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    Improvisation and Career Navigation with Rex Knowles and Sherry Landrum

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    Rex and Sherry in the national touring company of Godspell

    How do they know this? They teach the skills of improvisation. To improvise is to produce or make something from whatever is available. It is the art of experiencing, reacting and creating, in the moment, and in response to the stimulus of your environment and your own inner feelings.

    Actors use improvisation skills to make a character come alive.  Educators use improvisation to engage their students in active learning. Professionals use improvisation to think on their feet, make connections with others, and build shared ideas.

    Rex and Sherry are partners in marriage and work.  They are making a living as actors and artists;. They are crafting and navigating successful and innovative  career paths that include performing, writing, directing and teaching.

    Rex Knowles and Sherry Landrum currently run the two year Professional Actor Training Program at Chattanooga State Community College in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    The curriculum is modeled after the New Actors Workshop, a prestigious training program in NYC founded by George Morrison, Mike Nichols and Paul Sills, where, for ten years, Rex and Sherry taught and administered the program.

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    The Big Perm Show #94 - Blake Gardner And The Farmers

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    This week, as we countdown the days to Summer Camp Music Festival 2016, we start our series of interviews with the Summer Camp " On The Road Tour " winners !! Joining us this week will be the winners of the first stop on the 2016 tour. Winning over the crowd at Rose Music Hall in Columbia, MO a few weeks ago, Blake Gardner And The Farmers earned a return visit to Summer Camp !!

    Blake Gardner & The Farmers break free from being able to be defined by a single genre through mixing together elements of blues, reggae, hip-hop, funk, and nearly everything else under the sun. Known for their improvisation and collaboration with other artists, Blake Gardner & The Farmers are sure to make each performance as unique and memorable as the last.

    The Summer Camp " On The Road Tour " takes the magic of Summer Camp on the road to multiple cities around the country searching for the best talent the areas have to offer. At each stop there is a battle of the bands with the winner earning a time slot on a Summer Camp stage !!
    Talking Sh*t & Hurting Feelings !! We do it again this Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST / 9 p.m. EST !!

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    How to Increase Your Self-Worth to Attract the Love You Deserve

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    A cosmic energy to those around her, Jen Moff is an intuitive transformation guide and speaker. Her years as a student of mindfulness led her to utilize the practice in all her work. Trained in improvisation, Jen is a former actor who commands audiences—speaking around the country throughout the year. Her first book, RelationSH!T, will be available in the spring of 2016. She has a BFA in Communication, is a certified relationship specialist by the American Psychotherapy Association, and is a member of the Women’s Speakers Association. Jen loves breakfast and has an unhealthy obsession with her Tempur-Pedic bed.

    Join us to learn how to improve your self-worth and attract the love of your life!

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    Michele Rafferty on Holistic Health & Josette Marie will be our artist

    in Self Help

    Joining us from New York, Michele Rafferty, founder of Holistic Turtles - Holistic Health for Seniors, certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Movement Specialist, trained at the prestigious Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London. Michele has experience in the field of movement exploration, including Modern Dance technique, Contact improvisation, Kripalu Yoga, Feldenkrais Movement, Social Dance, and Ohashiatsu Bodywork.  Holistic Turtles provides on-site hands on education and programs that encompass a balanced, well rounded, and healthy lifestyle creating dignity, compassion, and hope to Seniors lives.  Michele will join us to discuss how integrating breath, mindfulness, and movementcan improve overall well being through aging by focusing on physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

    Then we'll hear from Josette Marie on Long Island and talk about her music history, present projects and future music.

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    30-On The Record: You Only Fail When You Quit

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    Tracy Newman started playing guitar at 14 with dreams of becoming a folk singer.  In the early 70s, she joined an improvisation class taught by Gary Austin, which became The Groundlings.   Tracy is a founding member, and besides being in the show, she began teaching and directing there. Her sister, Laraine Newman was the first Groundling to be discovered there by Lorne Michaels for Saturday Night Live.

