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    Explore Humiliation Nation as we discuss ways to humiliate your partner!

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    Tonights episode explores the side of kink mainstream often never discusses and thats humiliation. Theres nothing more fun than exploring a side of kink many rarely get to witness. Humiliation can be fun, embarrissing and open new doors to play you have never imagined! Join us for a sexy kink filled episode and learn new ways to get creative with your partner!

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    Bullying & Emotional Abuse in Adults – Recognize the Signs!

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    "Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke," stated former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Adult bullying is a rising concern in the real world and online. Adults are as malicious as bad kids on the playground, but no one is supervising their activity or protecting their targets. And their victims are other adults who are not immune to the trauma of bullying. When one uses superior strength or influence to intimidate others, that’s classic bullying. Emotional abuse is characterized by subjecting another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, like anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. In one Seinfeld episode, George and Jerry recall their tyrannical gym teacher who used to give boys wedgies and encourage them to beat each other up. Girls don’t do anything like that, do they? Jerry asks Elaine. Oh no, Elaine replies. We just tease each other until one of us develops an eating disorder. The worst part of being bullied or abused in a relationship, is that often you don’t even realize it’s happening. Manipulative people twist your thoughts, actions, wants, and desires into something that better suits how they see the world. Bullies don’t want cooperation, they want control. Emotional bullying is often subtle and found in adult relationships and in the workplace. An emotional bully might use sarcasm, threaten, belittle, or humiliate. Join me and Life Coach Jenn A Nocera as we discuss the specific signs of bullying and emotional abuse. After the show check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Timorous America Obeys

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    Home of the brave? That's how the song goes but now how we live.

    Certainly since 9/11, we have largely done as we are told. TSA agents fairly strip and humiliate us per air trip, all without reason or evidence they keep anything safe. Police forces from the tiniest towns load up on military surplus murder machinery way out of proportion to any past or predictable threats. Local cops have swung from serve and protect to badger, bully and brutalize. 

    More astonishing even is how many allegedly brace Americans call for or demand obeisance to out-of-control police. Check out the comments in even allegedly left-leaning rags on Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. Most comments are along the line of Brown deserved everything he got (even 12 bullets because he may not have blindly obeyed Wilson immediately.

    That's not the America we boomers grew up in or the one our parents fought World War II to save. 

    Let's talk about what has happened to our nation that has led us to blindly submit to irrational and out-of-control authority figures. Are we at a point where most of us would cede our Bill of Rights so we don't have to make decisions or stand up for our country or ourselves?

    Will the United States become a nation of sheep? Will those who refuse to be brave and be rational be cowed by tgise who want paternal figures to tell them how to act and what to think?

    Here in Boston we had a strong hint of this after the Marathon bombings. The commonwealth and several cities ordered us to shelter-in-place. That is stay inside, hide, give up your liberties, do as you are told. That's not it.


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    ISIS and the Muslim Church

    in Elections

    Let us compare the ISIS to the KKK and other hate groups

    [9:2] So go about in the land for four months, and know that you cannot frustrate the plan of Allah and that Allah will humiliate the disbelievers.

    [9:2] ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? 

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    Supernatural Punishment of God, and You (1 Samuel 5 & 6)

    in Christianity

    Once the Ark of the Covenant was stolen, the entire community of those who stole it was plagued with problems and death. They moved it to another community, and that city, too, suffered greatly. God caused rats to overrurn the cities, and the people became filled with fear. Among the things God did to show His power was to "humiliate" one of the false gods. 

    God uses a lot of restraint because we deserve His punishment. Do you think that society in the U.S. invites the judgment of God?  I do!

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    Child Discipline - Should Spanking be Used?

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    A Texas Justice of the Peace gave parents the option of paddling their 14 year old daughter or a $500 fine and a misdemeanor record. They chose paddling. Sometime afterwards, they brought suit against the Justice, saying the paddling caused humiliation, fear and mental anguish. Are these parents justified and should corporal punishment be used to discipline children? That story is the topic of conversation in The Virtual Living Room.  Listen in, this will be an interesting conversation.

    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA these are government agencies  created to cause disinformation, dissent, and division among the people. These agencies are responsible for killing the most powerful civil, social, political leaders in modern history. Operations like "Cointelpro"violently  robbed a nation of inspiring leaders like MLK, Malcolm X, and Huey Newton. Unfortunately for the conscious community, government operations are STILL in effect to defame, humiliate, and kill our leaders. THE MADNESS ENDS TODAY! These government agents will be named and concrete evidence presented. THESE PEOPLE ARE STILL WORKING FOR CENTERS OF DISINFORMATION. 2RAW4TV will present facts, more facts, and nothing but the facts about these government TROLLS. Names will be named and actions will be taken. This one show will change your life forever. EXPOSED: ALPHABET BOYS INFILTRATING THE CONSCIOUS  6-5-14

    6/5/14 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036 TO COMMENT, QUESTION, OR LISTEN ON YOUR PHONE

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    Legacy Showcase with Guest Actress Director Author Cherie Johnson

    in Entertainment

    Host: IamBranded

    Guest: Actress / director / Author Cherie Johnson

    Hosts: iambranded
    Ongoing Series broadcasting and spotlighting music and entertainment news from up and coming artists in all entertainment levels.

    Stupid Guys Diary is available HERE on Amazon.com

    Book Description

    Publication Date: July 28, 2013

    I’m tired of being asked why I am single so, I’ve decided that I am willing to use my dating life to entertain the world. I’ll let you read entries from my stupid guy diary, which yes...(I really do keep). I believe some of the best entertainment comes from real life situations. Besides, there’s no better way to humiliate the men that humiliated me than to let their sisters, wives, cousins, and friends find out what really happened on our date and understand why they no longer talk to the girl from TV. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to read about male groupies and flat out stupid guys!

    Call number (949) 270-5912

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    President Abbas runs out of patience

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    President Abbas is gonna go on his own and to hell with Kerry, Netanyahu and the President himself.

    The Palestinians are sick and tired of the BS that is called Peace Negotiations which is nothing but a charade to screw Palestine, steal more land, and humiliate her people.  It is about time for hard ball to start.


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    30JK -- Internet Fame/Cyberbullies -- How to Stop Them & Why

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    Hey, Party People! We here @ "30JK" loooooooove to have fun; crack people up, kick a few jokes, rap, rock and just plain get on down... but there also comes a time when it's time to get serious and let all you folks out there know what's up!

    Next Time on "The J" -- we will talk about a sensitive, serious and somewhat controversial subject: "Cyberbullies". But before that, think about this... "Internet Fame". If YOU were given the chance at it, what would you do? Ooorrr... if you ARE an Internet celebrity, are you using your status to showcase your talents and give back to the community... or are you using it to hurt, harm, harass and humiliate? Are you an INTERNET ACE... or a waste of space (boooooo!!!)?

    Special Guest: Jason DeCanio ("What's On Your Mind"; "Queens New Yorker")... and of course, YOU! We wanna hear what you have to say on this. You know the number -- 347-857-2310. Follow me on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube... and of course BlogTalkRadio. I LOVE HEARING FROM ALL MY FANS AND FOLLOWERS!!!

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    ZC: NFL Week 8 Wrap-Up

    in Football

    The Show Legends and I break down another week of the NFL. 
    Dallas wets the bed in Detroit.  The Raiders smoke the Steelers.  The Eagles can't get it done against the Giants.  The Packers humiliate the Vikings.
    These games and more, plus some boxing on T2Q!
    "No experts.  Just opinions."