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    BEAUTY 4 ASHES is a detailed advocacy strategic service, developed for the whole HIV  advocacy activities, determine priorities, harmonize efforts and solutions to  maximizing impact in accelerating the national response to HIV.  Tune in as we hear from CEO Daphne Cooper, Beauty 4 Ashes.

    Based on the situation analysis, Beauty 4 Ashes CEO Daphne Cooper identified the following main areas of advocacy where all communities should focus its efforts:

    Contribute to the scale up of HIV services to prevent mother-to-child transmission.

    Contribute to the improvement of the medical care and management system

    Contribute to the extension of the applying ethnical practices in all health facilities and official community structures.

    Support the implementation of AIDS programs among youth and adolescents.

    Support the increased numbers of volunteers needed in the national AIDS response.

    Help reduce stigma and discrimination among people living with HIV.

    Help mobilize financial resources to support the national AIDS response. 


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    What does it take to cure HIV/AIDS related stigma! Have you ever been crucified by another for living with HIV? Are you afraid to disclose your status because of all the insensitive myths surrounding HIV that criminalize you?! Well our guest is super cool, kind and awesome!! He is a recent University of Central Florida (UCF) graduate who was lucky enough to take part in an amazing experience “adopting” a pen-pal who is living with HIV. His change in perception about those living with HIV will SHOCK YOU!! YOU might even want to hug him over and over after you listen to this story of hope and how together we can cure our world of HIV stigma, transforming us into a world of love – simply through basic human connection! There is no social media campaign, print campaign or other online campaign that is as powerful as the incredible healing power of change that comes from face-to-face human connection! Join us Sunday, March 13 at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST! You will walk away feeling more hopeful than ever before and may even decide to become a pen-pal in your community to make HIV Stigma – Be Gone!


    Meet the super cool, talented, incredibly smart and gentle Sergio Ospina!! Born and raised in the heart of Miami, the offspring of immigrant parents, I learned at a young age that life could be pretty difficult. We constantly moved and could never really call any one place “home,” money ALWAYS being an issue. It was actually kinda nice. When you are forced to plug yourself into the community for resources the outcome can be pretty beautiful. There are so many generous and kind people out there willing to share their knowledge if you just listen.

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    Imagine being infected by HIV through a heinous act such as gang rape – trying to find your way through life with the emotional scars – and then discovering hope and forgiveness. Our guest is a 27-year HIV survivor and is facing homelessness while dealing with various medical issues. This show will talk about how he stays strong knowing public services and HIV service support has refused to help him to secure stable housing. This is a story of pain and hope that you simply will not want to miss. To learn more about this show and our amazing guest visit the IMRU TALK SHOW WEBSITE.

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    HIV in the Military: A personal Story of Hope!!

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    Imagine wanting to fight for the freedoms our very country relies on and then finding out you are HIV positive and being told you can no longer serve our country. HIV in the military is a hot topic these days and we want to ask our guest some very personal questions about what he thinks can be done to better support our men and woman who serve in the military who may be living with HIV. This is one show you won't want to miss!! We will be waging a war on HIV discrimination in the military.


    Mark Benton is a Long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS.  He has been positive for over 29 years.  He is an outspoken LGBT activist in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  Mark was diagnosed HIV+ during his service in the Air Force in 1987.  He is currently a contributing Journalist for Focus Mid-South Magazine.  He recently wrote in Focus about his experience of being Gay and being diagnosed positive while serving and the subsequent hostile and compassionate forces that led to his medical discharge after serving 6 years in the military during the early years of the epidemic.  Mark’s story also encompasses his difficult years after being diagnosed and the challenges he faced.

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    Author Connie Johnson Discusses The Lives of Women With HIV

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    Sex shouldn't be fatal, but for women living with HIV, unless they are given access to treatment, sex with an infected partner could very well be a death sentence. Author Connie Johnson, who spent some time in Kenya, got the opportunity to take a close look at the dynamics of sexually transmitted diseases, how society responds to those who have them, and whether guilt and shame prevent those who could be healed from seeking and receiving treatment.  African American women are the fastest growing population diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., and the new cases that pop up on college campuses is alarming. We need a different kind of sexual revolution, above and beyond simply pushing condoms.  How do we address, treat, heal, and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, particularly among women who are reluctant to talk about it?  Connie Johnson shares her thoughts from her book "Beyond Measure."

