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    bridges for humanity

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    How much more will it take to have a  good quality of life for all of humanity ? Is it possible ? We think it is. We can do it. If we work together . Please have a  look at Wiki...................... HUMAN ENERGY RENEWABLE MEASUREMENT   .........(www.theherm.org) or (www.goingbeyondradio.com/bridge) also on you tube.. money as debt...or  ..Zeiteist moving forward.... this will be helpful to understand the problems were in ..Then we can help to fix them .thank you jeff beller your humble host.

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    Humanity Burns - Episode 2

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    Is the country going to the Ducks?  What should we think about Duck Dinesty, and how on earth are there so many hunters in the U.S.  Two cousins will hash it out on Humanity Burns. 

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    world call in, humans are innately creative...

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    We ask,  how can I make this better...  we build on each others discoveries and understanding and on our own senthesis of what we observe and experience.  We are fully capable of making our economic systems better.  We can make our economics serve humanity and preserve nature.  We don't want to ignore the tragic symptoms of profit driving economics.  We understand that there is no future for us there.  Humans are innately creative and we are moving toward an exciting understanding about our place in the natural world.

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    Balancing humanity and technology

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    Balancing humanity and technology!
    I Am Liberty!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    There is no denying that we are who we are today because of the magic of technology. In 65 years technological innovation has simply exploded. Every piece of equipment has been recreated and improved upon. Even some parts of our own bodies have been manipulated and fixed due to these incredible technologies. For that we must applaud those who have pushed hard to go beyond the human limits.

    So what’s the inverse? Well, since technology is so very effective and efficient it’s no surprise that it’s EVERYWHERE. Many of us share a workspace with more electronics than people. This has had mental and physical effects on those who...

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  • The Secret Origins of Humanity

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    To be blunt virtually everything you know about the origins of humanity is FALSE.  The truth, and what we suspect, is SHOCKING.

    To discuss this we have Michael Tellinger.

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    Lesson In Humanity

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    When you hear the phrase " A Lesson In Humanity" want comes to mind? Well Chris Wright found out first hand when he was pronounced dead four times and left in a coma after a 2003 car accident. Come join Talking2Terri & The Prophet as we welcome our guest Pastor Chris Wright to the live broadcast. Mr. Wright will join us with his amazing testimony of healing and deliverance. Prophet Simeon Coates will be on the line to pray with and for anyone that needs healing and deliverance. As we progress with a wonderful testimony October please be mindful not to wait on the storm before you decide to make sure your foundation will hold. Some times storms comes without warning are you prepared? Call in live at 10 pm central time 646.595.3069 and be a part of the healing process.

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    Bridges Programming, All Lives Matter

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    "Black Lives Matter" is the slogan that has surfaced  from multiple tragedies and possible injustices committed recently on black individuals.   That any people would feel that they have to assert this is a sad commentary on the state of our humanity today.  All lives matter!  There is no life that is less or more valuable.  We are all born knowing this and some of us have been taught to forget it.  Why is this happening?  

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    world call in, are we part of nature?

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    The delema of the human species... does the thinking potential of our complex brains seperate us from Nature?  Make us special?  Make us able to stand outside the functions of Nature?  Or are we simply another natural force among the many that comprise the whole of Nature.   At least for now.  What does our survival as a species depend upon?  That we try to replace Nature with our inventions and imagination or use our natural intelligence to understand the physical laws that we can observe daily and start to figure out how to live with them?  Though many would prefer not to think so... Nature is our dictator.

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    Bridges Programming, About that Sun...

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    Yes, what abou that sun?  Well, for the first half of our program we will be talking to Alicia Valdes, President and CEO of Bright Solar Systems in Tampa, Florida,  and three of her associates about just that topic.  Alecia is young and dynamic and determined to have her company be a big part of creating an energy future fueled by solar.  

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    Hygiene For Humanity

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    Join TJN's resident nurses, Sharon Cole and Carol Porter, as they explore the world of hygiene -the first line of defense for human health and wellness. Every week Sharon and Carol look into what can be done as a whole to ensure our daily health from head to toe! 

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    Sunday on the Front Stoop, Megan Rice and our week in review

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    Megan Rice, the nun who dared to protest nuclear weapons with her two friends and they were all sent to prison...  Well, she just had a hearing so we are going to talk about what was said and where 'justice' is creeping off to...  We will also be reviewing what we discussed on other programs this week.  In particular the interview with Mark Thornton, senoir fellow at the Mises Institute.  

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