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    Color Him Father Premier

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    The Color Him Father Internet Radio Show premiers. Host Rob Batista will welcome his sons, Damien and Scott and nephew David. They will discuss the beauty and challenges of fatherhood. You can listen live by going to

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    Talking You Through The New Thing in 2015

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    Important: (The First 16-Minutes of This Broadcast, the Audio is Slightly Muffled Due to Technical Difficulties)

    New Ministry! New Business! New Connections! New Opportunities!

    Whatever "It" Is – YOU CAN DO IT!!

    We Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strenthens Us!

    Devoted To HIM Ministries wants to be that kind and fiery voice, partnering with you, as we all reach for what’s ahead. Join the discussion now by clicking on this video. God has an answer for you………..









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    Find Out How God Used Mary To Put The Merry In Christmas

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    Happy Christmas Everyone! In this episode we are examining the bravery and courage of Mary, the mother of Jesus, during her teenage years. The events surrounding the birth of Christ come alive in our conversation as we admire the qualities of character it took for such a young girl to accept her calling to parent the Savior of the world! This is another addition to our ongoing series on Great Women of the Bible. The power of Jesus’s father, Joseph, is also discussed. His actions and words are also highlighted. Join us on BlogTalk Radio, Facebook (Misti Long/Devoted To Him Global Ministries)  and at www.devotedtohim.org for a very interesting and joyful discussion.



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    Sarah - Mother of Nations!

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    Sarah is definitely one of the greatest women leaders of all time! I speak of her in the present tense because the influence and legacy she left us is still relevant in the world today. God declared that Sarah was a 100% partner with her husband Abraham in the covenant that reached across thousands of years to include millions of people that are alive right now. The Lord prophesied that they were going to be the parents of a multitude too large to count. Hallelujah! Every word of that promise came to pass. It is a truly compelling accomplishment, once you realize that the promise God gave Sarah did not happen overnight. She had gone childless during over 60 years of marriage. Finally, God started appearing before her husband, telling Abraham that he and Sarah were going to bear a son. Abraham was also told that this one child was going to be the beginning of a great nation. Still, another 25 years would pass before it actually happened. Throughout, Sarah had to wait on God. She had to keep believing and trusting. The beauty of this whole narrative, is that it clearly shows the pitfalls the couple encountered and the sins they fell into, as they tried to have faith in God. Abraham told lies to kings. Sarah mocked God and His promised son when she first heard about it. She laughed in doubt and unbelief. This was because she was 90 and Abraham was 99 years old. They fell short of the glory of God; but, before it was all over, they still got the promise!! That is the good news!! You don’t have to be perfect to achieve and receive everything God has in store for you. He knows you are human, flawed and incapable without Him. He will make the crooked places straight in your life. Do what He says; and, just like Sarah, when the season is right, and the time comes around for your promise to be delivered, it shall be come to pass. Listen to this live broadcast of a pre-corded episode on BlogTalk Radio 

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    “I’ve Got a Lot To Say and I’m Bursting to Say It!!” Job 32:18

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    Our guest interviewee will be Mr. Adryann Glenn, author of the down to earth and relevant book, Job 32:18. He has a very compelling story that plunges you into the dark worlds of street life, domestic violence and prison. At the same time, he lifts his audience, as he relays his journey to light and healing through Jesus Christ, discipline, study and wise application. Adryann can show hurting people of all ages how to change their direction and walk down a new path because he has done it himself. This live conversation will be a must hear for a nation and world hungry for answers; including honest, straightforward advice on how to win, step by step, on a daily basis. Tune in on Sunday, September 21@5pm CST on Blog Talk Radio; The Devoted To HIM with Misti Long Broadcast!! Call in and listen at 347-637-3970. Press 1 if you want to speak to Adryann.   

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    The Power of Prayer - With Special Guest Mrs. Mayotis Robinson

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    THE POWER OF PRAYER! This is the subject we will be discussing on The Devoted To HIM internet radio show on Sunday, August 17th@5pm CST. Our guest interviewee will be an amazing Woman of God, Mrs. Mayotis Robinson. She will be sharing her prayer closet wisdom from a lifetime of spending intimate and effective time with God. This will be a treat that you don't want to miss. Set your calendar and plan to tune in. More details will be coming soon!!
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    Announcing the Marriage of Faith and Works: The Story of Ruth the Moabite

