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    Augustus Invictus

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    Augustus Invictus

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    Special Guest: FL. Libertarian Senate Candidate: Augustus Invictus

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    Meet Augustus Sol Invictus.  He is the Libertarian Candidate running to fill Marco Rubio's Senate seat.  Mr. Ivictus will discuss his campaign and his "Hot Topics" about the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. 

    Call-in Lines WILL be open:  646-716-7978

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    Candidate for U.S. Senate Augustus Invictus tells his side of the story!

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    Join us for "Politics in Review" wiith Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez, who will be discussing the Democrat debate, the President's gun ban goals, and much, much MORE!!

    Special Guest Augustus Invictus, who is running for U.S. Senate from Florida, is making national news for being a target of false accusations. He will be telling HIS SIDE of the story, and

    Special Guest Ted Taupier and Dan Brewington will be on the Second Hour to discuss how the corrupt court system, unlawfully, took away their firearms, freedoms and future.


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    Scotland's New Journey and Harry's Invictus Victory | RoyaltyNow!

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    Scotland the Grave-ly serious about leaving the Union; HRH Prince Harry of Wales has organized the Invictus Games to help wounded and disabled soldiers; the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child, and I comment on the royal newbie on live television.


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    Metal Hammer of Doom: Faith No More - Sol Invictus

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    Robert Cooper and Jesse Starcher review the latest from Faith No More, Sol Invictus!  How do you like your eggs?  I think the phones ringing!

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    GLMX #149: Invictus or Invictor?

    in Christianity

    Have you ever heard this phrase: "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul"? What you may not know is that those two short sentences are the last two lines of a poem by English poet William Ernest Henley titled "Invictus", the Latin word for "invincible" or "unconquerable."

    William Henley's poem is a poem of defiance in the face of great odds. At the age of 14, he contracted tuberculosis of the bone. A few years later, the disease progressed to his foot, and physicians announced that the only way to save his life was to amputate his leg directly below the knee. He underwent the amputation when he was just 17. Shortly thereafter, he was told that his other leg would have to be amputated. However, by enlisting the help of another doctor and undergoing intense surgery, he was able to save his other leg. This event, and his determination to live, enjoy, and control his life despite his circumstances, are what led him to write this poem while he was recovering in the hospital. Despite his disability, he survived with one foot intact and led an active life until his death at the age of 53.

    Henley felt that he needed to be in control of his life, and he thought that he could control every aspect of his existence including what happened to him after he died. From his words, we see that he did not accept that there was an eternal being whom he could lean on for support in this life and for assurance of his destiny in the life to come. He wanted to be the "master" and "captain" of his entire existence.

    However, the Bible tells us in Psalm 103 that we are but "dust." It goes on to say, "As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more." 

    + Plus, listen to Bart Millard singing "Victory in Jesus"

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1211

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Ellyn Roberts Bell from Pacifica, California, and Stacey Ault Bell from Sacramento, California (not related), co-authors of "Singing with the Sirens: Overcoming the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Exploitation," available at Amazon. Poetic, hopeful, and powerful, "Singing with the Sirens" is a call for wounded women everywhere to reclaim their own truth, spirit, and to sing with their authentic voice. Both are trained as social workers and are they're partners in Bella Invictus Consulting for Personal and Social Change. Both are also survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. Numerous women in our culture have experienced shame, degradation, and despair as a result of having been sexually traumatized early in life. In "Singing with the Sirens," experts Ellyn Bell and Stacey Bell address the long term complex trauma that results from the sexual abuse and exploitation of girls and young women, drawing on their personal and professional experiences to explore the link between the sexual abuse of children, issues of attachment and safety, and the commercial exploitation of young people. But this is not strictly a scholarly book or a memoir of personal experience; rather, the authors address this problem from a perspective of self-realization and transformation, taking the reader on a journey through mythological tales toward finding healing from within. 

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    ETL interviews Lucas Overby & discuss issues with the Libertarian Party

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     Lucas Overby, Libertarian for Congress, joins us to discuss Augustus Sol Invctus, the recently publicized candidate for Senate from Florida. What can we do as a party to protect our identity if the largest part of that identity is about freedom and diversity? We can start by pointing out the non libertarian ideals a would be party crasher supports. In the case of Invictus, one must look no farther than his support for Eugenics to determine he is not a libertarian. 

    We follow that up with a review of the news. Never a dull moment these days, so pay close attention and remember to look beyond the headlines for the real news you should know. 

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    The Most Important Business Lessons I Learned from the Ugly Sisters

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    The Ugly Sisters

    So - is this what you really want? Because to succeed in it, you've got to want it all. Whatever it comes with. Not just the result. If you want Cinderella, you've got to go through the ugly sisters first. It's just the way it is.

    The Midnight Ball

    Problem is, (and this should come as news to no one) security gets comfortable. Easy to stumble into - daily routine, job, monthly pay check. Easier certainly than thinking of what an alternative could be. Especially when all is going well.

    Throughout my working life, there's been this underlying yearning, this desire, this urge if you will, to start up on my own; to be, as so eloquently put in Invictus, the master of my own destiny.

    People who are entrepreneurs, career coaches



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    Topeka's Very own Invictus joins us tonight, Discussing their soon to be released C.D.  Come Hang with us and shoot the shit!

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