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    THE TRUTH...

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    Host Nichole Singleton has a serious problem with the people of color and their response to the NYC Police brutality and harrasment.  The "we shall over come anthem" is DONE, they have heard, watch, seen and even felt BLACK marching and singing for equality and human rights. But all the while forgetting HOW we got here - AMERICA.  It is so annoying to see a bunch of hopeless fools, it is so discouraging when you witness the fear, programming and complet control of a people in a FREE country build on Demogracy.  All humans "inalienable rights" rights not governed by government but belonging to individuals by virtue of their natural humancondition.



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    Bring it to the TABLE:: Social Media :: Is it the Devil?

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    This Friday Big Jazz dive into a Hot Topic is social Media the Devil? The Internet has Some good things About what it Provide? But social Media is only good for a Few Things Connecting with Family & Friends & Kick Start a Real Business/Career even Find a Job & Doing Research Ect. The Bad Cheating & Stealing Harrasment  Is a few things that make things Go wrong & Make things Kinda Devilish!!! Big Jazz Will Break Down this Hot topic Sports Entertainment & More @ 7:30pm est.  

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    The circus gets harassed!

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    We'll be discussing the viral Street Harrasment in NYC video and some other shyt

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    Saturday Night With Brian

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    Tonight i talk to Kathie Yount, a mother who tragically lost her son, Dylan, when he jumped to his death as a result of Suicide Baiting. Join us as we discuss Dylans last moments, the seriousness of suicide baiting and online trolls, and the laws that still allow sick acts like suicide baiting to happen. Also, hear why there are sometimes no warning signs for when a loved one will decide to take there life. I encourage everyone to hear this show and hear this mothers heroic fight against suicide baiting.

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    Letting our Voice be heard With Mark and Jess: Jet Blue and Other Hypocracies

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    These week topics are: Jet Blue wants our business but won't take care of their own, Obama announces executive order on gender identity, Trans Conneticut police officer fired after complaining about harrasment ( fair or unfair)? Hobby Lobby Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products While Claiming Religious Objection and much more...


    Transition radio is a prominant radio source letting your voice be heard. Call in with your questions and concerns. Listen to up to date information regarding issues in the LGBTA community, spirituality and more. Check out our website http://www.transitionradio.net/home_page.html  and follow us on our journey on Destiny our RVhttp://transgenderhighway.blogspot.com/ or our Shame on you Blog http://shameonyou2014.blogspot.com/

    Every week Mark and Jess will bring you up to date information regarding the LGBT community, Spirituality, and updates on their Transgender Highway adventures, they will open the chat room and take calls so you can share your opinions and concerns. Letting your voices be heard.

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    Freak Nasty: The hypersexualization of a generation

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    KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS, smack it up, flip it and rub it down as the revolution gets wet with information. We are are bombarded daily with hypersexual messages and imagery.  is mainstream, strippers are role models and big booties are for sale. What ever happened to morality? Are we raising a generation of superfreaks? Is America becoming the new Sodom and Gommora? What ever happened to "grown folks business? Tune in Saturday night to find out.



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    Have A Dispute At Work With Your Employer? Then Hire An Employment Lawyer For Le

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    Have A Dispute At Work With Your Employer? Then Hire An Employment Lawyer For Legal Help

    Attorneys Jay P. Holland and Timothy F. Maloney are two of the nation's most well-recognized and successful lawyers representing whistleblowers. Our lawyers have nearly 50 combined years of experience representing whistleblowers, and over that time have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of defrauded government entities.Our firm also represents employees and employers in a range of employment law matters. We are available to pursue or defend employment discrimination claims, sexual harassment claims, wage and hour disputes, and much more.A Focus on Whistleblower/Qui Tam CasesOur Washington, D.C.-based whistleblower attorneys

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    Non-Aggression Principle

    in Politics

    The libertarian musings of Paul & Tim. Paul is back and we will be talking about the link between immigration, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and the Ukraine. Later, Tim with give you a Game of Thrones recap. We name our morons and heroes of the week.

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    Obama & Team Knew of the IRS Probe During 2012 Campaign

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    J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general said Senior Treasury officials were made aware in June 2012 that investigators were looking into complaints from tea party groups that they were being harassed by the Internal Revenue Service; he said, disclosing that Obama administration officials knew there was a probe during the heat of the presidential campaign in 2012. Russell the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, testified alongside ousted IRS head Steven Miller, said also that he had told the department's general counsel about his investigation on June 4, 2012, and Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin "shortly thereafter." Will the harrasment of conservative tax-exempt groups be what tottly destroys Obama or will it be the Benghazi Cover-Up.


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    The Daily Missive - Program #190

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    Today's 'Talking Points' for Program #190 includes:

    Rand Paul talking about the Clinton years in the WH screwing around with young girls in the workplace - How is that NOT sexual harrasment? Talk about "war on women"!
    "Let's get Christie, boys!" He's too hard to recall!
    Obama's chip on his shoulder must be getting bigger. He plans on letting everyone know tomorrow night that he plans on "by-passing" Congress and do what "he" wants done via executive-powers! Oh, goodie - 1096 more days of this guy!


    Each weekday at 8:00 AM Eastern, Jon goes off on the Democrat Left Wing in the country. If there is one thing Jon doesn't care for, it's anyone apologizing for the USA and talking it down. The regime does both at every chance they get - from the WH down the line. Honesty, integity, family values and love of country are words that the Left doesn't have in their moral code!

    Jon is off the top many times and he does have a habit of ranting - going off on some tangent and just complaining, but Jon does offer solutions to the obstacles trown in our way to prevent us from upholding the US Constitution! It's a dirty word to the Democrat Left and if they hear it more than once in a day, they begin to foam at the mouth! They are a strange breed of people - Liberalism afterall, IS a mental disorder!

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