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    The Iraq War: Won and Squandered

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    The United States did indeed win the war in Iraq... and then stood back to watch the victory crumble. American forces transformed Iraq from a violent and chaotic land to a stable democracy that only needed minimal America support to defend and recreate itself. But thanks to the Obama administration, this minor support was withheld. As a result, the nation saw peace give way to terror under the ISIS invasion - a disaster that would have easily been prevented by an engaged administration.

    Victory Undone: The Defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq and its Resurrection as ISIS, the new book by CarterAndress, reveals the untold story of how the Iraq War was won and subsequently thrown away. Andress is a world-renowned military contractor whose company, American-Iraqi Solutions Group (AISG), substantially contributed to the defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq


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    Back to Iraq

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    Here's what's on tap for this episode:

    If you missed Dr. Vic last week, be sure to listen to that episode on the archive: Living Large in America.
    The news story about the Union Street Guest House went viral. You can read some of the fictitious negative reviews that were deleted from Yelp here.
    Obama goes back to Iraq. Let the bombing begin.
    Why do the leaders in Congress have a below average IQ? You will have to listen to the show for the answer.
    There are many doomsday threats and scenarios. One threat that could wipe out all life as we know it has been identified by Elon Musk.

    This is our time to cover all things political and controversial. Where will this end? What do you think? Call in to express your views:

    310-807-5158  or toll free 877-878-1431.

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    The Mess That Is Iraq

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    One of the major news items of the week has been the fall of Mosul and other parts of Iraq to a group of Islamists set on creating a caliphate in the area of Iraq and Syria.  Two and a half years after leaving Iraq to their own devices, we're now seeing Iraq wasn't prepared to handle any threats or terrorism on their own.  This is not about so much pointing fingers or assigning blame, although there are certainly decisions and actions taken that brought Iraq to this point.  Mostly it's about relaying some of what is happening, with a report as well on what's happening to Christians in Mosul and the dangers they face.  Also, a little bit more on the border situation down at Texas and Arizona and some thoughts on Eric Cantor's loss.  That's today on American Faith Today at 4:30 Eastern and archived afterward.


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    New Crisis in Iraq

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    Darrell Castle talks about the new war in Iraq between the Iraqi Government and the Islamic State In Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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    Iraq, Autism, and the NFL

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    Travis Pope was unable to be on the show so The Oklahoma Tomcat hosted this show.  On today's show, The Oklahoma Tomcat predicts what President Obama is going to say in his speech.  He goes off on how the federal government has been handling Iraq and ISIS.  He then  talks about Autism and address' two news articles about autism.  He receives a call from a very special caller who gives great information about Autism and explains the different types of autism.  He then closes the show by talking about the NFL and Ray Rice and demestic abuse.

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    Was The Iraq War Worth It or Not?

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    Was the Iraq war worth It? What did we accomplish?Who benefited from the war? Why can't our soldiers get the medical care they deserve? How many families have been broken by the cost of war? Was the human sacerifce worth in terms of life times injuries and death. How many additional deaths have occurred as a result of post tramatic syndrome?  Has the state of Iraq gone back to what it was prior to war? What are the lessons learned?

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    ISIS Crisis in Iraq and Syria

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    Monday, August 25th, 2014, we will cover the ISIS caliphate targeting in Iraq and Syria.  What is the solutions to this latest Middle Eastern crisis?  We will also cover the very latest Kentucky and National  Common Core Education Standards.  We will also cover the recurring foreign policy and war between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip.  We will also cover the latest breaking news from Louisville Metro, Kentucky, Indiana, Nationally, and Internationally.

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    Iraq and a few other thoughts

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    James Yardley joins me for a look at the situation in Iraq and a few other political thoughts.     

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    FDR's Prayer & The Fall of Iraq

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    FDR's Prayer......

    The continuing Fall of Iraq........

    Hammas and the Palestinian Authority.......

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    President Obama, Iraq and "boots on the ground"

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    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian, joins me for a chat about the situation in Iraq.

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    What You Need to Know About Iraq

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    Those of us on the far side of 50 realize that life is not always as it seems. Government reports are frequently far from honest, the media distorts the truth and even our own perceptions of the world are often incorrect. So, given the history between our two countries, what do you think about the people of Iraq?

    Lorna Tychostup, former journalist and photographer, set out to find the truth for herself. She even went so far as to travel to Iraq in 2003—during the lead-up to the war. Since then, her personal quest to understand that population and how they differ from us (or are, in many ways, the same) has led to numerous return trips. Now, Lorna’s photos have been exhibited throughout the country, she’s become a sought-after speaker, earned her Masters’ Degree and became the subject of a documentary film.

    You’ll want to be sure to catch Lorna’s fascinating account of independent thinking, personal courage and the need to speak out… just the traits of a woman on the Feisty Side of Fifty! 

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