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    Seven Day Reset Day one :Reconnecting to your roots

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    We are approaching the end of the first month of the new year! I know.. i know. Many of us began the season with very specific intentions for the new calendar year. All of the intentions, I am sure were created to "help us be better" in the coming year. As we sit, 7 days a way from a new month I want to encourage you to embrace intentions that help you to be you.. your best, your most attuned, your most powerful you! Seven things to consider:

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    Green living 101

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    Our focus for the month of April is on the environment, there is so much information, options and opportunities to do the right things, that we oftern become overwhelmed . an well just do nothing. Let's see if we can figure out alternative ways of engaging this very important issue.... more

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    Thank You Mama Harriet: Voices from the future

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    Uzuri ( Beauty in Swahilli ),is I am Worthy's Leadership Development program for young women. As we celebrate the life and work of Harriet Tubman and consider the way she made for all of us, we thought it was important to hear from the young women who will be making a way for us tomorrow.. five wonderful, talented, spirited your women will be in the studio with us tonight.. ready to change the world?...they are?

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    Empowering Women Series - Why I am Worthy

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    This is the premier of the Empowering Women Series for Changing Minds Online. Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch will be joined by special guest Jessica Huttig, Educator and Entrepreneur, to talk about Why I am Worthy!

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    Saving Our Girls Dr. Toni Muhammad

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      Dr. Toni Sims Muhammad will be our guest. Dr. Muhammad is a scholar and an activist with over 20 years of experience in academia and community engagement. Her latest work,Saving our Girls is an exemplar for creating healthier relationships with Mothers and Daughters. Join us as we discuss tips and strategies to enhance the lives of our daughters. 

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    Mercy Mercy Me... Protecting the climate through community engagement

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    Big Mommas upset!  She's not having it anymore... she is weeping and, we her chlidren have turned a deaf ear. Many scientists warn that we are likely to pass the tipping point for irreversible climate change within this decade. NC WARN, founded in the late 1980s, is working to avert runaway climate and economic chaos.Join us for an informative conversation with organizers Ravin St Julien Brown and Kim Porter. 

    They will share more about the programs of NC Warn and they will help us understand the impact of the Coal Ash, also we will learn how we can become engage in climate protection overall. 



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    The Women's and Girls Project : Creating change one girl at time.

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    The southeast is blessed with many  innovative organizations designed to uplift women and girls. It is our pleasure to shine a light on these extraordinary organizations.Our guest will be Ms. Nakida McDaniel,of  The Women's & Girls' Project of Winston-Salem. The women and girls project  strives for personal, economic, and civic empowerment of women and girls in urban neighborhoods.Join us and be inspired.. and get your GLAM on!

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    worthy - an important, honorable person
    I am a good person.    I am loved.    I am love.I am worthy of prosperity.    I am worthy of abundance.Iam worthy of joy.    I am worthy of happiness.I am perfect health.    I am perfect order.I am always successful.    I am mentally clear.I am responsible for my life.I am responsible for my life only.I am free to choose the direction of my life.I am in control of my life.    I am in control of my life only.I am blessing everyone and everything in my life.I am safe and secure.    I am completely safe and secure.I am forgiven.    I am forgiving all others.I am at peace with myself.    I am at peace with the world...
    Continue To Be A Blessing To Others

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    Featuring Dr Melicia Whitt Glover

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      Do you want to know more about  health disparities in our community?  Do you want to understand how you can do more to address these issues, in your community?  Join us  for an enlightening   conversation with Dr. Melicia Whitt- Glover,executive director of the Gramercy   Research  Group. Gramercy Research Group is staffed by a team of experienced professionals and supported by a formal Scientific Advisory Committee made up of five senior-level researchers with previous federal and private grant funding, a five-member Community Advisory Board, a pool of seasoned consultants in a variety of areas, and relationships with faculty at numerous academic and government institutions in 15 states. Gramercy Research Group also has existing relationships with community- and faith-based organizations and community members in communities in 29 states.

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    On your way to Happy....

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    Its a new year, time to rise to the occassion, what occassion is that you ask?  The occassion of a vibrant life.We will launch 2014 with a series thats all about you, your happiness, your health, your heart, and your head.We will be joined by guest who will inspire you make you laugh, and maybe even make you cry. I am excited about this journey.Looking forward to having you join me.. I am ..you are.. WORTHY!


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    Lamont Patterson aka K Diddy, CEO of WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS.Brings you the best of New and Established Artists,Rock,R N B,Jazz,Hip Hop,Country, If you got the heat let's hear it!