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    Ep #425 – Kate’s Mercury Journey, Understanding Karma, The Beauty Of Hiking, Mediation & Much More!

    in Fitness

    We started off this show talking about Kate’s journey back to health. We originally started off thinking her health challenges could be related to mercury poisoning. You see back in 2002 before we knew any better (or anything about health) we went down to Mexico to have some dental work done for 90% off. The […]

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    Final Preparations for Hiking The Appalachian Trail

    in Business

    Brian will be hiking the AT for about 9 months. He is planning on leaving TOMORROW! Join us for one last look at the preparations including, health, some of the kids would love to go 9 months without having to bath, will he??? Then there are safety issues like protection from the wildlife, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 

    Asking questions about survival on a day-to-day basis and a last look at the journey pre-Appalacian Trail will set us up to stay with him throughout the hike. 

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    Hiking the Appalachian Trail for Alzheimer's

    in Health

    Your Host BadGirl PollyAnna welcomes Ethan Jenkins. He is about to start his journey hiking the Appalachian Trail to bring awareness to Alzheimer's.IN LOVING MEMORY OF HIS GRANDMOTHER DOTTIE. One man's journey fueled by love & awareness for Alzheimers.
     Tonight 8pm Pdt/10Cdt/11Est
             CALL IN: (646) 716-6137                  LET'S TALK!

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    Friday then, Saturday now, Listenable then, Linkable now, a W.A.R.N. ReCaP ShOw!

    in Paranormal

    So, where did We/They/Whoever Got to go, Get to go? Kinda funny how the IRL world Seems to get Jealous and Greedy about the Time WE could be Using to Research there Being so much More to this than all That. 323-443-7201

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    Ep 17 - Hiking Kilimanjaro At 300 Pounds

    in Health

    Kara Richardson Whitely is an author, motivational speaker, and has been featured in Self, Every Day with Rachel Ray, and Runner's World magazines.  She was recently featured in Oprah's Lifeclass, Outside magazine's 127 Defining Moments contest, as well as Redbook and American Hiker magazines.  In her new book, Gorge, Kara takes us up Mt Kilimanjaro and explores her most intimate emotions about her body, her relationships, and why she feels the need to hike Kilimanjaro a 3rd time.

    Join me and Kara as we talk about her three different hikes up Kilimanjaro, how she views her body now, why body love is different for us all.


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    Awareness to support environmental protection: Earth Day is April 22

    in Non-Profit

    Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is celebrated in more than 193 countries every year.

    Here are ways for you and your family to get involved and encouraging conservation at home, or getting involved in the community at large:

    Plant a tree of your favorite flower or  fruit
    Water your plant
    Turn off lights
    UnPLUG all digital items!
    Go outdoors, hiking, picnic
    ... many others

    Tune in to Nicky Dare sharing insights in appreciating and respecting Mother Nature.

    Learn more how to RECYCLE and make a positive difference during Earth Day! visit website:



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    LIVE! with Cathi---Destination---CUBA!

    in Motivation

    DESTINATION---CUBA...We've been privvy to witnessing an historical event.  Circa 2016...First U.S. President to visit CUBA since Calvin Coollidge in 1928...87 years ago!

    Did you know the nickname of CUBA is "El Cocodrilo" the crocodile because CUBA is shaped like one.


    Shortage of cars and public transportation has made hitch-hiking a must...

    Sammy Davis Jr lied about his mother's birthplace.

    Cuban rodent is a source of food, often cooked with nuts and honey.

    Grandma...the Communist Party's newspaper named after the boat that carried Fidel Castro and his comrades from Mexico to CUBA IN 1956 to launch the revolution.


    CUBA changed its constitution to describe...etc.

    Beatles music banned in 1964...etc.

    First latin-born baseball player in the U.S...etc.

    1962, cigars were banned...etc.

    Fidel Castro takes office in 1959...etc.

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    An evening with Romantic Suspense Author Carmen DeSousa

    in Entertainment

    Carmen DeSousa is a romantic-suspense writer. Her stories overflow with romance, mystery, suspense, with a hint of paranormal at times, and of course, tragedy. After all, what would a great story be without a tragic event setting the stage? All of her novels are sensual, but not erotic, gripping but not graphic and will make you cry, laugh, love, and hope. Although some of her titles clearly include supernatural or ghostly beings, her writing dances on the edge of the paranormal, in a genre referred to as magical realism. Her hope is that as you read her stories, you'll wonder, "Hmmm...what if?"

