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    28 Ways Court Mandated Treatment Places You at the Mercy of the Court

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    Featuring Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court with Guest – Dr. Monty Weinstein, Psy D.

    Dr. Monty Weinstein is an esteemed psychotherapist, family therapist, author, and expert witness in the area of high conflict custody litigation.

    Today’s discussion will focus on the client’s need to understand the obligations and ethical standards that apply with regard to court appointed treatment and court appointed professionals.

    The litigant has rights to assertion of protections and interventions to respond to areas of violation and intrusion by the court.

    We will explore how Court Appointed Experts – (GAL, Psychologists, Parenting Coordinators), conflict with the role of Mandated Reporters and place both parties at “The Mercy of the Court”.  Topics of Focus:

    Mandated “Treatment” raises issues of Compromised Confidentiality|Freedom of Choice|Multiple Constitutional and Federal Civil Rights Infringements|

    Outright Violations related to:

    Freedom of Speech and Choice

    Admission of statements against personal interest

    We look forward to having Dr. Weinstein as a frequent guest on Progress in the World.

    Visit http://www.fcvfc.org Call 866-553-6931 Dr. Soderman

    Dr. Monty 917-589-8008 http://www.familyunity.com

    Contact Executive Producer Walter Davis at 760-917-1251 or Walter@CitizensDemandingJustice.org http://www.CitizensDemandingJustice.org  to get your story told.

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    Monitoring Progress

    in Business

    We are at the halfway mark of the first-quarter and it is time to take stock. This episode will focus on monitoring the progress we have made during these first 6 weeks. Here are the 5 steps towards monitoring progress:

    Create your plan
    Baseline your plan
    Enter project information
    Compare results
    Report results

    Apply these five steps towards each personal and professional goal. If you are behind schedule on your personal and professional goals, this is now the time to adjust and still complete them by the end of the year. 


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    Murder and Mayhem in the Family Court - The Harris Children

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    Progress in the World Blog Talk Radio Show - Citizens Demanding Justice series –

    Sun. Jan. 3, 2016 - 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM EST   Imagine, you are a doctor and you have a practice that is thriving. Your daughter, who has a drug problem gets involved with a man who is repeated arrested for using drugs and becomes impregnated several times by him. You learn that the babies are affected by the crack that they are using. You have to close your practice and move to another state to care for your grandkids. The parents are in and out of jail and have no interest in being parents. You solicit the help of family members in different states. The oldest child begins to develop violent behaviors and you have to move frequently to support him and assuage family relationships.

    One day, you call the crisis team as his behavior is out of control as a teen. The police pick up the call on their radios and arrive BEFORE THE CRISIS TEAM..and kill the child.

    Fast forward. The addicted/convicted father decides he wants the kids because of the hefty check that they get for being special needs kids (as a result of his drug use) and petitions the court for custody, even though he has not been in their lives since they were small infants. A corrupt judge gives the kids to him and cites blame on you for the death of the teen killed by the police.

    These are the cases that are supported by the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court. Founder Jill Jones Soderman uses her expertise to assuage the suffering of children and parents worldwide. Contact her at http://www.fcvfc.org Email Walter@WalterDavisGlobalBroadcasting.com to be on our shows.

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    Abuse in Prisons as Bad as You Think it is - Mental Health Professional Confirms

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    When person is arrested and put into prison, should all of their rights be terminated? What of people who are innocent until proven guilty?

    Walter Patrick Martin reveals to us that abuses of prisoners is bad and routine. He worked in the prison system and his first hand account should serve as a wake up call to us all and motivate us to say, WE ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW THIS.

    We are honored to have Mr. Martin who is an author of the book Heart and Soul Toward Intimacy Couples Guide sold on FamilyCounselingSanDiego.com and Amazon or Barns and Nobel Book Stores. He is the owner of Family Counseling San Diego and he has extensive training in advanced methods of treating PTS, depression and other conditions.

