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    "Theology Matters" with the Pellews: Intelligent Design with Dr. Steven Meyer

    in Christianity

    Join Devin and Melissa Pellew as we discuss issues related to Christian Apologetics, theology and biblical worldview issues. This week, we will be discussing the new book, Debating Darwin's Doubt: A Scientific Controversy That Can No Longer Be Denied, edited by David Klinghoffer. The book includes ten chapters written by Dr. Steven Meyer and contributions from biologists Richard Sternberg, Douglas Axe, and Ann Gauger; philosopher of biology Paul Nelson; mathematicians William Dembski and David Berlinski; and Center for Science and Culture research coordinator, Casey Luskin.

    During the first hour, we'll be joined by attorney Casey Luskin of The Discovery Institute in Seattle. In his role at Discovery Institute, as Research Coordinator for the Center for Science and Culture, Casey assists and defends scientists, educators, and students who seek to freely study, research, and teach about the scientific debate over Darwinian evolution and intelligent design. Casey will discuss the information he researched and shared in the book.

    During the second hour, we'll be joined by Dr. Steven Meyer. Stephen C. Meyer received his Ph.D. in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. A former geophysicist and college professor, he now directs Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture in Seattle. In addition to his book, Darwin's Doubt and his work on Debating Darwin's Doubt, that we will be discussing, he has also authored Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design. Dr. Meyer's bio includes many published editorials in national newspapers and appearances on national television and radio programs as well as many other popular scientific documentaries. Join us for this informative discussion with some of the leading Intelligent Design proponents of our day.

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    Metamorphosis - Intelligent Design vs. Evolution w/ Producer Lad Allen

    in Christianity

    Did you know that there are six types of Atheists? Which one is 'open' to the metaphysical, or intelligent design? Sharon welcomes Filmmaker Lad Allen and Illustra Media are the creative team behind a series of DVD film releases making the case for intelligent design against Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Metamorphosis unveils the natural process by which the humble caterpillar shrouds itself in a tomb-like chrysalis only to emerge mere weeks later in the totally transformed appearance of a gaily-painted winged creature, the butterfly.

    Producer/director Lad Allen intends the film to work as a kind of "prequel" to his other DVDs, which include The Privileged Planet, Darwin’s Dilemma, and Unlocking the Mystery of Life. With stunning photography and an evocative international soundtrack, the film Metamorphosis follows the migration of butterflies in a beautiful and awe-inspiring way.

    Lee Strobel, author of "Case for a Creator" describes the film as..."Incredible! Stunning! You guys have outdone yourselves this time. Using a winsome, visually powerful, and unexpected subject like butterflies to argue for an Intelligent Designer is genius..."

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    The Raelians - Intelligent Design for Atheists

    in Atheism

    Is it possible to embrace atheism and intelligent design?  One religion says it does so, with a message that it says is “out of this world.” 
    We’re talking about the Raelian Movement.
    You may have heard of the Raelians when reading about ETs.  Or perhaps heard of their beliefs about cloning.  Maybe you’ve seen their “There is no God” billboard on the way to Las Vegas.  From the biblical Elohim to the true meaning of the swastika, the Raelians have some interesting things to consider.
    Our guest is Ricky Roehr, Bishop Guide, leader for the North America Raelian Movement.
    According to the Raelian Message, “Thousands of years ago, scientists from another planet came to Earth and created all forms of life, including human beings, whom they created in their own image. References to these scientists and their work can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures."
    In the 2nd hour, Mriana Brinson will share with us her experience in meeting with Springfield restaurant owner, Andy Drennen, who visited the Skepticon conference, heard some things that were offensive to him, and placed a sign on his storefront reading, “Skepticon NOT welcome at my Christian Business.”  He later apologized.  We’ll find out firsthand from Mriana what she learned  after visiting Drennen, and the ensuing uproar in the Internet community that followed her forgiving opinion piece published at God Discussion.

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    SHARON HUGHES SHOW: Defund ObamaCare / Intelligent Design

    in Politics Conservative

    Sharon invites Sally Pipes, President and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute to talk about her book, "The Cure for Obamacare;" and then Dr. Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute joins us again to talk about his newest book, "Signature in the Cell - DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design." Both POWERFUL interviews!

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    Greetings from Exile plus intelligent design/teaching of creation

    in Performing Arts

    Yes, it's true, I am in exile.  I kept my Mormon husband, Mitt Omanjo, keeping a psychedlic artist named Henrick, part Russian and part SE European, at bay.  He loves to wear pinstriped suits from the 80's, preferably 3 piece.  I told him since he was fasionista outdated since 1982 that he needed be exiled and re-dressed with new spiritual clothing.  The dalai lama comes to visit frequently as well as Che Guevara's ghost on our island of St. Barts.  Henrik was supposed to go St. Kitts but Bell Campeau said there was a pseudo military operation there and it was off limits..  Bukowski pours the cocktails.  All the men distract me from my real vision, granted by St. Augustine and sometimes I have to push them to the shore.  My spiritual sister is Carson McCullers, my favorite writer, who is lost in a sea of hedonism.  Come join us as I remain in exile.  Jon will join us 1/2 way thru the fantasy.

