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    NO Happy Holidays!

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    Mary J Blige has a song titled this and it described her being in love with a married man. Some of us are involved with people who do not belong to us. If this is your case you are not going to be happy. Some of the songs "What do the lonely at Christmas" and the one that starts off bells will be ringing. It sounds like Jackie Wilson and it is sad. A radio stations started playing Christmas music in October. Depression runs high during this season. Unreasonable gift expectations, havoc on bank accounts, being alone. If you are single it doesnt get better. Seeing everyone coupled up, getting invites to those holiday parties that you won't go to. Every year the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays heat up and it should be whatever works with you! Remember the true reason for the season!

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    Happy Holidays

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    Happy Holidays - listen in for a holiday meditation from me, Suzanne, at http://www.NewAgeInternationalTraining.com

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    Happy Holidays...

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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS... From 'The Art Of Intimacy Show Family' To yours.   Join us next Wednesday @ 9:30pm est. for our next live show.   Until then... Check out our archived episodes, Join Our Facebook Fan Page and...   Follow us on Twitter... @SheIsIncredible, @TheBlack_DrPhil, @AOITalkShow.   For Questions, Comments or Show Ideas Contact Us at TheArtOfIntimacyShow@gmail.com

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    One of the puzzles of a newly released survey about Christmas in the United States was the striking finding that Americans' belief in the historical accuracy of the Christmas story -- the virgin birth, the angelic proclamation to the shepherds, the star of Bethlehem, and the wise men from the East -- has fallen by nearly 20 percentage points during the last decade. In a PSRA/Newsweek poll in December 2004, two-thirds (67 percent) of Americans affirmed their belief that the Christmas story is historically accurate, compared to 24 percent who said they believed it is a theological story written to affirm faith in Jesus Christ. In the December 2013 PRRI/RNS Religion News Survey, the percentage of Americans affirming the historical accuracy of the Christmas story fell to less than half (49 percent), with 4-in-10 (40 percent) saying they believe it is a theological story written to affirm Christian faith.

    Upon further examination, the declining belief in the historical accuracy of the Christmas story tracks other related trends, such as a similar double-digit drop in belief that the Bible is the word of God. In 2004, a Pew Research Center survey found that only 13 percent of Americans believed the Bible is not the word of God but is a book written by men, compared to 82 percent who affirmed that the Bible is the word of God. In 2013, a PRRI/Brookings Survey found that 3-in-10 (30 percent) Americans now believe that the Bible is not the word of God but a book written by men, compared to 63 percent who affirm that the Bible is the word of God.

    We also want to talk about your opinions of the holidays, If you are interested in giving us your opinion about what you think about the holidays, the tune in on Wensday December 3RD 2014 at 6:00PM. Will see you there...


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    We Would Like Not To Wish You A Happy Holidays!

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    Why, with the holidays rapidly approaching, we thought it best to have (whispering) "the talk" on just what all the hubler is about. We will be digging deep into origin tales and holiday experiences as well as debate whether we need to boycott them or fully embrace them. Feel free to share on what you think.

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    Happy Holidays: Out 2014 In 2015

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    It has been long year!!!!  A lot has happened!  On the next House of Harley Talk Radio join us as we reflect on the year and spread Christmas cheer.  We will have full line up of guests that I'm sure that you all will enjoy!  We will have Dr. Germon Miller-Bey, Fitness Expert and Nutritionist Michele Reid our featured business owner Thomas Anderson of Potter's Computer Systems.  We will also have our Featured Artist Sunshyne P with guest appearances from Walter Hemingway of the Root Doctors Band, and Arischa.  We will also have a chance for you as a listener to win $50 from House of Harley Talk Radio by calling to sing your favorite Christmas Song.  Don't Be Scurred!!!!  Finally we will have Battle of the Sexes Christmas Edition.

    Call the show 347-884-9373

    Sponsor: www.ladysusieqfashions.com

    Twitter @hohtalkradio


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    Please tune into our special presentation for the holidays presented by your host, Brenton Wombles. He will have a holiday music show for friends and family for your holidays.

    This year’s theme is ‘A Children’s Winter Wonderland’. It celebrates the pureness that the holidays bring, as seen through the eyes of children. The magic and joy of a Winter Wonderland through a child’s eyes transform the White House and its stately, storied rooms, reminding us all of the beauty of this holiday season and the blessings we have experienced over the past year.

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    Happy Holidays from Skeletor

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    Have a great holiday.

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    Happy Holidays ** Open Mic**

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    Happy Holidays to everyone!! Open Mic & Holiday music. Normally on holdiays I try to make time for open mic. This time of year many are alone and feeling down,this show is for everyone:) So put he kids to bed and join us:)

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    Happy Holidays

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    Hey happy holidays to everyone

    i wanna know how was your shopping experience throughout the holidays and

    what did you guys get and didnt get and also what, was some of the craziest things you saw while out shopping and did you encounter any issue yourself


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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!


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