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    Code Red! Radio Show 09-10-14

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    During this live episode of the Code Red! radio show, Host Alfred McComber's guests will include Gail Moraton, Business Resiliency Program Manager with the Insurance Institute For Business & Home Safety (IBHS). Gail will stop by the show live to talk about the importance of having business preparedness plans in place before natural and man-made disasters happen and her organization's FREE comprehensive business continuity planning toolkit named, OFB-EZ. 

    The toolkit and its recommendations have been included in two preparedness guides recently released by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

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    The Name's Bond. Muni Bond. I've Come for Dr. No Broadband.

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    As an increasing number of communities begin seriously exploring options for a community broadband network, it seems municipal bonds are once again being considered as a serious funding option. This year's survey of economic development pros reveals that just over half feel their communities could successfully launch a bond measure, or that their chances for success are 50/50.   

    Three factors lead to the success of issuing muni bonds to fund community broadband networks: 

    the political will
    successful navigation of the legal processes
    assembling the right financial resources  

    David Shaw, Chief of the Government & Utilities industry section of Kirton-McConkie law firm and Laura Lewis, Principal at municipal financial advisory firm Lewis, Young, Robertson & Burningham, Inc., walks listeners through these three criteria in layperson's language to help stakeholders navigate these tricky waters. Both have experience working with bond efforts for cities across the U.S. 

    Helping Iowa and Colorado communities better assess all of their funding options for network projects, including a bond strategy, is a main component of the special 5-week broadband strategy Webinar series led by Gigabit Nation host Craig Settles.     

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    What Kind of Jobs Would Google Fiber Bring to Nashville, Anyway?

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    36% of economic development pros say "it's quite likely" broadband can encourage entrepreneurship among underserved urban or rural individuals. Craig Settles' survey report cites another 14% have witnessed this personally. And over half say mentorships maximize broadband's benefits to startups and home-based businesses. Good news for Nashville, TN and other cities vying for Google Fiber. 

    Marcus Whitney, Co-Founder and CTO of the leading tech startup accelerator in the southeast, gives listeners his views on how Google Fiber can make a difference in the local economic scene. His Nashville-based Jumpstart Foundry has graduated 30 companies over the past five years. Whitney offers details on what specific steps local government and business leaders must take to ensure a broadband network leads to measurable success.

    Training in business management and using technology also are addressed. Communities cannot expect that merely having a network improves economies. Whitney and Settles explore how some of his other findings relate to Nashville and its broadband needs. Settles will release the full survey report April 9 during a keynote presentation at the Broadband Communities Summit along with Bill Sproull, Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Economic Development Council, sponsor of the report.

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    Maximize Broadband As An Economic Development Asset

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    In partnership with the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Gigabit Nation host Craig Settles conducted a national survey of IEDC members and others affiliated with IEDC. The primary goal was to get a snapshot of how broadband impacts local economic outcomes. A secondary goal was to gather some insights to leveraging broadband as an economic development asset.
    This special call-in show allows listeners to chat with Mr. Settles about what these survey results mean to those building and operating community broadband networks. Broadband's role in creating ecnomic outcomes, the economic impact of broadband speeds, lack of competitiion, funding and other hot botton issues are discussed.
    Call in. Talk. Listen. Learn.

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