    In addition to the information on prison abuse, we will be discussing advanced treatment concepts including:

     How patients feeling better within days not months nor years utilizing unique treatment protocols
     How people suffering from PTSD being helped with EMDR and CES
     How autistic children and adults being helped with Neuro-feedback and CES in San Diego
     What it like working within the county jail with inmates
     What kind of results have been revealed when treating panic and anxiety disorders without medications
     What has it been like working with couples
     What is the benefit the new parenting / co-parenting program

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    Joseph Atwill: How Families of Color are Targeted for Destruction

    in History

    Famed author, movie producer and activist Joseph Atwill will discuss how families of color are targeted by very smart programs geared to destroy them. The fathers are removed and then the slow destruction of the family follows. Incarceration, drug wars, great society programs, family court, CPS, weapons, alcohol, deadly police interactions and religion are skillfully instituted and effectively destroy black families and other families of color. Now, this cancer is spreading to others as well. 85% of black women are single. Most people that I meet are divorced. Is this an intentional situation? Could religious and legal institutions be the vanguard of a well planned program to destroy black families? We will explore this and more during this interview.

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    Hiding in Plain Sight: Foster Care Fraud in Arizona

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    Walter Davis – Executive Producer – Jill Jones-Soderman – Co-Host Feature Richard Manuel – Prospective Adoptive Parent – Investigator - Activist

    This show will focus on Government Sponsored/Supported Adoption/Foster Care Fraud. 

    The story of one Man’s Crusade as he witnessed massive crimes against children upfront and personal Bears Witness and Gives Testimony. 

    Rick’s Story Includes: 

    The Lure of Creating a Happy Family through Adoption -  

    The Personal Dream Betrayal of the Dream for Prospective Parent and Children on Display- Children are Window Dressing pictured to create the stock pile of child merchandise in a catalogue. 

    The Assembly Line Business of Foster Care/ Adoption Fraud Spelled Out. Factory Farming Children in the Industrial Age –

    As the age of humane treatment of farm animals approaches, the humane treatment of children remains a myth as the reporting of child sexual abuse is greeted with accusations of “coaching, brain washing, parental alienation”.

    Children are transferred into the hands of abusers as police, criminal justice authorities, therapists, forensic experts advise to allow evidence to “ripen” as child victims suffer irreparable harm from inescapable horrendous embedded memories. 

    Blanket, hollow accusations of “retaliation” for___ are flung in the face of those who come forward to report. Those who disclose horrific crimes often face severe consequences for disclosure and even more severe consequences for perseverance in insisting upon investigation of allegations.

    Part 2 will focus on: Adoption and Foster Care Fraud in Arizona, The Story of St. Nicholas of Mira and the Catholic Church

    Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman 866-553-6931 Info@fcvfc.org Walter Davis 760-917-1251 


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    9 Things You Better Know When Facing Corrupt Family Court and CPS Officials

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    Can your kids be taken away without founded charges and give to abusers? Can investigators find that you are not guilty of a charge and the court still take away your kids? How do you get an attorney that you can hold accountable? Are advocates and expert witnesses better than having an attorney? What is the importance of getting your tapes at the end of a court hearing? We will be exploring this and more with two mothers who have been nearly destroyed by family court systems in Louisiana. Visit http://www.demandingjustice.org for more information. Consider being on this show and becoming part of the Citizens' Internet TV and Radio Network (CITN). Contact me at walter@citizensdemandingjustice.org

    Have your children been taken away and given to an abuser? Contact the Foundation for Child Victirms of the Family Court http://www.FCVFC.org

    Join us in our organzed fight against Judicial Sefl Policing http://www.thethirddegree.net

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    5 Ways Judges Become Outlaws and Courts Become the Wild, Wild West

    in Politics Progressive

    Walter Davis, Executive Producer and Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court will interview Evan Bunch – Black Lives Matter Activist and Dr. Anita Harris – Doctor of Divinity and Christian Counseling.

