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    Episode 2-The Homeschool Homemaker

    in Moms and Family

    Everything and Anything that this Homeschool Homemaker wants to talk about. From Blogs to current affairs. From cleaning tips to how to get your children to stop pretending they do not know how to do something.
    My goal is to make you laugh while you are cleaning the bathroom.

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    The Homeschool Homemaker

    in Moms and Family

    It is Crazy time for Homeschool Parents! How are you doing? We shall chat about current events, fun happenings and homeschool and homemaking topics.
    I really just want to give you something fun to listen to while you are cleaning the bathroom!
    Call in with your questions or to share some fun hints.

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    Dorothy Bibbs, Talks about Schizophrenia

    in Family

    This is part one of a two part series with my second return guest Doris Bibbs author of "BREAKING THE GLASS CAGE", who will give more detail into her life as her mother Dorothy Bibbs suffered with a Schizophrenic disorder.  Dorothy Bibbs,  diagnosed with Schizophrenia in her late thirties , took care of her 7 sons and four daughters . She was a dedicated wife, mother, homemaker. and seamstress for her daughters.  In the spring of 1960 in Hawaii the first episode of her Schizophrenia reared its ugly head  when her husband, stationed in Hawaii was out in the field, doing a practice drill. Her children were terrified.  Tune in on Feburary 2,2016 and be a part of the live interview with your questions.  Call in to speak with the host Gwen Evans and her guest Dorothy Bibbs under the assistance of her daughter Doris Bibbs from her home in South Carolina.


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    Aunt Barbara: America's #1 Tupperware Superstar LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Aunt Barbara is your favorite relative, top-seling Tupperware lady, homemaker, hand model and media sensation!  Aunt Barbara will be our VIP Guest Super Star tonight talking about the latest in keeping you and your food fresh as a spring time flower.

    Check out Aunt Barbara's Tupperware and BUY it tonight by clicking here!
    Become a fan of Aunt Barbara on Facebook here!
    Tweet with Aunt Barbara here!

    Read 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tupperware here!

    Have a question for Aunt Barbara? Call 323 657-1493 to join the fun!


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    60: The Walking Dead S06E05 Ash Vs Evil Dead S01E02 iZombie S02E05

    in Television

    “Now” it’s time for Arnold and Scott to talk about the fifth episode of THE WALKING DEAD‘s sixth season! How is Alexandria holding up with the Wolves away and the herd at the gate? And in ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, it’s time to set some “Bait” to smoke out a Deadite homemaker! Finally, Liv learns … Continue reading 60: The Walking Dead S06E05 Ash Vs Evil Dead S01E02 iZombie S02E05 →

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    The Hour That Changes The World!!!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show here at, "Your Place"!  We want to thank all of you that listen live and to the archives of our show. We want to start off tonight, by saying thank you to all of our veterans for your service.  We have many deployed military that tell us they download our shows.  We have had deployed military call into the show live requesting prayer!  Of all of the things in this world, where we cannot always tell what/who is right or wrong!  We have no doubt that our military men and women are the best of the best in their service to our country.  We also want to say thank you to all of their families for their service!  In our past shows you will find that we strive to honor all of you! Once we had a military couple share their experience with PTSD and TBI.  It was a hard story to hear but you can listen to it from our archives.  We always want to encourage people to remember these brave men and women in your prayers! Real life does not play out like a one hour television show! The scars and sacrifices of war go on long after the battle has been fought!

    Tonight we have a great treat for all of our listeners.  Long time caller and guest speaker, "Blog Talk Mom aka Sis Bobbie Lively", is with us tonight sharing a lesson on, “focused balance in prayer!”  The title of her lesson is, "The hour that changes the world! Before she starts we want her to tell us about her new CD and how you can get it from ITunes.  If you have kids and missed out on getting her rap CD.  Well, you need to hear it as well.  We started this show with one of her songs! Great message in a format that kids love! We want to mention that Blog Talk mom has been a missionary, a pastor, preacher, song writer, singer, author, christian school teacher, councilor, cook, homemaker, prayer warrior, and most important to us...she is "the mom!"