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    The story of Ruth is about two companions that are forever bonded to each other. As I make this statement, most people will think I am referring to Ruth and the man who eventually became her husband, Boaz. Of course their union is the popular cover story for this amazing bible narrative; but, as we look deeper, we can see this romance was only possible because of two other devoted lovers: faith and works! If Ruth had not been full of faith in the God of Israel and involved in works that gave life to that faith, we would not be discussing her today. She loved her mother-in-law, Naomi, which led her to embrace Naomi’s spiritual lifestyle. Once that happened, Ruth got busy: keeping her heart connected to God, trusting her instincts and obeying instructions. She followed Naomi to a strange land; then she went to work so she could feed and take care of Naomi (the woman who had brought her into the family of God). As a result of these heroic and courageous acts, Ruth unknowingly unleashed a tidal wave of blessings, favor and miracles for both herself and Naomi. The story is compelling and life-changing, and it all came to pass because of one young widow’s decision to live by faith. Faith that without corresponding actions would have been single, alone and dead! The Message Bible says that faith and works are “yoked partners.” The full meaning of believe includes action. It is the union of believing and acting that gets the job done. Go to Devoted To Him with Misti Long on Blogtalk Radio to hear more about these two inseparable couples whose stories will help you win in your next adventure with God.   


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    Deborah and Jael: God’s Super Women! Famous For Success in War and Victory!

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    Deborah was able to win a war by the inspiration of the Spirit of God! She was a Prophetess –one who was intimately acquainted with her Lord. After years of sin, the children of Israel found themselves in abusive bondage to a heathen King. They came to Deborah for prayer and counsel. Out of her personal devotions, she experienced visions of the Almighty and supernatural words of wisdom and knowledge concerning the way God wanted to deliver his people. Immediately, she began to execute a detailed plan for freedom that included a Hebrew General named Barak and 10,000 foot soldiers from the Israelite tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali. It is inspirational to hear how a male, seasoned, skilled warrior, refused to go to battle without Deborah at his side. Even when she told him that if she went, her fame and legend would overshadow his, he still insisted that she be there to watch him carry out the vision that God had revealed through her. And truly Deborah deserved the honor because not only did she get the plan from God, but she also had 100% faith that the plan would work! Barak’s faith was not quite as strong, and he was humble enough to admit that, in this particular battle, he was the hands and feet, but not the head. Take note: Deborah was not the only female that stood strong in this fight. Before the story ended, another woman arose as courageous and smart: Jael, a normal housewife, who was not a Hebrew, was crafty enough to outwit the enemy’s general and nail his head to the ground! Yay! Two more great women of the Bible; when they were finished, the entire Israelite nation had peace for 40 years! Wow!! Now that’s POWER in the spirit! Deborah also held the titles of Judge, Commander in Chief, Governor and Adjudicate! This discussion got real fiery. 










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    Mordecai and Queen Esther: God's Dynamic Leadership Team!!!

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    Esther has a story that has inspired millions of people. Women and men world-wide can rejoice that we have this awesome example of a female who was beautiful inside and out. She showed that physical attractiveness is not enough to get the job done in life. To really be all you can be, you need to have a reverent and devotional spirit unto God and a character that is stable and rational. When the lives of Esther and her people became threatened, instead of backing up into a position of fear and hysteria, she became the epitome of 2 Timothy 1:7. The Queen did not have a spirit of fear! Absolutely not!! She demonstrated power, love and a sound mind…….a deep and undisturbed mind……When her uncle, Mordecai, let her know that death and destruction were upon them, Esther did not panic; instead, she stayed calm, cool and collected; quickly deciding to command prayer and fasting FIRST!!! Then, she humbly and courageously went forward with a plan that did not have a guaranteed outcome. A plan in which she would have to lead in the battle to save Jewish lives; a plan in which, unless God intervened, she might surely perish in her trying. It is a classroom experience to see how she volleys back and forth with her uncle, Mordecai, as they work together to go to war against their enemy. I enjoyed this discussion immensely on our BlogTalk Radio show: Devoted To HIM with Misti Long. I hope you will get stirred up all over again about how God used this courageous beauty Queen to save our spiritual ancestors from death. God Bless and let’s thank Him for Esther’s leadership savvy, awareness and spiritual intelligence.

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    Praise Him!

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    Praise Him!

    What is praise? Why should we praise God? How do we do it? What exactly does praise accomplish?

    My first recording of this show disappeared off my computer right after I recorded it, with the app still open, so Satan obviously DOES NOT want you to hear this show!!

    This episode also contains one powerful prophetic word for an unknown listener!

    This show is moving to Spreaker.com - please follow me over there.  www.spreaker.com/user/glyndalinkous

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    Episode # 16: For Those Who Love Him

    in Christianity

    For those who love Him, The Lord will bless you with a ministry made for the person God created you to be! Jesus loves you and has a plan for each and every one of you!

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