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    Ausarian Initiation

    in Spirituality

    The Ausarian Initiation system was Kamit’s main spiritual system.  It was fundamentally based on the knowledge that man is a divine being who begins life in the human stage.  Given that the human nature is dominated by emotionalism, sensuality, and the lower mind the human nature is the source of all of mankind’s problems.  “I’m only human” is the universal excuse for wrong doings by the average person, and the most exalted religious leader, and all.  Written in 600 BC, the Old Testament Bible records that “man is made in the likeness and image of God,” repeating in its own way, the Ancient Egyptian teaching of the same.  Ausar represents man’s divine nature, and the Ausarian Initiation is the systematic approach to transcending and realizing man’s divinity.

    Divine Law and the Initiation Program

    Chemists and Physicists are able to accurately manipulate atoms and the forces of nature because they have knowledge of the laws that govern the behavior of atoms and forces.  Over six thousand years ago, Kamitic sages discovered the laws that govern man’s spirit and therefore her/his behavior and life events.  These laws govern the behavior of the 11 faculties of the spirit and are subsumed in the concpt of Maat.  The 11 faculties of the spirit are the Paut Neteru that have been popularized by the Kabala as the Tree of Life. In the Ausarian initiation the initiate places these laws, Maat, into the mind to guide the life force to manifest proper thinking and emotional conduct to thus achieve well being and success in all endeavors.  Success in all things depends on the perfect harmony between all faculties of the spirit, and union with God which is guaranteed by living in harmony with Maat, the 11 Laws of the spirit. the course includes instruction in meditation, use of mantras, Kundalini Yoga and Egyptian Spirituality.


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    The Eleusinian Mysteries- Greek Mythology Initiation Rituals

    in Education

    Tonight on Down the Rabbit Hole- Could the Eleusinian Mysteries and their initiation rituals be the missing link in setting humanity free from the ego and ultimately self destruction? Tonight on Down the Rabbit Hole we will be discussing in detail the significance of Greek Mythology and how it relates to us now living in today's society and systems. This episode is especially for you if you are seeking freedom from the constraints of fear, self sabotage, and doubt. Perfect for Those open to allow transformation within themselves to reach their highest potential and live a self actualized life beyond their wildest dreams! Tune in tonight as we take you Down The Rabbit Hole 

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    Michael Trotta on the Power of Story & Importance of Initiation

    in Health

    Please join Health Educator & Life Coach, Erica Haray-Butcher, as she chats with the Sagefire Institute's Michael Trotta.  Michael is coming back on CGH Radio to discuss the power of story and the importance of initiation.

    Michael is a certified teacher, master coach, and natural learning specialist.  He offers nature-based coaching and leadership development, and together with his wife, Lynn, leads the Sagefire Institute.  

    To learn more about Erica and Catch Good Health, please visitwww.CatchGoodHealth.com.  To learn more about Michael and the Sagefire Institute, please go to www.sagefireinstitute.com.

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    Consciousness & Initiation into Cosmic Realms/Family

    in Spirituality

    I love this topic and it is always a lively conversation.  I will dive into the dialect and offering of how to expand consciousness and what it will mean as a primary element to our initiation into the higher realms and the uniting with our cosmic family.  We will touch on spiritual discernment, beliefs, symbolism, light, surrender, and how the Higher Self, & Creation support us in every step of the process as it unfolds.

    Learn to trust who you are and what your potential and gifts are....this is your potential and your birthright.  Get connected and stay in tune!  

    Joanna L . RossPerez



    Ambassador for New Earth, Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Public Speaker



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    The Sacred Twin Flame Initiation (646)716-9752

    in Spirituality

    Twin Flames Are Sacred Keys, Learn All The Signs And Phases of Initiation. Call In To Listen To Spica the Mother Star Expound On The Topic Many Are Living And Want To Know More About. Co-Hosting With Spica Is Noble Sifu Jackson Bey. Tune In Friday At 9:00 Pm EST.

    Disclaimer: This Show Is For Entertainment & Educational Purposes Only Reserving All Rights.

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    Ausarian Initiation

    in Lifestyle

    Jawanza4Life!! - Introduces Shekhem Maeb Neter

    Our special guest is Shekhem Maeb Neter.  A Kemetic Priest, Lecturer, Teacher, and Counselor.

    Tune in TODAY, from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. est

    Topic - Ausarian Initiation


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    “Ancient Afrakan spiritual women adorned themselves by covering with a lotus blossom what we call the third eye, between the eyebrows, but it is actually the first eye. The lotus represents spiritual illumination and beauty. Placing the lotus over the brow means one has a perfected state of consciousness, an illuminated mind that is a garden of peace.
    Out of the mud comes forth the Sacred Lotus, Nefer Atum, symbol of beauty, grace, purity, and perfection. Her wisdom tells us that what appear to be life’s challenges, struggles, ups and downs, confusion, pain, and sadness are actually opportunities for us to move up out of the mud. As we move through these tests, challenges, and struggles, we bring forth our inner lotus, the reflection of our inner beauty.”


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    The Soul's Initiation

    in Self Help

    We often find ourselves in very challenging times and wonder how we got here.  What if it was your higher self that orchestrated the current circumstances of your life?  What if that narcissistic jerk or sociopathic predator showed you his/her true colors so that you could see the truth and move beyond the lie?  What if instead of life punishing you by giving you this awareness, it was protecting you and helping you to unveil more truth in your life? 
    In this episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about the Souls Initiation or the human challenges we must often undergo in order to become more fully connected to our true selves.  The concepts discussed in this episode can help you to see your life from a higher perspective, release your victimization story and see yourself as being supported and empowered rather than victimized and torn down.

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    Curious Times - Spiritual Intuit, Barbara DeLong

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.

    Barbara DeLong is a Spiritual Intuit, and hosts the Blogtalk Radio show Night Light.

    She created her own oracle card deck called The Cosmic Deck of Initiation, and Authored the book “Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom”,  both of which are available on Amazon.

    She has had some amazing experiences and provides seekers with excellent readings.

    If you are calling for a reading from Barbara, please be aware of the following:

    You may only receive one reading per month with Barbara regardless of whether it is at her show or any other BTR show
    Barbara does not answer specific questions, but rather, she simply connects and then provides all information she receives for you; these readings are generally around 10 minutes

    Check out Barbara’s website and her show, as well as a documentary called Secrets of the stones by clicking these links:




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    Expanding Consciousness & Initiation Part I

    in Spirituality

    I love this topic and it is always a lively conversation.  I will dive into the dialect and offering of how we understand energy, Universal entanglement, how each of us is profoundly able to link in and what the practical tasks are each day to align with a higher vibration and experience the life you have always desired.  There is so much more to this reality than we have ever been taught and now we are aligning with our true infinite potential. 

    Better understand Universal energy and what your potential and gifts are....this is your potential and your birthright.  Get connected and stay in tune!  

    Joanna L . RossPerez


    Intuitive Visionary & Esoteric Teacher



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    Step Three of The Model of Heart-Centered Grief: Initiation

    in Psychology

    Did you know that profound pain, loss, and grief is both a natural part of what it means to be human and can be that which leads us to personal transformation? Come with us as we begin to walk down the Hero's Journey Through Grief...this path will transform us if we let it. 

    Today's epidose focuses on step three of The Model of Heart-Centered Model of Grief, which is initiation. This step shows you how grief is a most important experience of sacred initiation. It initiates you into your calling, your purpose in life.

    Hope is Now.

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