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    TACD'S Crossroads Radio - Isolationism

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    Welcome to TACD's Crossroads Radio!  We are not your typical conservative Christian show.  We discuss the intersection of religion and politics through a progressive Christian perspective.  Join us every Thursday at 6:30 pm pacific / 9:30 pm eastern and you may just view religion and politics in an entirely new light.
    This week we will be discussing isolationalism.  Why does the desire to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world seem to be growing?  Is it a good idea politically?  Economically?  Socially?  Spiritually?

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    Kansas Coffee Bar

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    Program Summary 27 Oct. 2014

    Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss all manner of smalltown life in Kansas in the second hour after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.)

    Description: As the Ebola fear-mongering seems to be letting up a little, one thing that hasn’t changed is media inattention to the xenopobia that has gone hand in hand with the panic, and any real exploration issues of inequality and how they play out in treatment of the deadly disease. We’ll talk to medical ethicist and award winning author Harriet Washington about Ebola.

    Also this week: Polls show pretty clearly that the public isn't enthusiastic about getting involved in more wars. To many elites, this is dangerous isolationism and a retreat from America's rightful position as a superpower. Carl Conetta of the Project on Defense Alternatives has taken a deep look at public opinion and the problem with elite rhetoric about isolationism.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.)

    Description: Canada honors soldier; PM calls for swift action on ramped up security powers; Election 2014: Wisconsin battle for Governor’s mansion
    Los Angeles seeks to renegotiate multimillion dollar fees owed to Wall Street banks; Bedouin communities face forcible removal from Jerusalem periphery
    Q&A: Mexican citizen patrols find mass graves while searching for 43 missing students; Cameroon’s education model out of step with Baka culture

    Co-hosted during the second hour with Rep. Bill Otto, formerly of the 9th district, in the Kansas legislature listen in to conversations with "Traditional Republicans" who have lived small town life in Kansas across the generations.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0002 The Independent Latino Perspective on Immigration

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    LatinoTalk Texas is about News, interviews and opinion on topic important to American Latinos.  Find us at www.latinotalktexas.com and on Facebook.  I am your host, Lauro Garza, and I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  This is our second episode and I spend some time introducting the show and myself.  I read comments from David Jennings from "Big Jolly Politics"  who is a journalist in Houston who sought to learn my positions on "illegal immigration" which, undoubtedly, most conservatives think that is the only thing we Latino think about.  I read also my comments back to Jennings include my assertions that America needs both border security but also and very importantly that America needs MORE immigration. To be successful,  We must also overcome the vocal minority of representatives who advocate the evil John Tanton Network who are anti-Latino and are population control radical environmentalists who all come from Planned Parenthood.  I assert that because these radicals have leaders at the highest levels in the Demcrat Party and, through the Tea Parties, also in the Republican Party that Latinos have NO friends anywhere and we should all be INDEPEDENT.  

    I read the headlines from my main source of news, CatholicPulse.com, the news service of the Knights of Columbus, because it is a great source of news and the news service of the Knights of Columbus of which I am a long time member.  

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    The Socialist Insight and The Dialogue

    in Current Events

    1st hr.  'The Socialist Isight w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr.  'The Dialogue'

    X On 'The Socialist Insight', Steven Katz, philosopher, joins Stewart to discuss:
    "Fabricating a Case for War". In this segment of The Socialist Insight, Steven Katz will give a glimpse of the 200 years of conflicts and wars the U.S. has been involved in. They will talk of how the United States has gone from isolationist, to interventionist, to mastering the forces of global imperialism.  Also, how fabricating a case for war with Iraq and Afghanistan has cost millions of lives, has destroyed nations and has cost trillions of dollars.
    You must tune in to this segment to understand how tens of millions of Americans are buying into a global conflict like never seen before.

    X 'The Dialogue' returns with part two of 'The Moneyless Society'----
    What it will be like, and how we will implement it -----
    Thoughts from Ken Withrow, Karen Patrick, Bret Sheppard, Kara-lynne Wilson, Copal, and Ruthann Amarteifio------
    We're putting the pieces together!!

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    Ivan Eland--American Foreign Policy Can't Find A Reason For Being 14.Apr.14

    in Finance

    Russian foreign policy always seems to be focused on a goal and centered around a strategy. American foreign policy has been chasing its tail for so long that no one can remember what it is trying to accomplish. Add to that seemingly endless pointless wars and no wonder why most of the population seems to return to isolationism.

