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    A.J. Swoboda: Theologian

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    Theologian, pastor and author A. J. Swoboda grew up pro-choice, pluralist, tolerant, suspicious of any kind of exclusivist, conservative ideology. But then something unexpected happened that upended his world view. He says, “Church was a foreign land. For me God was nice, thoughtful, non-judgmental and progressive. God was probably a Democrat. That’s the image I had of what God was most likely like.”

    What was that surprising event and how did it change his entire life? On Monday, Maxine and Jeannie find out the answer from A.J. when they interview him about his second book A Glorious Dark: Finding Hope in the Tension between Belief and Experience. You won’t want to miss this!

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    Where is David Cobb?

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    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 116: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion reveals that Devin Smith's best comparable player is Denarious Moore, and David Cobb's best comparable player is Shonn Greene.

    Top Rookie RB List

    1. Todd Gurley

    2. Melvin Gordon

    3. Tevin Coleman

    4. Ameer Abdullah

    5. Duke Johnson

    6. TJ Yeldon

    7. Jay Ajayi

    8. Terrell Watson

    9. Karlos Williams

    10. Javorius Allen

    Top Rookie WR List

    1. Amari Cooper

    2. DeVante Parker

    3. Kevin White

    4. Breshad Perriman

    5. Dorial Green-Beckham

    6. Jaelen Strong

    7. Phillip Dorsett

    8. Nelson Agholor

    9. Tre McBride

    10. Devin Funchess 

    Why Ameer Abdullah's pro day is irrelevant. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.

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    The Passo Garage...Unfiltered

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    Get ready for the realness and intensity of The Passo Garage starring Anthony Passo and Farmer Jacob and their mission against the Yorks as they respond to San Francisco 49ers Director of Communications, Bob Lange, saying that Passo isn't a real 49ers fan, but just the flavor of the week.  Also, with particular focus on a book entitled Aren't We Sioux Enough, The Passo Garage will launch a fight defending the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux logo that was officially banned by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education EVEN though American Indian tribes wanted to keep the logo intact.  


    The core show will also premiere a special weekly Los Angeles Lakers panel that will keep you well-informed and entertained as the Lakers begin the most crucial offseason facing the Lakers newly minted ownership group of Jeannie Buss and Jim Buss.

    Finally, we will interview the President of Michigan State University Club Football, Chris Wesolowski, and speak with him about how club football began at Michigan State even though they have a major football program there and what kind of impact he feels club football could have on the West Coast.   

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    100,000-dollar bet on DeVante Parker

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    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 113: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion believes the idea that Jarvis Landry, a 5-11 wide receiver completely devoid of athleticism could be a productive outside receiver for years to come stretches to the outer bounds of plausibility. 

    If the Dolphins draft a WR, they should hedge their bets on Landry and target a prototypical flanker such as Dorial Green-Beckham or Jaelen Strong.

    It would be impossible to decide between Nelson Agholor and Tre McBride if losing the bet meant a lifetime of indentured servitude.  

    Some of the callenged faced when attempting to incorporate subjective metrics into a prosect evaluation methodology include: time contraints, stylistic bias, confirmation bias, and survivorship bias. 

    Don't worry, the NFL Draft tout machine will soon be inundating us with Rashard Higgins analysis.  

    Check out links to PlayerProfiler pages on Fantasy Sports Warehouse. 

    Introducing PlayerProfiler.com's automatic player name hyperlinker tool: http://www.playerprofiler.com/player-text-hyperlinker/

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.

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    Heroines Behind the Lines with Jocelyn Green

    in Women

    Women have put their mark on history. We should inspire our daughters to carry on that legacy. Today Maxine and Jeannie talk with Jocelyn Green about the role of brave women in Civil War times.  Spy of Richmond is the final book in the Heroines Behind the Lines series. The story tells how Sophie Kent risked everything she had to help end the war. Inspired by first-person accounts of Union loyalists and Confederates living in Richmond during the Civil War, Spy of Richmond dramatically exhibits Green’s extensively researched inside look at women’s contributions. Don't miss hearing from this award winning author. www.jocelyngreen.com









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    January Jones-Ricky's Revolution-Jeannie Kerrigan

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    January Jones -Ricky’s Revolution

    Jeannie Kerrigan is an author, healer, teacher and spiritual leader and an incredible keynote speaker for non-violence. Having taught Quantum Healing, Somatic Polarity, Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Indigenous Spirituality to students all over the world, Jeannie’s lifelong passion is to bring modern relevance to this wisdom ~ weaving the web of non-violence and empowering sacred movement in its highest vibration.

    Through her book Layla, her organization ~ Ricky’s Revolution Non-Profit, workshops, one-on-one healing sessions, radio, television and public speaking, Jeannie empowers people with the tools and wisdom they need to heal themselves and each other. Jeannie helps people discover the shift in vibration and provides the support needed in transitions and peace of mind for life.


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    The Jeannie K Show eps 105 DIY

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    Jeremy Dollar of GoodLifeVapor is my guest/cohost for the evening.

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    Jeannie McBride: Truth About Twittergate Part 2

    in Politics Conservative

    Jeannie McBride has been part of the Twittergate story and accused of everything from secretly being a Democrat to consorting with Neal Rauhauser. She answers those questions and more...

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    Keep the Romance in Your Marriage

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    Research shows that couples who spend time together are happiest. Those who sweat together, engage in church activities together, or volunteer have a higher chance of staying together long-term. But today, many couples are little more than roommates raising kids, paying bills, and occasionally coming together for sex or common activities.

    Yet According to Grace Fox, the author of the little booklet One-Minute Romance for Couples, the average couple spends no more than one minute per day together in meaningful conversation. In her new booklet, Fox provides dozens of simple anecdotes, questions and quotes designed to help couples in engage in serious conversation. She will share a few of those with you as she chats with Jeannie and Maxine on The River today.

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    PNN - Progressive Round-Table

    in Politics Progressive

    Join News Director Rick Spisak and his guests:

    Jeanne Economos -  Pesticide Safety and Environmental Health Project Coordinator for the Farmworkers Association of Florida who will discuss the upcoming Pesticide Conference in Orlando 4/17 & 18th

    Emine Dilek - Managing Editor at The Progressive Press  will discuss the recent Iranian Peace Framework 

    Luis Cuevas - Executive Director with Progressive Push

    Steve Horn -  DeSmog Blog Fellow

    Rob Abston -- Executive Director PLAN / Founder of Recall Governors Now

    Round Table - Our panelists will discuss the stories of the day.

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    The Jeannie K Show eps 104

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    advocate for your vape!

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