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    Indian Holocaust Day

    in Culture

    There is nothing happy about celebrating 800 million Indian murdered by pilgrims during what is better known as Indian Holocaust Day. Today there are only about 2 million Indians left. We must also remember our own 100,000,000 Black Holocaust. The lives of those lost to police brutality daily here in the United States of America-The families lives will never be the same.

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    The effects of the Black African Holocaust: Black Male & Female Relationship

    in Politics

    The bold Black Power Warrior General, Dr. Alli Muhammad M.S., PhD, MD discusses the The effects of the Traumatic-Black African Holocaust Disorder ™©:

     Racial Slavery obtrusion-traumas & their role in the destruction of the Black Male, Black Female Relationship norms & damage of the Black-African Family Paradigm.

    - Baba Osagyefo Olugbala Revolutionary Goon, Dr. Alli Muhammad, AKA "Super Nigga." Stands firm on all our battlefileds to assure our victory. Doing the work is his life. And freeing our people is his destiny as our bold BLACK POWER WARRIOR GENERAL. BLACK POWER! -

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    Holocaust Memorial Service Broadcast

    in Spirituality

    Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he teaches on the sensitive issue of the Holocaust Remembrance and its significance to the Nation of Israel and the Jewish People.

    Rabbi will perform special prayers from the Remembrance Service and discuss the painful journey from Holocaust to National Health



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    Is anti-Israel Political Correctness bringing a Potential Holocaust

    in Judaism

      It must be stated that the Holocaust did not come out of a vacuum. And it came out, not from a Third World nation, but from a first world European industrial power. It must also be stated that the anti-Semitism that caused the Holocaust had to take a hold in Germany. For Adolf Hitler did NOT begin his genocide on the Jewish people the moment he took power. First, his policies involved anti-Semitic legislation and discrimination, as well as his moves to make himself dictator. He was democratically elected in a country, where its Jewish community was fully assimilated. All the anti-Semitic arguments we hear today caused the Holocaust [or could cause] another one. For in addition to anti-Semitic discrimination and violent attacks [like the Kristallnacht], Hitler's war against the Jews also included intense anti-Semitic propaganda, which included TV programs that compared Jews to rats. But much of the legislation in Europe [such as banning Kosher slaughtering] was in place by Nazi Germany as a leadup to the holocaust. But also, with the genocidal Muslim terrorist war against Israel,the question is whether there is a potential for another Holocaust. We can see that any form of anti-Semitism gets excused if it's dressed up as criticism of Israel or if the word "Jews" gets replaced by the word "Zionists." So with the intense worship of the "Palestinian" terrorist cause and bearing in mind that the Nazis had similar type of propaganda leading up to the Holocaust, the question is: Can the anti-Israel propaganda from the left-Islamist alliance result in a second Holocaust, a goal that Israel's enemies such as Iran and the "Palestinians" clearly have in mind? Is radical Islam the new Nazism? Tune in, as I shall discuss all these questions and make the case why a potential Holocaust is in the air, as well as why Jews need Hashem to live.



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    Holocaust Facts

    in Culture

    Jim and Joe talk their favorite subject the Holocaust.
    Joe starts of with Bill H420 which has to do with teaching school kids the OJV Official Jewish Version of the Holocaust.

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    Mark Elsis - Holocaust Revisionism

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mark Elsis. Mark and I will be discussing the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story pertaining to WWII, and a variety of other related subjects. 

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    Canada's Secret Holocaust

    in Current Events

    There is a holocaust that you have never heard of in a place you would never guess.  Canada.  You see, for deacdes there was a slient holcaust going on in Canada, one that involved taking away the children of the indians (in other words, the natives) to "Indian Schools" far away from their home.  The vast majority of them never made it home.  It is estimated that over a million were killed, mostly while going to these "religous" schools.

    To discuss this we will have Kevin Annett (http://itccs.org). 

    Born 1956, Canada

    Nobel Peace Prize Nominee (2013)

    Community minister, human rights consultant and Field Secretary for The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – Award winning documentary film maker (Unrepentant, 2007) and author*

    Education: B.A. (Anthropology), University of British Columbia (UBC), 1983; M.A. (Political Science), UBC, 1986; M.Div. (Master of Divinity), Vancouver School of Theology, 1990

    Ordained as clergyman into United Church of Canada, 1990. Held three pastoral positions, including as Minister of St. Andrew’s United Church, Port Alberni, 1992-1995. Fired without cause and expelled from ministry without due process, 1995-97, after publicly exposing the death of aboriginal children and land theft by the United Church.

    Organized the first public inquiry into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools, co-sponsored by United Nations affiliate IHRAAM, June 12-14, 1998, Vancouver

    Established first permanent body to further this inquiry, September 2000, Vancouver: The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada; appointed Acting Secretary

    Published first account of crimes of Genocide in Indian residential schools, February, 2001: “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust”.

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    An inspiring story of surviving the Holocaust

    in Judaism

    Host Mark H. Newhouse has the honor of interviewing Gene Klein, whose amazing story of surviving Auschwitz and other harrowing experiences during the Holocaust is detailed in WE GOT THE WATER, an inspiring book by his daughter Jill Gabrielle Klein.

    This is one book you can't put down and an interview that every adult and child should hear.

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    The Heretics' Hour: Can we live without the "Holocaust"?

    in Education

    Thoughts following my talk with Eric Hunt on Saturday. I'll be addressing the two groups of revisionists as I see it: those who can live with the lie and can't even imagine living without it, and those who can't and can, respectively.

    Also whether a "humanistic-rational-science-based" debate on Holocaust can ever happen, with agreement being reached on what was historically true. Agreement? You must be kidding!

     And lots more. Ray Goodwin calls in the second hour - we discuss Jews for Justice for Germans and the "Jewish" Pope, among other things.

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    American Holocaust: millions Die In The Great Depression

    in Politics Conservative

    According to the US census statistics, America lost 10 million of its population from 1931 to 1940. A Russian researcher, Boris Borisov worked on uncovering the death toll during the American Famine and his estimates are that 5 million children died of starvation and 2.5 million adults.


    “Few people know about five million American farmers (about a million families) whom banks ousted from them lands because of debts. The US government did not provide them with land, work, social aid, pension – nothing,” the article says.                   

    “Every sixth American farmer was affected by famine. People were forced to leave their homes and go to nowhere without any money and any property. They found themselves in the middle of nowhere enveloped in massive unemployment, famine and gangsterism.”

    This is equal to all the Jews that died during the WWII Holocaust, so an event equal in magnitude. Boris Borisov describes the movement of the American population out of the Dust Bowl affected region as a Hunger March

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    What Is Truth? Holocaust Fraudsters

    in Culture

    Why are there so many Holocaust Fraudsters out there?
    Lets find out some of the more famous ones.

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