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    Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion PrEP

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    On Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion Saturday 4:30pm MST, 3:30pm PST, 5:30pm CT and 6:30pm EST. join the talk 347-855-8118 or listen in online at www.blogtalkusa.com. We will be discussing PrEP once again. PrEP is a pill that prevents those who are not diagnosed with HIV from contracting HIV. PrEP is 92% - 99% effective.This is a much-needed conversation for everyone to tune into. Call in with your opinions and or questions and if you're taking PrEP we want to hear your experience. Taking care of your sexual health is very important. Register on blogtalk to listen to all of the shows. Help me out by leaving a comment on blogtalks website. Be blessed

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    We will discuss Hiv/Aids from its known inception until now.

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    "The Sex, Lies & The Law: Penalizing Criminal Transmission of HIV"

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    Safe sex is a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of all parties involved. Educators, medical facilitators, parents, contraceptive manfuacturers, etc., all have an obligation to put forth some knowledge, warning, or information about the benefits of safe sex and the risks of unprotected sex. However, should a larger responsibility to practice safe sex fall on the shoulders of the individual who poses a threat to the health of others--such as in the cases such as actor Charlie Sheen, Pastor Craig Davis, and Thomas Guerra, three HIV individuals who knowingly infected others with the virus? Tonight, we discuss whether or not HIV-positive individuals who are aware of their status should be subject to criminal charges if they have unprotected sex with multiple partners without  disclosing their status, exponentially creating new HIV-positive cases.

    Tune in tonight at 10:30 PM EST by calling 347-327-9967.

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    Pozitively Dee a discussion about "All women living with HIV/AIDS"

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    Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion is for all women those living with HIV and those who are not living with HIV need to hear this 4:45pm MST, 3:45pm PST, 5:45pm CT and 6:45pm EST 347-855-8118 listen online www.blogtalkusa.com. The show will be about The Impact of HIV among Black Women and why they are contracting HIV at alarming rates.HIV is the leading cause of deaths in HIV Black women and they account for 66% of the new HIV cases. Why is this? What can be done and how can we educate other black women from acquiring HIV? Listen in and ask questions the guest will be Valerie Rochester, MPA a director of programs and training with the Black women's Health Imperative in Washington D.C. a public health professional over 25 years and Angela Thorpe-Moss soon will be launching her new book "Dying to Live" an HIV advocate who has a Master's in Psychology.

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    Chit Chat with B.Fly: HIV and AIDS in 2016 with Special Guest Andrea Johnson

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    Tune in as We talk about How AIDS and HIV are perceived in 2016, and if people still are even concerned about contracting it, and What the current statistics are on it, and Listen live to Andrea as she gives you her personal story, and how life is for her day to day!

    Meet Our Guest: Andrea Johnson, a Native GHETTO (Giving Help Everywhere To Those that are Oppressed) Philadelphian, is the Founder/CEO of GIRL U CAN DO IT, INC. (“GUCDII Family”) a non-profit community based organization that provides comprehensive health and awareness education and prevention services for disadvantaged youths, young adults and families. In July, 2007, I took an HIV test after I discovered my partner’s affair and learned that he had infected me with HIV. Not knowing where to turn or what to do, I was determined NOT to remain silent while other women, especially Women of Color, continued to become highly infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Two months after learning my diagnosis I began speaking on Washington on various occasions thereafter advocating for youths, women and families. During my initial diagnosis, I was introduced to various community activist groups that fought for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, and became empowered and enlightened enough by them to understand that I can have an even greater impact on people by being vocal about HIV/AIDS and by helping to raise awareness in my own community and around the world.

    Long before my HIV positive diagnosis and still continuing long after my HIV positive diagnosis, I was and continues to be a community and youth advocate and activist. Presently, the GUCDII Family self funds various educational activities for the youths we serve as well as many of our older youths have gone to and graduated from college or other occupational career choices.