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    Charitable Scams & Harry Reid, Illinois Unions

    in Politics Conservative

    Charitable scams - Harry Reid turns the Senate caustic - What's up with Illinois Unions?

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    Harry Reid Must Nuke All Republican Filibusters Now

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    It is being reported that Harry Reid is considering going nuclear on all Republican filibusters. Liberal groups are pressuring him. His fellow Democrats are pressuring him. Reid himself is fed up with the constant Mitch McConnell led Republican obstruction. 

    Here is why we all must stand up and tell Senator Reid to push the big red button, and nuke the Republican filibusters.

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    Time to Reconsider the Death Penalty? Harry Reid to Retire...Hooray!

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    The death penalty debate is in the news again. While the right has traditionally been pro-death penalty and the left against it, the lines are beginning to blur. Liberals have long characterized death penalty supporters as hypocritical because they are anti-abortion but pro-death penalty. Others say the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime and that many are wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. A group called Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP) is selling the merits of an anti-death penalty position. Marc Hyden of CCATDP will call in to discuss a number of death penalty stories in the news and explain the group's platform. Also...Harry Reid announced this week that will not seek re-election to the Senate from Nevada. We look back at Reid's record of hyper-partisanship, character assassination, and questionable ethics.  

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    Politics Done Right - Koch Brothers Respond To Harry Reid Exposure

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    This week’s show

    Koch Brothers Respond To Harry Reid Exposure

    This week was a bad week for our democracy. The Supreme Court removed the aggregate limitof dollars that anyone can spend in any election cycle. Only around 646 people reached that limit in the 2011-2012 election cycle. In other words, the Supreme Court ruled that those 646 people’s right of free speech was denied.

    This makes the smoking out of wealthy donors that are corrupting the body politic that more important. Senator Harry Reid has begun the process by calling out the Koch Brothers on the floor of the Senate. That seemed to have hurt Charles Koch’s feelings. He penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he referred to those who do not see the world as a plutocrat’s domain as collectivists. Let’s talk about that.

    Visit the blog post here.

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    Senator Harry Reid: Bundy Ranch Supporters are Domestic Terrorists

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    According to the Washington Free Beacon,

    "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has been working to secure sweetheart deals for Chinese green energy firms, according to reports.

    Reid, who last week hosted the fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, has been “pulling strings behind the scenes” for months on behalf of ENN Mojave Energy, a Nevada subsidiary of the Chinese-owned ENN Group.

    After more than two years of secret negotiations beginning in 2009, lawmakers in Clark County, Nevada, unanimously agreed to sell 9,000 acres of public land to ENN for the bargain price of just $4.5 million ($500 per acre) in December 2011.

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal questioned the “steep discount” ENN received for the land, which had been previously appraised for between $30 million and $39 million. The arrangement also included a bundle of tax incentives for ENN.

    Several months later, ENN chairman Wang Yusuo spoke at Reid’s clean energy summit, calling for a “more open and comprehensive” partnership between China and the United States on green energy.

    ENN hired Richard Bryan, a Democrat who served with Reid in the U.S. Senate from 1989 to 2001, to represent the company in negotiations with state and federal officials. Reid’s son Rory is a partner at Bryan’s law firm.

    “Senator Reid has actually gone to China, has actually had visits with the chairman of ENN, the entire global enterprise, has actually taken a look at some of their developments there,” Bryan said of Reid’s involvement. “It would seem to me that Senator Reid would exercise his persuasive powers on behalf of the state of Nevada.” "

    These actions by Senator Reid is what you would call "terrorism"!

    Please feel free to reach us at: PatriciaMcAllBlogTalk@aol.com


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    Episode 10 - What The Heck Is Wrong With Harry Reid?

    in Politics Conservative

    Harry Reid is already an established liar, thief, demagogue and anti-constitutionalist. However, it’s beginning to appear that unlike Plugs Biden (who is just a goofball) he might have mental issues. We explore this in the light of things he has done lately.

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    Harry Reid, Greed, and Congressional Hypocracy

    in Self Help

    This is the podcast you've longed for!

    Listen in for perspective and analysis of unfolding world events and the overall changes taking place in society that will help you clarify uncertainty as well as help you grow personally.

    Co-hosts Carole Gold and Steve Clark bring a wealth of personal aand professional experience which makes for thought-provoking conversation. Their diverse backgrounds provide a rich persepctive on life's challenges and the many ways we can aproach rising above them.

    Carole Gold is a former Attorney, Certified Mediator, Life Coach, Author and lifelong  intuitive. She is a mother with a daughter serving in the IDF.

    Steve Clark is a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and Bond Trader who currently works in the technology field in lead generation. Steve is a father with 6 daughters.

    Our only agenda is to empower you to be the autonomus, creative, joyful and successful individual you were meant to be.

    Its all about energy and is rightful use. We call it "rightuseness." When we each approach challenges with the intention to resolve them in the highest good for all concerned, we use energy the way in which... and for the purpose... it was designed.

    No one has all the answers but each of us has a piece of the answer. When we come together, sharing ideas and co-creating solutions we change the world.

    Join us and call in to bring your part to this exciting conversation!

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    Harry Reid is censoring you & me + more on Congress tonite @6:30 EDT

    in Politics

    Hear how Senator Harry Reid is censoring you and me plus more on all things Congress by the only woman ever elected by the U.S. Senate to serve as the Senate Secretary for the Majority for the GOP. Elizabeth uses her 26 yrs of Senate service to break-down the code talk that is Congress. All shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab

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    in Politics Progressive

    The Mouse That Roared (Harry Reid), the Democratic Senate Leader, vows to have a revamped fillibuster procedure in 36-hours.
    Sometime Thursday afternoon, early evening – the fillibuster will not be the bludgeon of the G-Party that it was over the last 4-years.
    I'm holding my breath.
    "Dirty" Harry is now on record as stipulating that if the G-Party refuses to go along - Harry has 51 Democratic votes to ram through a change in rules regarding the fillibuster - on a simple majority basis.
    Give'em Hell Harry!
    If you can manage to pull this one off - you'll forever hence be known as "Dirty Harry".
    You'll be up there with the "Eastwood".
    You're 1st Picture should be: 
    Magnum Harry.
    This time - Thursday evening, there'll be a new Sherriff in town - Sherriff Harry.
    Cowboy Up Boys - Yippe Yai Yeh - Ghostwriters of the Sky -
    Harry's gonna lead us to the High Chapparral - where everything is clean and crisp and clear.
    Wow, I can hear John Boehner weeping now - uncontrollably.
    And Mitch McConnell is heaving the dry heaves.
    Only Paul Ryan has managed to stay intact and is now plotting another round of Social Security hit-and-runs!
    We'll all be tipping a few @ the Long Branch come Thursday Evening.

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    Dems promise Harry Reid as Maj Leader after Nov-will it happen? Hear @6:30 EDT

    in Politics

    Congress College airs twice weekly hosted by the only woman ever elected by the United States Senate to serve as the U.S. Senate Secretary for the Majority for the GOP. Elizabeth spent 26 yrs in the Senate and speaks fluent DC code talk. All shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab. Thanks for listening.

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    Pastor Harry Walther

    in Spirituality