    As most authors, Carmen blames her leap into a full-time career as a professional writer on her love of reading. Reading has always been an escape for her. When life was rough as a child, she could always disappear into a book. But she found something else too... She discovered writing her thoughts was healing.  Not only could she create hope for her protagonists, but she could do away with the antagonists--legally. When she penned her first novel, 'She Belongs to Me', Carmen allowed only her cousin and best friend to read it. They are the reason she writes. They pushed Carmen to publish, as they felt her stories would give others who've experienced tragedies hope. So now, even though she still writes for herself, Carmen now writes for her readers who continually encourage her because her words have touched their soul.

    Most of Carmen's novels share some of her favorite hobbies, which is anything to do with the great outdoors. Carmen rarely spends her days off at a movie theater or the mall. In fact, she hates shopping or going to a movie.  As a matter of fact, Carmen and her hubby would rather read a book on the beach--or a coffee shop if it's raining--and if the weather is really nice, they love to go kayaking and hiking.

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    Ignite the Secret...Leadership Lessons by Understanding the Firewalk

    in Health

    Entrepreneur, CEO, public speaker and business philosopher Charles Horton shows professionals how to get fired up and achieve success at any age through his breakthrough brand of leadership and extreme firewalking seminars

    Author, entrepreneur, success coach, motivational speaker, certified master firewalk instructor and FastBucks® Founder/CEO Charles Horton packs his powerful new book Ignite The Secret: 19 Lessons for Business and Life (Brown Books Publishing Group) with honestly bold, life-changing anecdotal stories that inspire confidence and incite action.  

    An industry trailblazer, Horton believes in teaching what he knows, what he’s lived and what it takes to face fear unflinchingly, head on. He knows how to succeed in business and in life, having reached his goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30.

    “Businesses don’t fail, people give up.” represents Horton’s expressive nature and cut-to-the-chase reality check of why most entrepreneurs don’t make it. Horton’s “keep moving forward” and “abundance mentality” is contagious, helping anyone tap into the universal law of attraction, brought to life through colorful true stories from his own personal adventures and professional journey. Imagine interacting with lions to learn life lessons and hiking on hot lava to discover what you’re made of − just some of the exciting experiences and feats presented by Horton in his vivid and candid storytelling style throughout the pages of Ignite The Secret.

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    003 - Time Mananagement Tips from Sarah Reiff Hekking

    in Work

    Sarah is a Personal and Professional Coach.In addition to being a coach, she is a wife and mother who enjoys cycling, hiking, playing on the beach, and spending time with her family and friends.She is the founder of True Focus Coaching, a Life and Wellness Coaching firm, in 2005 to bring her passion for helping people live. True Focus provides personal, professional, and health and wellness coaching to individuals and groups.

    Earlier, she has spent 8 years doing both research and clinical practice at University of Massachusetts Medical School in the areas of health behavior change, stress management, obesity, hypertension, and smoking cessation. She has received life coach training through MentorCoach and continues to take courses related to coaching, various health topics, and clinical psychology.

    Sarah shares with us about getting rid of procrastination and organising time efficiently, prioritizing, for working moms to create lots of difference taking care of health, work and family.

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    Hypnotherapist, Jeremy Walker, can help you with addictions & weight loss

    in Spirituality

    Jeremy Walker is the owner of Inspire Hypnotherapy, which operates in Brisbane Australia. His background is in Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Psychosomatic Therapy and the Demartini Method. Jeremy has been practicing as a therapist since 2010 and has worked with 700 clients in one-to-one sessions. Jeremy focuses on helping people with addictions, weight loss, psychosomatic health and relationship conflicts. He is highly passionate about helping people to gain a balanced perspective in their life and return to a natural way of living.

    Jeremy enjoys nothing more than seeing someone get present and make a positive shift in their lives. Inspire Hypnotherapy's mission is to share a message of love with 1.2 million people in the next 4 years and to impact 20,000 lives in consultations and trainings. As are his business goals high, so too is his love of beauty and adventure. In September 2016 Jeremy will be hiking to Mt Everest Base Camp, something he is currently training for.