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    future star wars/indiana jones movies

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    ok i am iffy about disney taking over the films of star wars and indiana jones. i grew up with these movie i told myself i wanted to be a real life indiana jones. but now that disney bought the rights and films from mr lucas i am wondering why he did that. i know he said after the other star wars movies he was done. i can't blame him he wanted to move on and do other things. and when harrison ford came back in the fourth indiana jones movie. kingdom of the cystral skull it wasn't a indiana jones movie. but now they found someone to make 7'8'9 of star wars movie. j.j  arbhams the same film maker who doing the new star trek movies. i am wondering on how u going do his take on it. plus who from the old cast is coming back. so far it been talk that mark,harrison,billy dee williams are coming back but no word on carrie fisher. now sam jacksons want come back as his jedi master he play mace windu. to me leave it alone we got the books out there and how much more can u do with the star wars movies. now what does the future hold for indiana jones. is harrison ford coming back or they want do three prequels. if they go that route i say bring in brenden fraser as young indiana jones and for markus have eddie izzard the guy who set up the digs and jones finding stuff. and have the third movie end where ark is begging. but i am iffy on what going on with disney star wars and indiana jones movies they want to do. but like i say i give it a chance. if they play there cards right it might be good if they rush it then i am not going.

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    SFP-NOW Indiana Jones Special

    in Entertainment

    SFP-NOW brings you all the latest in news, reviews and interviews in the world of comics, science fiction and film. So join us every Monday at 3:30pm PST, 6:30pm EST and 11:30pm UK time as we explore the hidden frontiers.
    SFP-NOW host Ian M. Cullen is joined by his friend and fellow writer on scifipulse.net Patrick Hayes.
    Over the course of an hour Patrick and Ian discuss the good and bad of Indiana Jones and explore the cultural impact that the character has had on popular culture.
    No stone is left unturned as we discuss all 4 movies. The TV series, the comics and the video games.
    (Unfortunately due to my internet connection failing. I was not able to run the show beyond the Indiana Jones topic. Sorry for the inconveniance.)

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    The Indiana Jones Ride

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    This episode the geeks about the Indiana Jones Ride and how it is actually related to Disneyland Paris which celebrated it's 15 year anniversary on Apri 12th.  Special guest star Robert's mom is back, filling in for Glen while he is away. 

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    Why we do love Indiana Jones?

    in Entertainment

    We are talking about the Indiana Jones movies now and whether they should make a 5th one or not.  Also we will give you a review of the Blue Ray Editions. 

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    That's What He Said S04E42-Snowcation

    in Comedy

    Thanks to a certain game played last night, we're brining you a special Monday edition of That's What He Said! We'll take a look at the craziness that was the Superbowl as well as some of the ads shown during the broadcast. Lou and Freddy also have some news on a new Indiana Jones franchise, the Fantastic Four, Ghostbusters, Mortal Kombat X and much, much more! Give us a call during the live show at 323-693-3811 to join in the fun!

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    Remakes, Prequels, Reboots, Adaptions, Ripoffs, & Rants, F**k You Hollywood!!!!

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    Night of the Living Dead Origin Movie?!!! WTF!!!???

    Chris Pratt new Indiana Jones?!!!

    The Last of Us movie?!!!

    Trailer for New Fantastic Four (X-men First Class Ripoff)!!!

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rant

    War Movies Rant

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    Jay Weidner: Wisdom For Achieving Alchemy And Higher Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    On the February 24, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Jay Weidner who as been called an “authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions,” and is a renowned filmmaker, author and scholar. Considered to be a ‘modern-day Indiana Jones’ for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind’s spiritual destiny via ancient societies and artifacts, his body of work offers great insight into the circumstances that have led to the current global crisis. He is the director of the critically acclaimed feature documentary, Infinity: The Ultimate Trip, Journey Beyond Death, writer/director of the documentary series on the work of Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick’s Odyssey and Beyond the Infinite, producer of the documentary films, 2012 The Odyssey, and its sequel Timewave 2013.

    Jay was featured on the History Channel and He is the co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Timepublished by Destiny Books and co-author of A Monument to the End of Time.

    Jay's site: http://www.jayweidner.com

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    January Jones meet Chipper The Skipper

    in Health

    Meet Chip Lutz &Maia Aziz AATH

    LCDR Chip Lutz, USN(Ret), MSEd, CLL, is the President and and founder of Unconventional Leader, LLC and has 27 years leadership experience. A retired Navy Officer, he has had two command tours, served as he Director of Security for Naval District Washington, DC during September 11th 2001 where he was responsible for the safety and security of 25,000 people on 9 different Naval Installations in the National Capital Region during one of our Nations most trying times.

    “If you want others to follow…GO FIRST!”  -Chip Lutz

    Maia Aziz P.S.W., C.L.Y.L    

    Over the last two decades, Maia Aziz has worked as a social worker and administrator in a variety of health and social service establishments.  A current pediatric Program Manager at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre in Montreal, Maia, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and member of the Board of Directors of the AATH (Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor), writes and speaks about how to cope with the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions and daily challenges of being a caregiver, how to collaborate effectively with healthcare professionals and how to never lose sight of what really matters.   Maia founded the blog With Love and Laughter to share her everyday wisdoms to joyful gigglers everywhere.  Read more at www.withloveandlaughter.ca




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    Encouragement Group--Indiana Jones & Recovery

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group, David Gerber takes a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and makes a powerful and encouraging link to recovery. In this scene Indiana Jones shows patience and "chooses wisely" and drinks from the cup of Jesus to provide eternal life to his father. The link to recovery? The power of choice, demonstrating patience and not choosing what looks better than it really is- all virtues in recovery. As always, miracles will be shared.

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    TSL Podcast: 2015 NFL Draft Prospect WR Josh Jones from Missouri Southern State

    in Football

    On today's special edition of the Total Sports Live podcast, Jovan Alford will be joined by 2015 NFL Draft prospect wide receiver Josh Jones from Missouri Southern State University. On today's podcast, Jovan will be talking to Josh about his career at MSSU, what led him to there and his preparations leading up to the draft. You can follow Jovan on Twitter (@Jovan10), Josh on Twitter (@The_PlayMaker89) and make sure to check out totalsportslive.com and follow on Twitter (@TotalSportsLive)

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    Food For Medicine w/Dr. Afivi Adiro & Kenya Jones

    in Nutrition

    Please Join "host/ " Dr. Afivi Adiro& Kenya Jones" on ?#‎DynastyNetwork?Live Today 2/20
    7/15 @ 2PM PST, 3PM MST, 4PM CST & 5PM EST...
    As we discuss: "Foods For Healthy Children"...
    Food For Medicine, where we teach you to eat to live, not live to eat.. ~ Call in: 646-716-7572 Press # 1

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