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    Debut author Dave Pupa on writing and publishing LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes debut novelist Dave Pupa to the studio.  Dave's debut novel is a psychological thriller (imagine Hannibal meets Seven). His background as a therapist has allowed him to create compelling and fully fleshed out characters with substance. A sequel is currently in the works. This may be the beginning of a series character around  FBI profiler Frank Sorello.  About the highly rated book:  Hurricane Sandy ravages the Jersey Shore while simultaneously providing the backdrop for a horrible crime. A serial killer takes advantage of the night’s ferocity and inflicts his own damage. The madman then disappears leaving a famed F.B.I. agent broken in the process. Frank Sorello retires from the Bureau only to be drawn back into the game after a bestselling novel by a new author raises suspicions about details inside the book. Is the homicidal maniac announcing his return or is it purely a coincidence? The intrigue builds as a young man with an intellect rivaling that of Einstein and Da Vinci is tragically connected to the Bureau’s top agent. As the investigation is renewed, the murders begin once again. While the mystery unravels no one is truly safe; neither the gated communities of Hollywood nor the hallowed grounds of an Ivy League University provide refuge from what lies waiting in the shadows. The suspense mounts as the hunt gets ever more personal when the agent’s current romantic interest becomes a target. Sorello vows to put an end to the killer’s reign in this fast paced thriller . . . but the killer has other plans.

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Tweet @authorsontheair and @PamStackHost

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    Meet Heaven Sent Greeting Cards Entrepreneurs

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    What's Up Diamonds,

    I did not forget to post my show! Technical difficulties prevented me from posting and I was NOT going to post until I had it all together. Due to our computer crash 2x about a week ago it's been a little crazy for me but when is it not you might be asking? That's question I would certainly like to know when.  Everything seems to be getting back in place slowly. It just goes to show me that I can never get to complacent, everything has been working fine for a while now it the technical part of the show. Well I got tied up in other things and put off my back-up and of course that is when everything would crash right.... so I had to re-design some stuff.. either way to make a long story short I'm here and I'm up so how you doing?

    May is the start of a new month with all new guest for the show, my first guest of the month is a couple of ladies I met at a Relay for Life rally they are Damita B. Gonzalez and her business partner Marilyn Harvey they are the proud owners of Heaven Sent Greeting Cards and they are right on time for Mother's Day.  This creative duo hand writes all types of cards for any occasion, now these are not your corner drug store cards these cards are designed and written specifically for that special someone in your life, these are keep sake cards. I will be chatting with them Monday at 7pm about how this idea all came to be and where does the motivation come from to write such beautiful words. So join me as I show some local love to Heaven Sent Greeting cards.

    There's a new calendar with new pics, I vented a little on my page about my computer woe's, there's something new on the Guest Page and the Show page so check it out at LJDNShow.com.

    Contact info guest@ljdnshow.com

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    As we near the Annual Walk to End Lupus event in New York on May 14, 2016, we take a hard look at what LUPUS is, how you get it, and who gets it.  This debilitating disease effects abou 90% more women than men. Therefore, it is important for us as women to learn as much as we can about it and join the fight to find a cure.  

    Our host(s) share why they beleive every woman has a personal stake in helping to eradicate this crippling disease. Join Marilyn and Sonja as they speak on "Understanding LUPUS"  today at 9:30am(pdt)/12:30pm(edt) right here on blogtalkradio.com/wisewomeninspired. 

    As always this half (1/2) hour is going to be just like sitting down with your girlfriends over a cup of your favorite beverage for a little "girl chat".  So grab your cup, call your girls and get ready to be a part of the CONVERSATION.  

    We would love to invite you to our "If the DREAM is Big Enough" conference in October.  So push the pink button right here on blogtalkradio.com/wisewomeninspired to follow us and get timely updates about WISE.  You can also follow us on Twitter @WISE91605952, "like" our FB page @WISE Women Inspired Sisters Empowered send us an email at wisewomenofpower@gmail.com.  Be sure to visit our website at WISEWOMENOFPOWER.ORG to learn more about us and get up to the minute information about everything WISE.

