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    Increase In The Word - The Power Of Healing & Hope

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    This week as Evangelist Gilmore comes out of her teaching surroundingThe Feast,  she transitions into a teaching of love, praise and thanksgiving for what God has and continues to do in her life.  While we know it is God's will to bless his children, you do not want to miss this program as she shares with passion and power what God has specifically stored up for you through healing and hope. 
    Increase In The Word, a program where you will receive the truth that will change your life as you increase in the word.  Thursday mornings @ 9:00am on Blog Talk Radio.

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    How to Increase Self-Esteem for Better Decisions in Health & Relationships

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    Today we’re going to connect the dots between self-esteem and how that plays out in the choices you make. Higher self-esteem leads to better decision making and more power in attracting the right partner for you. Low self-esteem leads to dysfunctional relationships that often end in heart-break.  We are going to give you some ideas for how to improve this area of your life in order to make decisions that support the happy, healthy person you truly want to be.

    Alison Kero will be joining me in the second half of the show to talk about how to use your organizing skills for better decision-making. Alison is a decluttering and organizational expert who has some really good tips to help you organize your life. You can reach Alison at akero314@gmail.com and visit her website and blog for more tips at ackorganizing.com.

    Be sure to send me your comments and any questions you have. Send to nancy@nancyatnoon.com and please visit my website at nancyatnoon.com for blog articles, tips and personal and private email consultation services. If you feel stuck in the areas of love, life or relationships, let's start a conversation to get you unstuck.

    Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath coach.

    If you want help to get over a break-up or a broken heart, I provide step-by-step guidance via personal Email Conversations Services. Get the details here.  If you want to build up your self-esteem in order to make better decisions, I offer a free E-Book, 24 Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Self-Esteem. You can find the download on the bottom of the front page on my website.

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    Decrease Stress and Increase Productivity

    in Self Help

    Amy Englemark is the author of the upcoming book "From Burnt Out To BLISS: The 30 Day Challenge For Busy High-Achievers"
    She is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Stress Management Consultant and creator of the Breakthrough To Your Fun And Fabulous Life Program.
    She specializes in helping high achieving women avoid burn out, increase productivity and time for fun. She does this by teaching transformational tools and strategies to decrease stress and increase free time.

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    How to Increase Your Energy & Decrease Fatigue Using Color

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    Toni is a healthy woman in her 40’s who is constantly exhausted.  She wants to know how to have more energy so she can do the fun things in life that she doesn’t do anymore because of always being tired. Exhaustion is rapidly becoming a growing complaint among women of all ages. Today’s women work longer hours for less pay and still do most of the housework. Understanding how to use color can dramatically increase your energy levels giving you more time for fun.


    In this episode I explain the body’s energy system, called chakras, and how you can use colors to bring your energy system back into balance. When your system is back in balance, you have more energy, higher self-esteem and a positive attitude, and overall better health and emotional/mental outlook on life. I provide several simple and affordable tips on how to use color in your life to raise your self-confidence, alleviate depression and increase your energy levels.

    Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath coach.


    If you like jewelry, visit Crooked Castle Jewels created by Hayley Murdoch-Fyke and Nancy.

  • Tips, Techniques and Fundamentals You Could Use To Increase Your Music Exposure!

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    Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est Call: 213.559.2995 Tonight's Topic: Tips, Techniques and Fundamentals You Could Use To Increase Your Music Exposure!

    The Internet lends us no excuse not to promote and marketing our music today. Rather you are the biggest or the smallest band the opportunity to be creative in your marketing is extraordinary. Tonight we will discuss tips technique basic fundamental you can use to up your game in your marketing.

    Feel free to call in and voice your thoughts.

    Show link: UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com

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    Children of Increase

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    God has increase on his mind for us and our children.  That is why the scriptures deliberately mentions ME and MY CHILDREN.

    As we watch our children grow, they are increasing in stature in height, in weight and in thier abilities every single day - we must also boldly expect increase in thier spirituality, in thier wisdom and in thier accomplishments.



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    How to increase survival and/or prevent prostate and breast cancer.

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. Christine Horner will discuss how to increase survival and/or prevent prostate and breast cancer.

