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    Color Him Father Premier

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    The Color Him Father Internet Radio Show premiers. Host Rob Batista will welcome his sons, Damien and Scott and nephew David. They will discuss the beauty and challenges of fatherhood. You can listen live by going to

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    In Him You Have Been Made Complete

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    Please join me Tuesday December 30th at 11am CST as I discuss  - How In Jesus , we have it all.

    We have been made complete In Him. He did it all for us. We are so loved.

    For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form,(Colossians 2:9)

    and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority; (Colossians 2:10)

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    Report Card Time!!” Checking In On The New Thing in 2015 – How Is It Going?

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    Time to Examine and Judge Ourselves So He Won’t Have To Judge Us!!

    The Year in Review. Three months into 2015. God has been good. I am walking in a new focus and a new level of ownership and responsibility for my destiny. It feels good to experience new powers and abilities in the Spirit of God. Spiritual skills are the key. Hey, I want to learn everything about this business from the ground up! Since January, I’ve been to the brink and back; been restored, almost didn’t make it and He rescued me  - AGAIN!!  Hallelujah! This show is a must listen if you want to get your new year’s resolution back on track. Devoted To HIM Ministries wants to be that kind and fiery voice, partnering with YOU, in your quest to make sense of 2015.

    Join the discussion now, by clicking on the URL in the post below. This is a broadcast of a pre-recorded episode.




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    Wisdom Dialing in 2015: Taking Actions Today That We'll Be Glad About in 2016

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    In 2015 our faith needs to be in the wisdom of God. YOUR LIFE OF FAITH IS A RESPONSE TO GOD'S POWER.

    Come on: Nothing between your soul and the Savior this year.

    Devoted To HIM Ministries wants to be that kind and fiery voice, partnering with YOU, in your quest to make sense of 2015.

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    Love Is In The Air: Now What?

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    Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner: How are You Doing?

    What Shape Are You In?

    Ready for the Holiday; Healthy Mindset; Balanced Emotionally and Spiritually;

    Or, Are You Burning with Lust?

    Constantly Tortured by Sexual Desires that You Cannot Fulfill Correctly?

    Whatever Your Condition - Here is Some Encouragement for Single and Married Believers

    The Last 30-Minutes of this Hour Long Broadcast Will Set You Free! The First 30 Minutes are also Informational and Thought-Provoking

    Let’s Talk! It’s Time To Make Some Changes that You Won’t Regret!!

    Devoted To HIM Ministries wants to be that kind and fiery voice, partnering with YOU, in your quest to make sense of 2015.

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    Talking You Through The New Thing in 2015

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    Important: (The First 16-Minutes of This Broadcast, the Audio is Slightly Muffled Due to Technical Difficulties)

    New Ministry! New Business! New Connections! New Opportunities!

    Whatever "It" Is – YOU CAN DO IT!!

    We Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strenthens Us!

    Devoted To HIM Ministries wants to be that kind and fiery voice, partnering with you, as we all reach for what’s ahead. Join the discussion now by clicking on this video. God has an answer for you………..









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    Find Out How God Used Mary To Put The Merry In Christmas

    in Christianity

    Happy Christmas Everyone! In this episode we are examining the bravery and courage of Mary, the mother of Jesus, during her teenage years. The events surrounding the birth of Christ come alive in our conversation as we admire the qualities of character it took for such a young girl to accept her calling to parent the Savior of the world! This is another addition to our ongoing series on Great Women of the Bible. The power of Jesus’s father, Joseph, is also discussed. His actions and words are also highlighted. Join us on BlogTalk Radio, Facebook (Misti Long/Devoted To Him Global Ministries)  and at www.devotedtohim.org for a very interesting and joyful discussion.



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    "Life Without Him - When God Calls him home"

    in Romance

    "I miss my best friend!"

    "This was not supposed to happen!"

    "But I prayed for his healing!"

    "I can't do this alone!"

    Daily, I force myself out of bed to just be reminded that I'm only making coffee for one.  I never saw this coming."  