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    O2 Breakthrough™ *Power #Perfect10in10™ Training Minutes a Day

    in Health

    *My clients burn 7,000 calories 1st minute~END PAIN in 30 seconds? How? Why? Scientific Studies show 21 times more weight loss than all other exercises. World renowned research scientists explain why these O2 Breakthrough™ unique exercises feel fantastic & are the SOLE SOURCE of a "HURRICANE of OXYGEN" building 6 times more lean tissue, muscle mass than all exercises including weight training as documented in comparative research revealed via press releases. *Archives back to 10/ 08 REVEAL RECORD RESULTS for many~now *YOU*~FINALLY find out how we do *O2*Breakthrough™ miracles for clients and *YOU* too! *Only MINUTES a day *FOR *YOU: A #Perfect10in10™{TM}POWER*Perfect 10™{TM}™ Telephone Training Techniques *O2 Secrets shared for 24/7 available peak performance conditioning. Your perfectly chiseled face and body are only a short time away, only weeks! ANTI-AGE YOU*for best health for your *YOUNGEST, YUMMIEST YOU YET! You'll love how young you look and FEEL!!

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    The Lord is in the Whirlwind Pt1 plus Prophecy news Hour on Battle lines

    in Christianity

    The Lord is in the Whirlwind Pt1 | WIBR/WARN | www.warn-usa.com


    The Lord moves in the Whirlwind, as a miracle, as revelation, a sign, and as Judgment!

    The children of Israel quaked greatly when the Mount quaked, was on fire; and smoke rose like a chimney from a furnace. Was it a volcano? Was the mount about to fall from the shaking thereof. Follow us as we move through scripture to find the supernatural in the natural. It is here we find the Prophets of Israel, the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ; and a direct message to the church today.  In the midst of the whirlwind, the hurricane, and the tempest; God is in direct control. Understand and know what this means. Have ears to hear what the Spirit sayeth to the churches today.

  • NEW!FREE READINGS! Psychic Medium, Angel Messenger, Marilyn Poscic! 347-884-8245

    in Spirituality

    Call 602-326-5244


    After my brother’s passing, in 1995, at the age of 34, is when I started questioning what happens after a death. Why him? Why not me? That is when my psychic abilities started for me. I went to a world renowned Angel Reader in Scottsdale Az, in 1998. Learned more about Angels. And as they say the rest is history.

    In 1999 I started seeing, hearing, sensing, Angels, Spirit Guides, & “dead” people around everyone, not understanding who they were, or, why I was seeing them and why they chose me to deliver their messages.

    I have been actively helping people since 2000, through my readings, healings, classes, (and now with a book in the makings), through one on one readings in my home, parties at your home, phone and e-mail readings. I now have clients all across the United States and in several foreign counties.

    Contact Marilyn to help you work through every aspect of your awakening — whether you feel the need for a reading to connect with the spiritual realm, talk to a deceased loved one, learn what is happening in this life time, how it might relate to a past life time, what direction you need to take, or whether you need to take a class or classes to seek additional enlightenment.  

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    Understanding the House Purchasing or Selling Process

    in Motivation

    You don't want to miss next week's broadcast of WISE Wednesday's on April 27th,  when our guest will be Mrs. Veronica Hotchkiss.  She is a licensed realtor located in Ventura County, Southern California region.  Veronica will share the things you should know and do to prepare to purchase or to sell your home. Ladies be sure to tell your friends, neighbors and family about this informative segment; especially any first time home buyers or sellers.  

    This (1/2) half hour is going to go fast so be sure to tune in early.  Veronica will be available for questions throughout the entire broadcast.  Get your questions ready, grab your cup, call your friends and turn up the volume..it's going to be a awesome show.   You will want to have a pen and paper handy to make sure you write down any information that you might need in the future.  We can't wait to get started...hope to hear from you!

     Our very 1st Conference is headed towards YOU! Look for updates and information on our website at www.wisewomenofpower.org follow us on twitter @WISE91605952, like us on FB @ WISE Women Inspired Sisters Empowered for continuous updates on the conference, The Walk to End Lupus and more...