    Christine Horner, MD, is a nationally recognized surgeon, author, professional speaker and a relentless champion for women's health. She is board certified in both general and plastic surgery. Dr. Horner was recognized as a leader in her field shortly after starting her plastic and reconstructive surgery practice because she successfully ran a national campaign to pass laws requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

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    Positive Impact Radio Dale Richards How to increase the value of your business.

    in Entrepreneur

    2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern: "Positive Impact Radio," host Carol Wachniak

    Join Carol every week, to talk to people who are making a Positive Impact in the world!


    Dale Richards is a seasoned experienced business executive and advisor that helps create successful business and leadership transformations with Owners Officers Boards of Directors of all sized businesses.

    Professional Background: – 24 years as management consultant to 150+ business and universities technology company clients.

    Certified Valuation Expert. Vistage National Speaker: Valuation Principles: How to Increase the Value of Your Business & How to Optimize your Business Operations & Profits. PrivateVenture investormentor. Commercialized 50+ professor ideas to prototype to market introduction and licensestart-up. Founder of 20 technology companies – guided several to successful exit.

    Past President and Chairman of Aerospace (7 years). Chief Operating Officer of Utah Biotechnology Company (5 years). Chief Marketing Officer, Utah Food Manufacturer (4 years). Past Marketing and Product Development Director, Utah Power and Light, Co. (10 years) – Board Member of 8 companies.

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    Trucking Open Forum: “Does increase trucker productivity LOWER Wages

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    Saturday 4-2-16   Trucking Open Forum: Feature Topic “Does increase trucker productivity LOWER Wages?”

    Ongoing Truck Driver Issues continue as well as the discussions and ideas for solutions.  As Drivers wait for the FMCSA ELD Final Rule to kick in 12-2017, many are concerned that their wages will be reduced. Theoretically, if you legally log your paper logs anyway, they should not, but why do some feel they will?

    Recently OOIDA has filed their argument challenging the FMCSA’s ELD mandate stating that requiring electronic monitoring devices on commercial vehicles does not advance safety, is arbitrary and capricious and violates Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.
    But is there a way that ELD’s could be used to increase wages?
    What about hours of service (HOS)?  How are you logging your hours?  How many hours to you log off duty?  Are you really off duty?

    Veteran truckers Jerry Fritts and Pat Hockaday of Truckers United join us to share their twist on these topics.  These are a few of the topics, but as part of the open forum format, callers are welcome to call in as discussions are open to “anything trucking”

    TO be a part of the show call 347-826-9170 and then click “1” on your keypad.

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    Show #150: Engaging your Team to Increase Performance

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    Special Guest: Michelle Parry-Slater, Learning & Development Director at Kairos Learning

    Michelle spends her days incredibly excited about the possibilities available to everyone involved in workplace learning. Harnessing this energy, she heads up Kairos Modern Learning a specialist consultancy aimed at moving organisations away from old style ‘Injection Education’ traditional courses to embrace the best of digital, social and face to face.

    Focusing on practical solutions, using a variety of media channels and Kairos Modern Learning’s 3Rs approach, Michelle supports engagement and creativity in effective, efficient, and enjoyable everyday workplace learning. Alongside collaborations with universities, professionals and corporates such as the CIPD, BBC, and Tunstall Healthcare, Michelle also Tweets often, including a year-long campaign in 2015 tweeting daily at #NoPlasters with practical tips on how to make workplace learning better. That campaign is now being turned into an ebook.

    Engaging your team to increase performance: Michelle explores the suggestion that it is the shape of corporate life today that needs changing in order to get the best performance from teams. This starts with really knowing your team, with reviewing the basics of environment, permission and culture in your context, then embedding learning as everyday within your organisation. With a few twists in her view point, Michelle offers practical solutions to increase engagement through increased performance.

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    29 Credibility Factors Guaranteed To Increase Your Conversions

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode, I walk you through 29 different credibility factors you can use throughout your entire marketing funnel to increase your conversions on each step of your funnel. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write them all down! Make sure to SHARE this podcast/episode with your friends, then leave us […]

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