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  • Cancer - a dreaded diagnosis! Yet, Life goes on

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    Jessica Foox, Oncology Social Worker at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital joines Anna's Journey for a wrap up on cancer. 

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    From Craptastic to Fantastic: How to Turn Your S**t Around in 5 Easy Steps

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    Sometimes life isn't exactly what we're hoping it would be.  We'll find ourselves in a not so desirable, or s**tty, situation.  The good news is you don't have to stay there.  We can show you how to find your way out of that  tailspin and into the ultimate win-win.  

    Join me, Divine It Girl, Jessica Nevins and my amazing co-host the lovely Therese Tucker.  We'll guide you through and give you five easy steps that you can begin using today to turn your situation from craptastic to fantastic. And we'll be taking callers, so don't miss out - bring your questions!

    Wanna get more tips, insights and freebies from Jess and Therese beyond our weekly radio show?  Get access here: http://wp.me/P63Gn5-8B.  We've got you covered.  ;)

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    Melrose Actor James Wilder

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    From his breakout role as the troubled addict son of Ed Asner in the ABC Circle Theater presentation “Cracked Up” to his heralded star turn in the Emmy-award winning one hour legal drama “Equal Justice” (with Sarah Jessica Parker), his evocative characterization of a drug-dealing seducer on “Melrose Place,” to his role as an enigmatic club owner on “Models Inc

    His film work included such diverse projects as “Scorchers” with icons Faye Dunaway and James Earl Jones, “Flypaper” opposite Lucy Liu, and Nevada” alongside Angus McFadden and Gabrielle Anwar. He also appeared in (starred) “The Coriolis Effect,” his scorching depiction of serial killer Carl Isaacs in the acclaimed Miramax film “Murder One” that definitively thrust him into the limelight. 

    Wilder was featured in the pages of Vanity Fair alongside Alec Baldwin, Meg Ryan, Robin Wright, and Keifer Sutherland, GQ, Detour, and many other high profile titles.

    Untrained as an architect or interior designer, Wilder’s keen eye and distinct vision has transformed a dozen empty lots throughout California into panoramic living art. 

    He speaks of his newest film “3 Holes And A Smoking Gun” A man! of many talents...help me welcome to Live From The Bay With Joey..James Wilder.






    Audio Sound provided by "Jammin" -408-510-0818

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    HTBAGP Part3 with CCChicks

    in Comedy

    The Chicks tackle part 3 of theHow To Be a Good Parent series. Come get all the wrong answers LIVE every Wednesday at 9:30amCST and follow the flight on Facebook/ChristianComedyChicks.

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    Paranormal activity, ghost, poltergeist and more.

    in Spirituality

    I love the ew and ah of ghost stories! Join Jessica and I chatting about  creepy ghost stories, haunted houses, poltergiest and paranormal activity. I have some great ghost stories of my own!! I can also see ghost and chat with them.


    I will share about children brining in polterigiest and what not to do to bring in a ghost in your home.

    Call in with your own ghost story or have me tune in to your home to see if you have a ghost.

    Creepy Ghost, goblins, poltergist and more what a great show!







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    08/26/17 Top Ten Thoughts of the Day

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    08/26/17  Top Ten Thoughts of the Day

    Stewart D discusses his Top Ten Thoughts for Monday the 25 of August

    Share your thoughts by calling in at (646) 787-8295 or express yourself on the WRASK IT™ App. 

    Download at www.wrask.com or search WRASK IT in the playstores. 

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    08/26/17 Top Ten Thoughts of the Day

    in Current Events

    08/26/17  Top Ten Thoughts of the Day

    Stewart D discusses his Top Ten Thoughts for Monday the 25 of August

    Share your thoughts by calling in at (646) 787-8295 or express yourself on the WRASK IT™ App

    Download at www.wrask.com or search WRASK IT in the playstores. 

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    Voices Carry for Animals #56

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    GUEST WILL BE:  JESSICA LAWSON - Florida SPCA -  Director of Marketing and Communications 

    SPCA Florida. Topics could include:

    - History and recent rapid growth of organization

    - Medical Center purpose and extensive services

    - Annual statistics (adoptions, medical patients, Guardian Angel Fund used to rehabilitate homeless and owned pets)

    - Community Programs

    - Signature Events (Dog Days Downtown coming up in September, Auction for the    Animals in November, Brewz Crewz in February, and Walk for Animals in April)



    SPCA Florida exists to eliminate animal suffering and to engage the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals.

    We accomplish this by advancing model programs to promote the adoption of healthy animals, prevent dog and cat overpopulation, provide veterinary medical services for animals in the community and keep animals in homes through relinquishment intervention strategies.



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    The Christian Psychic Cafe w/ Dr. Ginny & Jessica Free Psychic Readings Live!

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    Tonights Topic: Why Your Possible Romances Fail To Ignite and Fizzle - Plus Free Psychic Angel Readings!

    Call in tonight at 7.30pm EST time and find out why some people have a hard time getting from the talking zone into the dating zone!  Plus our ever popular Free Christian Psychic Readings!

    Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee; this is a gathering place to communicate with your Angels, ask questions - get advice and receive messages. Call in and speak to Dr. Ginny and her Co-host Jessica for a free Christian Psychic Reading or ask for some common sense advice on a problem or question you are struggling with.  Dr Ginny is a Christian Psychic Angel Communicator for over 28 years and provides Christian Angel guided counseling and advice to thousands of clients worldwide.I want this to be a place where someone drops by after dinner, grabs a cup of coffee and  a comfortable seat so we can have a great talk. Simple communication, that’s not forced in a loving and nurturing environment."    "....Communication with the Angels can be achieved by anyone at any time.  Although sometimes it takes a trained ear to actually “hear” what they are saying.  Through Angel Communication, Dr. Ginny is able to ask questions and deliver the answers that the Angels provide". People have called her a Christian Medium, Christian Psychic or Christian Clairvoyant; she simply refers to herself as a servant of God willing and able to communicate with our Angels. She is helping to guide you with the questions you need answers to, today.  Sometimes when we are lost or confused and are looking for advice we don't always know where to turn.  Dr. Ginny can help get the answers you need.  If you would like to schedule a  private reading please call (1-800-375-3446) Or visit our website at: WWW.DrGinny.com.



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    There is Light in You

    in Motivation

    Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch will discuss "There is Light in You" on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. How much different would the world be if everyone operated from the context that God is love and God lives in us and therefore we are love? Imagine for just one minute that everyone living was accessing the power of the divine. Join us as we launch our new book, "There is Light in You" and show you how you can help manifest God's love in the world. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 8/23 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/08/24/there-is-light-in-you

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    Not Quite Normal - Inntersight Freedom Foundation Autism Sunday Nights

    in Self Help

    NEW FORMAT - Not Quite Normal - Two hours of Autism talk on Innersight Freedom Foundation


    8:00pm - The ART of Autism - Keri Bowers hosts talk radio with a variety of guests and topics, all related to the autism spectrum.  Her guest this week will be LeeAndra Chergey author of Make a Wish For Me.  Tune in for the discussion!


    9:00pm - Autistic News Commentary - Jocelyn Eastman, Jessica Davis and Sharon Davis host a lively hour on news of the day, related to autism and disabilities.  You never know what they will be talking about next...or what might come out of their mouths.