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    Disaster Awareness For Community Preparedness #DAFCP 323.927.2913

    in Self Help

    Hosted By: Rudolph T. Muhammad and Joseph Bridgers Muhammad

    The “Disaster Awareness for Community Preparedness” Program is dedicated to discussing the previously mentioned and other pertinent topics regarding proper planning before disaster strikes. The objective of the presentation is to identify problems, offer mitigating solutions to hazards, and share specific information essential to minimizing loss of life and maximizing faster rescue or recovery in affected regions or communities. There will be subject matter experts as guests in our future shows that will assist our listening audience with the latest knowledge, skills and ability to prepare for risk reduction and hopefully ensure our family’s safety.

    There are at least two things certain about any natural or man-made disaster; it does not racially discriminate and it impacts all areas of people activity, i.e., economics, education, labor, law, politics, etc. Please join us and feel free to call-in at 323-927-2913. Let’s engage in thought provoking topics and courageous conversations of “Disaster Awareness for Community Preparedness”. 


  • Positively Autistic: The Poet's Interest

    in Lifestyle

    WELCOME TO : Positively Autistic Radio with Poet's Interest Hosties  Marilyn & Co Host Ryan.
    Blog Talk Radio
    March 27th at 3pm 2016

    You will hear Rob Tracy talk about his daughter who has autism We will discuss their trials, triumphs, and how she is doing in college right now.

    Also previous guest attorney Randy Nye who will talk about his mother, who supported the handicapped. He will also discuss his upcoming venture into a new and ongoing way to support those with special needs.

    We may also hear from Robert Hewett and Collen Brennan who will present their respective music and poetry.  Along with CoSponser Joe Westlake who will  let us know how the selling of the Ribbons of Positively Autism has gone in addition to what took place at their recent conference in Plymouth, England..



  • Paradigm Shifters - Principles for Life and Success

    in Lifestyle

    Paradigm Shifters - Principles for Life and Success is a program that offers you options on how to maneuver various situations in life.  Hosted by Stephen Duncanson and Marilyn Ocasio, two very respected professionals in their field, make the solutions to situations a process as simple as walking into the next room.  Please join them on the next to last Saturday of every month to learn more success strategies.

    We are making a Paradigm Shift - Today's show will be hosted by Marilyn Ocasio, a Reiki Master, will be working with us on our self-awareness, forgiveness and kindness.  You can always learn how to practice these principles in a different, maybe even better way.  Tune-in (347) 637-2319 and press 1.

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    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Bro. Ashay Sis Amani B- Law of Nature

    in Motivation

    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Bro. Ashay Sis Amani B- Law of Nature 

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. We are honored to have on a dynamic couple who is dedicating their lives to the holistic resurrection of our people through returning us to the laws of nature.Brother "Bolingo Ashay" a Leader/ Artist  in the community and a big Advocate of  Original Thought, The African Bio Mineral Balance and also a naturalist. He follows  the works of Dr Sebi and has personally introduced many Americans to the wonderful world of herbs. Bro Ashay and his Wife Amani B. have developed a unique Foundation to raise money for those unable to provide funds for healing. They also Host daily seminary to teach the community [young&old] how to cook Electric Foods and Seek out the free Herbs that nature has provided for them in their own backyard.Bro Ashay born and rasied in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was diagnosed with herpes and obesity. After unsuccessful treatments with conventional doctors, being told that there was no cure and that he has to live with this for the rest of his life, he felt hopeless. But after watching a video of Brother Prolight, Ashay was led to herbalist Dr Sebi. Through Sebi's compounds he was healed from all his ailments, then he created the organization called 3rdEyeAnkh and Original Thought geared towards restoring the health of the community and also helping the less fortunate who cannot afford or obtain herbs. Join us we Do Tha Knowledge with Bro. Ashay and Sis Amani B 4-23-16 t 3pm PST 5 pm CST 6pm EST. Call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 and press 1 with your questions or comments: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/04/23/do-tha-knowledge-radio-bro-ashay-sis-amani-b-law-of-nature