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    The Female Solution: What Do Men Really Expect From A Wife?

    in Religion

    Are men's expectations of marriage unrealistic? Or are women just unprepared to be wives? Many men say they are disappointed at the lack of emotional support, loyalty, willingness to endure tough times, and forgiveness. Are men being unrealistic or are women in need of "wife training"? How about traditional homemaking skills, cooking, cleaning, sewing? Are those skills no longer reasonable expectations for a spouse? What does a man really need a wife for anyway? What should a man expect from a woman he marries

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    Love, Life… and Friends: HOMEMAKER OR A HOME WRECKER?

    in Lifestyle

    Today on LOVE, LIFE... AND FRIENDS
    Not all of us have led a life of purity. Good girls don’t automatically become someone's wife. Some find themselves as the other woman. And not all Bad girls are BAD! They make up some of the baddest moms and wives that I’m going to write about! (LOL) Speaking from experience, it’s possible for any woman to have the capacity to be both. Generally not at the same time but, if you can imagine it, it can happen. Take for instance, in my SistaGirlz® book series, a couple of the Girlz start out as good girls but their lives take them on twists and turns that flip their world upside down and make a Sista do what a Sista gotta do!
    Whether you are a currently or reformed homemaker or home wrecker (or if you're involved with one), we encourage you to call in on Sunday March 10th at our NEW TIME - 4pm CST!! - to discuss the homemaker vs. home wrecker lifestyle. CALL IN and share your thoughts and suggestions! 714.409.0635
    This show is for mature audiences only.
    Our Next Show: Sunday, March 24, 2013, 4pm CST ~ TEENS AND SEX, Part 2
    Shameless pluggage: SistaGirlz Book #1 LIVIN’ JUST ENOUGH: RACHAEL’S STORY and SistaGirlz Book #2 ILLUSIONS: LAYLA’S STORY are available on Amazon, coming soon to more major online retailers. Coming soon: WHAT HE DID FOR HER LOVE, the Guys’ side of LIVIN’ JUST ENOUGH and SistaGirlz Book #3 NEVA SAW IT COMIN’: RAVEN & IMANI’S STORY
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    Love, Life... and Friends: @LuvLifeFriends
    Lea Mishell: @LeaMishellInk
    Shereytah Reed: @TheDrsWifeReed
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    Let's Get Cooking!! Grains With host Lori Frazee

    in Cooking

    Join Lori each week as we chat about topics of interest for both the homemaker and the kitchen professional.  This week lori chats about super food Oatmeal and the many variations of, along with quinoa, couscous, bulgar wheat.  Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, these grains make GREAT alternstives.

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    The Empowered Entrepreneur "Whistle While You Work"

    in Entrepreneur

    Today's Entrepreneurs are full time employees, single parents, youth and a host of other individuals. They manage school, family, chores, work and life while building a legacy. Burnout, for these Entrepreneurs, is something that looms over their head almost like a vulture. This week I will share some tips on how to keep the sparkle in your eye when it comes to building your legacy. "Whistle while you work" will encourage you to continue to have joy have for your craft and in the brand that you have created. 

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    Mediocre MomCast #6

    in Entertainment

    Mediocre MOMcast is a new kind of internet radio show. We aren't fancy, we aren't rich. We are the moms down in the trenches on budgets trying to not raise little assholes.

    Krissi, Marykate and Mama Ang come from three different backgrounds.....we are stay-at-home moms, working moms, biological parents and step-parents. 

    Combined, our kids range from 6 months old to 15 years of age.

    So trust us, we've been there, we still are there and are scrambling to figure it the hell out.

    Tune in, call in and interact with us here. It's gonna be 2 hours of hilarity every other Monday night at 9pm!!

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