    "I feel like I'm walking in the shadow of what used to be, and I'm torn because I know I need to accept the life God has for me now...but I can't!"  

    These are just a few thoughts pulled from several blog written by Christian widows who are fighting daily to fully accept the fact that their lifetime partner is no longer with them. "Till Death do we part" is easy for one to say until they are faced with that grim reality.  Join me on "Reflections With Lynne" Tuesday February 24, as my guest former First Lady Mrs. Deborah Spencer, and I have a heart to heart on this sensitive topic of life as a widow.  "Life Without Him - When God Calls Him Home".   Psalms 30:5 tells us "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning".  First Lady Spencer is trusting God that healing will come when the sun rises in her morning.

    Reflections With Lynne - Relationship Chat

    Tuesday 7:30pm-8:30pm

    Call in to be a part of the listening audience at (347) 215-9556

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    Believer, I know that you already know this, so I am not trying to tell you something that you don’t already know, but just reminding you to be encouraged as to who we are in Christ. We are surrounded by the WORD, JESUS and GOD  and yet we miss HIM. CAN it be that we have been given to much? Believer  we are in this world, but not of this world.

    John 17:11-16 Christ does not pray that they might be rich and great in the world, but that they might be kept from sin, strengthened for their duty, and brought safe to heaven. The prosperity of the soul is the best prosperity. He pleaded with his holy Father, that he would keep them by his power and for his glory, that they might be united in affection and labours, even according to the union of the Father and the Son. He did not pray that his disciples should be removed out of the world, that they might escape the rage of men, for they had a great work to do for the glory of God, and the benefit of mankind. But he prayed that the Father would keep them from the evil, from being corrupted by the world, the remains of sin in their hearts, and from the power and craft of Satan. So that they might pass through the world as through an enemy's country, as he had done. They are not left here to pursue the same objects as the men around them, but to glorify God, and to serve their generation. The Spirit of God in true Christians is opposed to the spirit of the world.We are Kingdom Citizens, heaven bound.God has given us our directive to get there, lest we forget and miss it. We cannot afford to lose our focus and get all caught up in the world’s affairs and cares. Romans 8:17 says, We are heir of God and joint heirs with Christ. We are on assignment here, waiting for our time to go back home with the Lord.

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    Can We Praise Him w. Trinisa Pitts

    in Self Help

    Shakia Mosely The WOMAN that is always on a mission for God. She has been through some ups and downs but she never lost faith in Him. She continues to strive for her Wholeness with Him and tries to teach her family the value of knowing Him as well.

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    Sarah - Mother of Nations!

    in Christianity

    Sarah is definitely one of the greatest women leaders of all time! I speak of her in the present tense because the influence and legacy she left us is still relevant in the world today. God declared that Sarah was a 100% partner with her husband Abraham in the covenant that reached across thousands of years to include millions of people that are alive right now. The Lord prophesied that they were going to be the parents of a multitude too large to count. Hallelujah! Every word of that promise came to pass. It is a truly compelling accomplishment, once you realize that the promise God gave Sarah did not happen overnight. She had gone childless during over 60 years of marriage. Finally, God started appearing before her husband, telling Abraham that he and Sarah were going to bear a son. Abraham was also told that this one child was going to be the beginning of a great nation. Still, another 25 years would pass before it actually happened. Throughout, Sarah had to wait on God. She had to keep believing and trusting. The beauty of this whole narrative, is that it clearly shows the pitfalls the couple encountered and the sins they fell into, as they tried to have faith in God. Abraham told lies to kings. Sarah mocked God and His promised son when she first heard about it. She laughed in doubt and unbelief. This was because she was 90 and Abraham was 99 years old. They fell short of the glory of God; but, before it was all over, they still got the promise!! That is the good news!! You don’t have to be perfect to achieve and receive everything God has in store for you. He knows you are human, flawed and incapable without Him. He will make the crooked places straight in your life. Do what He says; and, just like Sarah, when the season is right, and the time comes around for your promise to be delivered, it shall be come to pass. Listen to this live broadcast of a pre-corded episode on BlogTalk Radio 

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