    It was at the Groundlings that Tracy met her future TV writing partner, Jonathan Stark. They started on Cheers, and worked on many shows, including Bob (Bob Newhart), The Nanny, Ellen, The Drew Carey Show and Hiller and Diller (Richard Lewis and Kevin Nealon.)

    In 1997, they won the Emmy and the prestigious Peabody Award for writing the ground-breaking -coming out- episode of Ellen. In 2001, they created the ABC comedy, According to Jim, which recently completed it’s eighth and final season of production.

    Tracy has been writing songs all along and is once again performing full-time. She has three CDs:  “A Place in the Sun,” “I Just See You” and “I Can Swing Forever,” (which is for children).


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    Classical Music and Improvisation: Donal Fox, David Baker.

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    Classical Music and Improvisation 

    Improvisation used within the classical music tradition can be thought of as, music properly heightened by the improvising soloist. 

    Donal Fox, Herbie Hancock, Abdullah Ibrahim, David Baker are heard here using this approach to do just that.

    Today, classical music composers, performers, use improvisation and traditional forms to shape their works as a normative approach. This is music  jammed up, swung another was. Essays of Note looks this week at a few examples of works, artistry of composers, soloists who use improvisation as a part of their language.  We hope you enjoy! Don't miss any of Blog Talk Radio's/ Tavis Smiley networks shows.  Hear what 30,000 listeners have experienced with ACC ear You There!  Be sure to follow us now on Twitter. Be a follower @accbillbanfield Look for Bill Banfield's The jazz Urbane, ACC show's Theme Music(s) on the Jazz Urbane YOUTube channel news on the music and the grooves.

    Downloads on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/playing-other-peoples-heads/id807095731?uo=4

     Purchase CD at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Playing-With-Other-Peoples-Heads/dp/B00HX7SLHC/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1390324535&sr=8-17&keywords=bill+banfield

     View on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/JazzUrbaneRecords1

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    Medicine Theater: Unleash Your Creative Spirit

    in Current Events

    Medicine Improv is a very physical form of creative expression. We draw on elements of play, improvisation, free-writing, music, meditation, Yoga, intention setting dance, ensemble building techniques, character and story creation, as well as movement exercises as a way of discovering the story that wants to emerge. This is a safe, open ended space where we are invited to awaken our creative being and come back to a natural sense of play, allowing for a story to emerge almost as if by accident. We use a variety of methods ranging from over the top comedic physical expression to more vulnerable internal heart/mind/body exploration as a way to find that depth of story together.

    Developed by Asher Lyons, Medicine Theater bridges it's own unique physical style of play along with exercises and games first developed by Viola Spolin, (the internationally recognized originator of Chicago's The Second City Improv). Medicine Theater draws on elements of improv, ensemble building techniques, character and story creation, intention setting, meditation, and Yoga in order to liberate our body, tap into our intuitive knowing, and awaken our creative play which is our birthright; giving a voice back to the parts of us that have been voiceless.

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    SALON des Refuses a Creative Conversation with Renee Baker-

    in Visual Arts

    Renee Baker is a composer, conductor, ensemble leader, violinist, and violist, Renée Baker composes and performs across cultural boundaries. A member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, she has founded or led 13 contemporary music projects, including the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, FAQtet, Mantra Blue Free Orchestra, and Red Chai. 

    Currently honing her compositions skills developing her painted score exploratriorum pieces for ensembles of 100 plus, Ms. Baker is in demand as a lecturer and expert in nontraditional composition techniques as well as large ensemble comprovisation/improvisation development.

    She exhibits in Cologne, Berlin, Netherlands, London as well as Chicago.We are asking Renee to express her social imagination and how she shares these visions with the world, and her participatory art projects, social activism, black- experimentalism.

    Uplifting Music: Listening to music  that not only has a soothing melody, but an uplifting message, can be great   for developing positive self-talk. Have you ever had a song ‘stuck in your   head’ for a few hours or days, the lyrics repeating themselves in your mind?   If those lyrics were positive and inspirational, that would be a good thing.  

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Jason Miles!

