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    Inspiration Tuesday - Humility

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    A little piece of humble pie can go a long way. The practice of humility is an essential and beneficial part of life and should be utilized by all of us.  Join me as I try to motivate and encourage you to adopt the practice of being humble in every aspect of your life.  Pride goeth before fall the Bible tells us so learning to be humble can not only help you it can save you from self destruction. 

    ~Tigress Queen

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    Breaking Free With Humility

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    We Love You Tybro Family and we really appreciate all your support!!
    It is our greatest honor to Serve Master and Acharya and the Tybro Family!

    Join The Angels Of Light, Jamil, Robert, Jaime, and Brian for another amazing show!

    We will discuss the powerful path of non passive Humility to Honor Master and Acharya.
    We therefore evoke tremendous Grace and assistance from Divine Forces to overcome our obstacles.

    We will also announce Another Defense Against Dark Arts Book Gift! Please tune into the show to see how YOU could win a copy of the most Powerful Book known to mankind TODAY! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

    We Love You ALL!!!!!!!! 

    Thank You Master 
    Thank You Acharya



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    Humility: A Garden of Qualities

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    In the "A Garden of Qualities" series this broadcast deals with humility. It explores the two sides of humility: understanding that we might not be as great as we sometimes think we are but we also might not be as insignificant as we sometimes think we are.

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    Defining Humility

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    It's going DOWN on Sister Radio - We're Defining Humility and laying it ALL out on the tabel! We'll be talking about the good, the bad and the ugly sides of humilty. AND the truth about what it means to be humble. 

    Come find out how humilty plays a role in everyone's love lives and relationships OR Call In to SPEAK ON IT at (714) 816-4702

    And of course we'll be playing the best in old-school and new-school Hip Hop & R&B!

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    Power of Humility & Obedience Broadcast

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    Host: Superintendent Roger A. Grimes, Pastor of Fort Lauderdale Multicultural COGIC

    Real talk for real people.

    Christian Lifestyle

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    Believers Walk of Love

  • The Power Of Humility

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    In this day of flash-and-dash swagger and over-inflated egos, it's easy to succumb to a "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality. But at what cost? It's imperative for leaders to stay driven. Stay focused. Keep their foot on the gas pedal.

    But then there's another psychology. The psychology of humility. It's easy to mistake humility for weakness, subordination..even scarcity. But NOTHING could be further from the truth.

    Listen in  as JT gives you the straight scoop on how humility can make you a STRONGER, more effective leader in business and life. 

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Humility That Energizes Prayer

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         There is prayer that is accompanied with fire. Where there is humility the fire of God can burn. Humility holds in its keeping the very energy that gives life to prayer. Prayer is lifeless and therefore powerless coming from a place of vanity and pride. Those prayers cannot ascend. Humility springs from a lowly estimate of ourselve and our deserving. Clothing ourselves with humility is to be clothe with prayer. In this, we realize our sinfulness and unworthiness. I invite you to join us in our live prayer session at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

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    The Humility of LOVE (Day 5)

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    Today is the 5th Night/Day of the Counting of the Omer in our 49 days journey to the alignment and fulfillment of our emotional attributes with God.  During the 49 days, we will be concentrating on 7 foundational attributes and how that relate to each other.

    The 1st week is CHESED, which is Loving-Kindness and this fourth day we will be concentrating on the Humility (HOD) OF Loving-Kindness (Chesed).


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    Master Mirva - Greatest Humility in daily business

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    Master Sha teaches about the 7 qualities for transformation of all of life.  They are:

    Greatest Love, Greatest Forgiveness, Greastest Compassion, Greatest Light, Greatest Humility, Greatest Harmony, Greatest Enlightenment

    I received a teaching from Greatest Humility.  It was inspired by the teaching from the Greatest Harmony. I hope you enjoy it also! 

    To connect directly with Master Mirva, please visit her blog, "My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Daily Business," at http://shmj4dailybiz.blogspot.com 


    What is soul healing? Master Sha teaches everything and anything has a soul. He teaches when we heal the soul first, the mind and the body will follow. The soul is the boss. When we heal the soul, we heal on the root cause level. Therefore, the mind and the body will follow. We use the power of the soul to heal, which is the greatest power of healing powers.

    Master Mirva is an exceptional teacher, soul healer and soul communicator. As a Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, she has been empowered to offer many divine services to assist others on their spiritual and healing journey.

    Master Mirva helps others to understand their life challenges and empowers them to heal every aspect of their lives, including: physical conditions, emotional & mental issues, spiritual matters and relationship challenges. With her professional background in Leadership Development, Master Mirva uses Soul Power techniques to offer life guidance for career choices and challenges at work. Master Mirva dedicates her life to assisting others in awakening the power of their soul.

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    The Characteristic of Humility.

    in Spirituality

    Another Clean Glass Production & The Sisterhood Connection, Presents Self-Improvement; The Characteristic of Humility. with Sister Diane Muhammad. Friday (10/3/14) at 10 am. Call in at (914) 803-4041.

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