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    Ivan Eland--Why Is US Foreign Policy So Hypocritical? 19.Mar.14

    in Finance

    The US invades countries without a thought and yet when Russia takes over the Crimea, an area vital to its interests, Obama and Kerry are all up in arms. Sound like a double standard, doesn't it? Ivan Eland explores this double standard and shows how destructive it's been to the country and its standing in the world. Perhaps isolationism isn't such a bad thing. 

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    Foreign Principles - Libertarians Unleashed V5N28

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    Foreign Principles
    Libertarians Unleashed V5N28
    <<Special Time  10:00PM Sunday  Special Time>>
    Libertarians often seem like the odd guy out when it comes to our principles on foreign policy. Simply our concepts are completely "foreign" to our fellow citizens.
    We will have several callers on this show to debate the topic.  It certainly should be fun! 
    Join us at 10pm Sunday!  NOTE: 10PM to allow my expected callers to phone in.

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    'Phony' Scandals & Real Responses

    in Politics Conservative

    As the current administration writes off its own corruption as a series of ‘phony’ scandals, the RINOs create a phony scandal that progressives are real Republicans and conservatives and libertarians are phony Republicans.  Whistleblowers are labeled traitors.  Noninterventionism is labeled isolationism.  Capitulation to ‘terrorist’ threats from the same terrorists our government is supporting is labeled sound policy.  Benghazi survivors are being disappeared to cover up a scandal that doesn’t exist?  Those who stand for the Constitution are labeled dangerous and those who ignore the Constitution are considered prudent.  When right is wrong and good is bad how do you know who the real enemy is?  What is phony and what is real?  Who is really dangerous to the interests of these United States?  At the Federal level the Republican Party is the only option to oppose the statist oligarchs, but few actually have the virtue and courage to do so.  Is the GOP infiltrated by conservatives and libertarians or is the GOP a phony party?
    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people of good conscience can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of collectivism, statism and oligarchy.  Grassroots conservatives and libertarians, whether Republicans, alternate party or independent (who agree far more than we disagree) MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government – it is up to you.  Join Tex and Rex for irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite Sunday night at 10:00 pm Please LIKE and SHARE this pic & our Show page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheTexAndRexShow

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    How the Jews Defeated Hitler by Benjamin Ginsberg

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    A short reading and interview with Benjamin Ginsberg, author of How the Jews Defeated Hitler: Exploding the Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Face of Nazism.
      "Benjamin Ginsberg’s pathbreaking study demolishes the widely held view that Jews failed to resist during the Holocaust. He conclusively demonstrates the immense Jewish contribution, on many fronts, to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Ginsberg uncovers many forms of Jewish anti-Nazi resistance largely overlooked by other scholars. His book analyzes and details European and American Jews’ prominent role in conventional and partisan military efforts, in scientific and engineering breakthroughs critical to the Allied war effort, in undermining Nazi propaganda, and in counteracting isolationism in the West. This work will transform how scholars and the public view Jews and the Holocaust." Stephen H. Norwood, University of Oklahoma; Author, The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower and Antisemitism and the American Far Left    "Fascinating... an original contribution to an important subject." Donald M. McKale, Clemson University; Author, Hitler's Shadow War and Nazis after Hitler    BENJAMIN GINSBERG is David Bernstein Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies at Johns Hopkins University. His many books include The Fall of the Faculty, Presidential Power: Unchecked and Unbalanced, and Downsizing Democracy: How America Sidelined Its Citizens and Privatized Its Public.   Contact: publicilty@bookbuzz.com More about the book      

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    RTR: Legalism

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    One of the most dangerous things in the Body of Christ is legalsim.  Legalism keeps people from enjoying their freedom in Christ, by making them adhere to rules in order to obtain, and then  maintain salvation.  Legalism teaches that if you follow certain rules, God is more pleased with you/  Legalsim goes hand in hand with self-righteousness.  Most legalistic people are self-righteous people.  Do you recognize legalism when you see it?  How do you combat legalism?  Not just in the IC, but in ourselves as well.   Legalism creates division, judgemental people, isolationism, self righteousness, and much more.   Join us this and every Sunday from 10:00am to 12pm on Real Talk Radio as we disect legalism and expose it for what it really is.   If you would like to add your voice to the conversation, or just listen by phone, call 661 449 995. Always Biblical, Always Provocative, Always Real.                        Subscribe to our Youtube page www.youtube.com/4realtalkradio                                  Like us on Facebook  www.facebook.com/4realtalkradio.churchfolk

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