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    Where to begin?  We only have a certain amount of space here to brag on Jason Miles!  We could use THREE of these pages to list his credentials.  But let's begin with the reason for his visit on 1/7/16.  You may have heard the intense buzz regarding his collaboration with Ingrid Jensen.  "Kind of New" has a title that's homage to the Miles Davis masterpiece, "Kind of Blue." But the work within THIS stellar musical journey is based on another period in the vast history of a Legend: the unforgettable Cellar Door sessions in 1970.  That club was THE Hub for vibe and improvisation - the area is one that yours truly knows well: Georgetown, the same neighborhood in Washington, D.C. where Blues Alley is located.  

    Jason and Ingrid wanted to pick up the torch of that era and run with it.  Boy howdy, did they!  "Kind of New" ebbs and flows with juice and creativity that will leave you breathless.  Jason with his magical fingers on anything resembling keys, Ingrid howling at the moon on trumpet (oh, Miles MUST hear from his perch!), and some unbelievable Jazz cats surrounding them with an innate knowledge of what was needed to make "Kind of New" SOAR.

    If you know the decades that Jason has spent, enhancing the music of others - and heading his own fascinating (and fearless) forays involving Jazz, etc. - you also know that he RELISHES keeping the music of genius alive.  Miles, Marvin Gaye, Grover Washington, Jr.  So much MORE to say about how Jason has (and this is meant with all sincerity) unselfishly brought attention to others when frequently the focus could have been on this consummate talent.  But, wisely, he knew that his OWN Legendary status will have everything to do with his musical skill, arranging and producing - for the sake of those artists who he has revered.  

    Trust me, we'll talk about ALL of it :)

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    Strength-Based Improvisation

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    Strength-Based Improvisation is a new approach that is geared for participants with any amount of improvisation experience. Participants may use the instrument of their choice, which can include percussion or voice. Non-threatening experiential opportunities are aimed at personal exploration while simultaneously learning approaches to engage clients.

    Lisa Jackert, MA, MT-BC has 20 years of experience in adult/geriatric psychiatry, substance abuse, eating disorders, and wellness. Currently employed by Community Hospital of Long Beach and operates a private practice. She has been a clinical training director and past professor of Music Therapy at Chapman University. She received the award for Professional Practice at the 2005 Western Regional Conference. She is also a FAMI-candidate of the Association of Music and Imagery and has been focusing on the use of The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music with infertility and pregnancy. Currently, Lisa is on the Board of Directors for the American Music Therapy Association.

    Robin Rio, MA, MT-BC is professor of music therapy at Arizona State University. She also has many years of experience working with a variety of populations, including the geriatric population and the homeless. She is also is on the Editorial Board for Music Therapy Perspectives and has recently written the book: Connecting through Music: Music Therapy in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. Currently, Robin is serving as a member of the Ethics Board for the American Music Therapy Association and has past served the Western Region of AMTA as Vice President.

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    Applying Improvisation to Improve Leadership Agility - A Chat with Kat Koppett

    in Marketing

    I am Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, coming to you live from San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.   Keeping it Human is about using human-speak and marketing storytelling to drive results. We are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free podcast.

    Innovation Leadership, Agility and Applied Improv

    Improvisation has reached a tipping point in business. It’s taught in b-schools and used by top companies to teach employees to be more innovative, adaptable, and to improve business performance. As an improviser and marketer, I know adaptability is critical to market success in dynamic environments. Join me Thursday, Dec 12, for a chat with my fellow improviser-in-chief, Kat Koppett, about how to apply improv to increase your agility and innovation leadership! 

    About Kat

    Kat is the Founder of Koppett and Company, a company that specializes in personal and professional performance.   She is the author of Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, and Learning. Kat has designed and delivered programs for such diverse clients as the Clinton Global Initiative, Apple, Chanel, Eli Lilly, GE, and more in places such as India, Brazil, Paris, Budapest and Oklahoma. Her areas of focus include executive coaching, leadership, communication, and creativity facilitation. She has given two TEDx talks on the use of improv to enhance non-theatrical performance. Kat performs with and is a Co-Director of The Mop & Bucket Theatre Company   Her most fulfilling improv gig is playing Mama to daughter, Lia.