    We will also talk about the revised laws of creation and evolution in certain states.

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    Prophecykeepers Radio - Dr Brooks Agnew - Intelligent Design

    in Spirituality

    Other key concepts discussed during the show:
    The Restoration of the Nazarene Sect of which Jesus was once a member - Thomas O. Mills book "The Truth" - Hopi Religion found on the Giza Plateau - Did Gameliel officially prophesy that Jesus actually was the Messiah?
    Intelligent Design of the Earth is the hottest topic being discussed today. The Ark of Millions of Years is the best-selling handbook on the creation and evolution of the Earth today. Did you know the earth is a binary planet, made of two parts? Do you know about the great ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Mu and how they were destroyed? Do you know who the Nephilim were, and how they have influenced our world? Do you want to know who the real ET is? Then you need to read this book. Are you aware of the End-Times Prophecies? Do you want to know where they came from and why they may really be important to us at this time? Do you know the origin of nearly all religious symbols on the earth today? Are you willing to read the greatest story on the universe? Then you need to read this book.

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    Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

    in Education

    Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial is an award winning NOVA documentary on the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, which concentrated on the question of whether or not intelligent design could be viewed as science and taught in school science class. It aired in on PBS in November 2007 and features interviews with the judge, witnesses, and lawyers as well as re-enacted scenes (no cameras were allowed in court).
    The documentary was praised by Nature, and described as accurate by the National Center for Science Education. Variety magazine also gave the documentary a positive review, and said it was one of the year’s most important television projects, that “should be shown not just in every U.S. high school but in houses of worship as well.”
    In contrast to the positive reception the film has been given, creationist and intelligent design supporters have criticized the documentary. The Discovery Institute produced a website critical of the broadcast. Answers in Genesis claimed the evidence for evolution presented by scientists in Judgment Day was fallacious. The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) also claimed the film was not balanced. WKNO-TV, the local PBS affiliate in Memphis decided not to air the documentary because of the “controversial nature” of the subject, but has since promised to broadcast it in 2008.
    The archives will have my thoughts on the subject.  To join you need to call in before the midnight eastern time.

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 4: Evolution & Intelligent Design

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Evolution & Intelligent Design
    Side Topics:  Is Ant-Man going to hell for sacrificing all those ants?  If you believe the planet is over populated, have you considered suicide?  Tiny insect drones, & what our Guitarist would do if he had one.  Is Project Blue Beam going to be used against Christians to mimic the 2nd coming of Jesus?  Are mountain lions going to control Las Vegas in the distant future?  Rush Limbaugh on Suicide watch after stating that Romney's failure is partly HIS fault.  Should I infiltrate the Free Masons?  Hey what's that over there?  Was Bob Ross actually God paying us a visit?
    All of this in 30 minutes!!

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    TRUTHTalk with a Rocket Scientist on Intelligent Design

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Debra Rae for this month's TRUTHTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Mike Sabourin, an Aerospace Systems Engineer at Boeing, and yes, a rocket scientist! He'a a featured speaker and guest on radio and television, and at one time, worked on a commercial satellite launching system. Mike has even built his own airplane, a winner of 7 awards for craftsmanship at fly-ins around the country. With insatiable passion for exploring the wondrous complexities of God's astonishing creation, Mike abounds with indisputable scientific evidence for intelligent design. You won't want to miss this exciting edition of TRUTHTalk. 

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    Design for Health and Wellbeing

    in Health

    Welcome our February conversation on Design for Health and Wellbeing with Amy Cueva, Co-Founder, Mad*Pow.

    How does design in technology affect how consumers, caregivers, and health advocates help us improve public health and personal health and wellbeing?  This is a key topic in healthcare today as we aim to reduce costs, increase access and improve the quality of healthcare.  You’ll want to hear just how the “softer side” of technology is heading, with emphasis on empathy and empowerment.

    If your personal or professional mission includes transforming the healthcare system through improved engagement, empowerment, empathy and efficiency, I invite you to join me with Amy Cueva, Founder, Chief Experience Officer. 

    Just listen here on February 11th and also find out about a great conference in Boston, April 5-6th called HxRefractored, sponsored by Mad*Pow and Health 2.0.

    Join the movement for better health and wellbeing with innovations from design technology.

    That’s  Feb 11th at 1:30 pm or listen/download with this link!

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    Intelligent Design on Trial

    in Education

    In 2004, the Dover school board ordered science teachers to read a statement to high school biology students suggesting that there is an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution called intelligent design–the idea that life is too complex to have evolved naturally and therefore must have been designed by an intelligent agent. The teachers refused to comply. Later, parents opposed to intelligent design filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the school board of violating the constitutional separation of church and state.