     Examination of custody rulings in the Tn. Family Court have revealed evidence of a pattern of custody transfers that are discriminatory, and unfair. These rulings have reached the point of being murderous and genocidal to African American families. These actions are seeking to dismantle ties of affection and BEST INTEREST to promote care and protection of children. Judge Christy Little’s court exercises discretion in a manner that creates a dangerous and unstable social environment where outcomes are so unpredictable as to be a source of fear and terror. The predilection to transfer children into the hands of those with criminal backgrounds and those with perverse predatory penchants is clear from litigants whom have come forward having lost children at the hands of this corrupt judge. Our petition to federal Court under Civil rights Removal of State action to Federal Court is predicated upon the assertion that Black Lives Matter and the integrity of the protective parent/protective family structure must be afforded EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

    Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman 866-553-6931 info@fcvfc.org, http://www.fcvfc.org

    Walter Davis 760-917-1251

    Walter@CitizensDemandingJustice.org http://www.citizensdemandingjustice.org                    

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    Left Agenda & Progress Toward Democracy

    in Current Events

    1st hr.   'Keft Agenda w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr.  'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann Amarteifio'

    Gwendolyn Holden Barry, www.daughtersofisis.com and 'Here-Be-Monsters' on Blog Talk Radio, joins Stewart to discuss:
    "A Half Century Later, the Baby Boomers Have Been Forgotten in 2016".
    There are 74 million baby boomers nearing, or in retirement.  In the US capitalist economy, will this be the forgotten generation?
    We will also talk about the future of social security----Will it be there when you need it?

    On PTD, we talk w/ progressive candidate Dr. Alina Valdes, physician, educator, and Democratic activist, who will be challenging the Tea Party hack, Mario Diaz-Balart (R) of Congressional District 25 in Florida.
    Among her many activities, Dr. Valdes has worked tirelessly providing medical care for the homeless.  These are mostly uninsured patients in Broward and Miami-Dade.  She works at the Miami Rescue Mission Clinic.
    Dr. Valdes is also a member of many Democratic political clubs and organizations.  Her activities include serving as a  co-lead for the NO KXL CREDO Pledge of Resistance Broward Action and as a Congresstional District Coordinator for the National Committee to Preserve and Protect Social Security and Medicare.

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    25 Things You Need to Know About Foster Care Fraud in Arizona

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    In 2015 - 17,000 were living in foster care in Arizona according to government records, - a state of relatively low population density.

    In 2016 - 20, 000 children are living in foster care in Az.

    The state is recruiting foster families from "faith communities"

    The process of culling children into Foster care begins with a complaint - is followed by an "investigation" based on probable cause gleaned from "Evidence"

    Medical - "Probable Cause " The Use of Toxic Diagnoses -Munchausen by Proxy, Factitious Disorders

    Hospital Evaluations and Removals at Birth

    Medical Providers Removal - Hospital Screenings

    The legal process plotted out by "CPS" - the agency - legally represented by the Attorney General's Office - essentially without representation of the child or the parents

    The population of  families whose children are "legally kidnapped" represent a population disenfranchised from access to the family court because of financial challenge -  the market value of representing families of children who by fiat must appear in Family court are not of interest to lawyers graduating from law school because of their lack of presenting an attractive equity position 

    The Foster Care Industry -Removal

    The Non Profit Agency with its multiple interstate affiliates 

    "The Seat of Service Delivery" -

    Factory Farming of Children by Assembly Line Service Delivery

    Foster Home Assignment - Supervision 

    Legal, Medical, Dental, Psychiatric, Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology

    Termination of Parental Rights - Moving onto - Foster Care/Adoption -  RICHARD MANUEL/STEVEN ISHAM

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    10 Things You Need to Know About Fraud and Child Kidnapping by Agencies

    in Current Events

    Jill Jones-Soderman with Walter Davis interview Richard Manuel. Richard Manuel's Story Begins - "Four years ago when I was a volunteer Mentor here in Arizona"........Richard came into contact the child who would never become his adopted son, but he did meet the child who would change his life and point to a level of "Child Protective Services" corruption in the area of "cash for kids" that is historic.Photo albums displayed children of all ages who were displayed for adoption - though it was doubtful that any of them went anywhere. Richard Manuel stated "I soon discovered that the agency, which was supposed to find adoptive parents for children "severed" from their parents, was actually only interested in using them as foster care children in order to maintain the cash flow from the state".....and Federal government. Richard will discuss: 

    Who is Richard Manuel, his personal story

    Advertising children to maintain foster care status

    The agency

    Anthony - the child 

    the FRAUD ........ The story of the Non Profit Agency - St. Nicholas of Myra - The Adoption that No One is Interested in Investigating 

    Children Kidnapped by the Courts