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    Do Husbands Own Their Wives?

    in Religion

    Many cultural practices still reflect beliefs that marriage is a man's "purchase" of a woman, even the practice of paying a "dowry" comes from this concept of a "bride price" and in many cultures the attitude of the society is that a woman is a man's property. In some countries, "honor killings" are allowed in which a man may kill his wife if he feels she has dishonored him. Even in America, so-called "honor killings" have gone unpunished in which a woman maried someone the family disapproved of, and she was killed. Both Islam and Christianity uphold interpretations of scripture that claim women as inferior and subservient to men. It is difficult for women to stand up to interpretations that their husbands may beat them for "dsobedience" if they accept the notion from so called Islamic "scholars" that "Allah said so." This is the same way Africans brought to America were convinced for generations to accept their abuse, Christians claimed that "God said so" in the Bible. Family, we will not solve the problem of violence until we corrrect religious misinterpretations that condone oppression of women. Sisters, your soul knows this is wrong. I used to be one of those that thought under certain "conditions" a man may "chastise" his wife, until Allah revealed to me the falseness of this belief. There can be no real love where there is fear. How do we create marriages in which men and women understand mutual value and respect, and the body which houses your soul belongs to you and you alone?

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    As wives we need to rely on God's power to change us, our husbands and our cirumstances as well as our marriage.  Our husbands need us in many ways. Today we will be their intercessory prayer warrior.

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    The Female Solution: How Can Mothers Teach Their Sons To Be Good Husbands?

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    Women often say they want good husbands, but what does a good husband look like? What are the qualities a man should have to make him a good spouse for a woman? Women complain about the behavior of men, but it is women who raise men and set before their sons the examples of what manhood looks like. A boy grows up watching how older men interact with his mother. He learns from his father, his uncles, his older brothers, and the men in his community what is acceptable treatment of women. Women collectively define what manhood is by the kind of men they choose to father their children. If the men in our lives only know how to be "players" and "users" and "abusers" of women, what did their mothers show them? Every generation is a lesson for the next generation. What did we observe that the previous generation of women instilled in their sons that produced what we are experiencing today? What will we do differently so that the next generation of mothers will have good husbands?

  • Two Wise Women JaiDei and Dr LaMarr Husbands Perspective on Marriage

    in Lifestyle

    Two Wise Women - Will have a live panel of Husbands Discussing their perspective on Marriage.

    We will have a panel of Husbands providing answers to FAQ & discussing the benefits of marriage, trust & supporting their leadership, the impact of a disrespectful & controlling wife, what is disrespectful behavior and much more.

    Tune into the Show if You Want to Know & Grow

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    "HUSBANDS & WIVES: Touching and Agreeing!"

    in Spirituality

    You want to have a faith filled marriage?

    You want to have peace and joy?

    You want to stay married to one person for one lifetime?

    Touch and agree! This scripture ain't for you and your homeboy or your kids wanting to borrow the family car for a night out or two women wanted to go ona shopping spree or a couple believing God for a financial breakthrough.

    This is about communication and compromise and loyalty!


  • Polygyny: What It Means When African American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands

    in Lifestyle

    WORDS MAKE PEOPLE guest on Sunday August 16th is Dr. Debra Majeed of Beloit, WI  (Beloit College). Join us from 1-3 p.m. (EST) on Station IWDM. Call in at (714) 816-4673 and press 1 if you desire to ask question or make a BRIEF comment.

    In June, the University Press of Florida will released “Polygyny: What It Means When African American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands” by Debra Majeed.


    The publisher’s description follows of this book states:

    Debra Majeed sheds light on families whose form and function conflict with U.S. civil law. Polygyny–multiple-wife marriage–has steadily emerged as an alternative to the low numbers of marriageable African American men and the high number of female-led households in black America.

    This book features the voices of women who welcome polygyny, oppose it, acquiesce to it, or even negotiate power in its practices. Majeed examines the choices available to African American Muslim women who are considering polygyny or who are living it. She calls attention to the ways in which interpretations of Islam’s primary sources are authorized or legitimated to regulate the rights of Muslim women. Highlighting the legal, emotional, and communal implications of polygyny, Majeed encourages Muslim communities to develop formal measures that ensure the welfare of women and children who are otherwise not recognized by the state.

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    Do Husbands "Own" Their Wives?

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    The concept of marriage in many cultures still reflects a concept of "ownership" of a woman, reflected in a number of societies where a man is allowed to beat, even kill his wife inasmuch as she is considered his "property". Religious teachings tend to reinforce those ancient cultural practices, and it is a big challenge to remove wrong beliefs and abusive behavior when religious "scholars" claim that "God's Word" says it, so it must be obeyed. Both Muslims and Christians are upholding interpretations of scriptures that condone abuse of women and women are too afraid to refute them. Family, we will not solve the problem of violence in our society until we correct the relationship of men and women and make it one of mutual respect and equal value. A number of so-called "honor killings" have gone unpunished among Muslims, even here in America, in which a woman who married someone the family disapproved of was killed. There are Muslims that will swear that the Quran condones beatings of wives. I used to be one of them, until God revealed to me the falseness of this belief. Sisters, your soul knows this is wrong. How do we correct religious misinterpretationsand create marriages of mutual respect in which no one owns anybody and the body in which your soul resides belongs to you and you alone?



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    Husbands In the Making

    in Women

    Are the young men dating our daughters worthy of our daughters?  Many of these young men are not dating them for the right reasons. We will be praying for the godly and sincere men who are suppose to remain in the lives of our daughters to stay.  Those who not to remain will leave them alone.

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    "You First!" for Husbands

    in Religion

    Ok, husbands...this show is for you.  If you've ever wondered about what the Bible really says about your roll when it comes to marriage, listen up!  What does the Bible say about how we are to honor our wives?  What will happen when we do?  What will happen if we don't?  This would be a wonderful show for husbands & wives to listen to together.  Listen live as Dr Pauline & Catherine discuss the Biblical principals surrounding the roll of the husband in marriage.  

    ***WIVES...Dr Pauline & Catherine haven't forgotten about you.  They will be talking to you about this on September 1st...STAY TUNED.***

    UPCOMING EVENTS (www.dunamascenter.com):

    August 9th Discerning Childbirth seminar

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    Men Who Desire to be Husbands

    in Women

    There really are men who desire to be married.  The number of men who desire to have a wife are higher than media portray.  We will be praying for men who are seeking the woman God created for them so they may have a successful marriage.