Salvation In Jesus Ministry    Hello, this is Evangelist Nathaniel. I am the Pastor of Salvation In Jesus Ministry. We pray that this radio blog be a blessing to all who will listen to it. We believe that Jesus Christ is God and He's the Lord of Lord's and King of King's. We believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation. Our mission is to lift Jesus up HIGH, preach the CROSS, win souls for the Kingdom of God, edify the believers, and prepare souls for the coming of the Lord.

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    Stand For Truth Radio

    in Politics

    Join your host Susan Knowles when we will be speaking with MANDA ZAND ERVIN, Founder and Director of the Alliance of Iranian Women. We will be talking about Iran, Obama's nuclear weapons treaty, the plight of women in Iran under Sharia law, ISIS, and so much more. You don't want to miss this show and you'll want to invite someone to hear it also.

    During the Iranian Islamic revolution, Manda witnessed the execution of many innocent people, including her high school principal who was murdered because she was a woman and the secretary of education.  She witnessed the human rights of the Iranian people, especially the women, taken away from them. She witnessed her homeland leaving the twentieth century to turn backward and she witnessed the effect.

    Manda came to the United States as a political refugee on June 17th, 1980, became a citizen three years later and began her fight for human rights in Iran. She is the founder and president of the Alliance of Iranian Women a group which has deep connections within the Iranian diaspora and within Iran.

    As the head of the Alliance of Iranian Women, Manda Ervin works to bring the West’s attention to the plight of Iranian women under Islamic Sharia laws.  She almost single-handedly gathered the support to pass a 2003 U.S. Senate Resolution on the human rights of the women of Iran. In 2005 Manda was invited to speak at the UN conference on the family in Islamic societies.

    Manda is an analyst and writer, published by many online political magazines, like the Hudson Institute, American Thinker, and Family Security Matters, National Review and others.  She speaks on TV and radio programs, nationally and internationally, including CNN, BBC, Radio France, VOA, Radio Liberty

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    There's Not A Friend Like Jesus

    in Christianity

    Jesus savior of those who believe and those don't believe. Friend ( one who favors another person, support, and comforts.) Jesus is a support that is closer than family members. He want leave or forsake his friends he goes all the way to the end. He supplies what no one else can supply and he gives to those who appear undeserving.Many may not believe or may never believe he is the sone of the True and Living yet he is God. However it does not change the fact of who he really is and what he has done for all of the human race.

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    Jesus Strong Ministries! The Message Of The Cross Part 4

    in Christianity

    Join Brian Peckham for 30 Minutes Of Biblical Teaching Straight Forth From The Word Of God! This week Brother Brian continues his series on The Message Of The Cross. He discusss this week how the cross is the means to get our deliverance from. Our answers to life struggles is found at the Cross Of Jesus Christ. Jesus suffered so that we could have life. Invite an unsaved friend to listen. The Messae Of The Crosss is Foolishness To Those Who Perish But The Ones That Are Saved, It Is The Power Of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18