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    AMC's Halt and Catch Fire Star Eric Goins Discusses His Latest Projects

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview AMC's Halt and Catch Fire star Eric Goins. He will discuss the following topics:


    Artistic Director of Whole World Improv Theatre

    Recurring cast on the new hit series Halt and Catch Fire.

    Plays Larry, an engineer appears in 7 of 10 episodes of Season 1.

    '80s period drama which takes place in 1983 in the 'Silicon Prairie' of Fort Worth TX (actually filmed in Atlanta)

    Sundays at 10|9c on AMC Network


    Also in 'Beacon Point' a horror film starring Melissa McBride from the Walking Dead


    For more information,  and listen to more radio shows, please go to www.totaltutor.net.

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    Winchester Radio--Discussion of Supernatural's 'Halt & Catch Fire'

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    A ghost starts killing people through various electronic devices.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) discover who was killed and why this ghost is seeking revenge on a group of college students but what they can’t figure out is how he’s doing it.  With three dead, the brothers must stop the ghost before he claims his next victim.  John Showalter directed this episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (#1013).

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    Supernatural - "Halt and Catch Fire" - TV Review

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    Join the Supernatural discussion on Variety Radio Online. Brancey, Kristina, Gratia and Raven discuss the highlights of the latest Supernatural episode. If you want to be part of their show, feel free to tweet your thoughts to @VROBrancey and they will read them on air. If you' are catching the live broadcast, make sure you join the live chat-room Wednesday’s at 8:00pm ET.

    Summary:  To take his mind off of the Mark of Cain, Dean goes hunting. They track down a ghost that is killing college students through electronics and the internet.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 

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    5 Hidden Blocks that Can Bring Your Desires to a Screeching Halt! Readings too!

    in Spirituality

    By now we have all heard of manifesting and that what we focus on we create. However if things have been slow in coming or non-existant it may be because you have 1 or more of the most common hidden blocks that often get in the way. 

    On this show we will talk all about the 5 most common hidden blocks that bring your desires to a Screeching Halt!

    We will cover:

    - The 5 hidden blocks that are most common

    - Some of the basic things you can do to eliminate them

    - Some of the top ways to accelerate things and get your desires back on track

    And we will be doing a few readings too. So be sure to call in early!

    Have you taken the FREE Aha! Are You a Special One Quiz? Go to www.ahamomentsworld.com/specialonequiz

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    Energetic Light Frequencies to Halt Pain and Heal the Body

    in Current Events

    Topic:  Light energy therapies in lasers

    Laser light for arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, memory loss and learning disability potentials

    Balancing the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous System

    Guest:  Dr. Larry Lytle

    Author Healing Light - Energy Medicine of the Future

    Developed patents for low-level lasers

    Published the 'Low Level Lasers User's Manual'

    Attained FDA clearance for hand-held laser devices

    What is a cold laser light?  How can it help my arthritis?  How can light help my pain?  If I have been ill for decades, can it still help me?

    For more information visit:  www.qlasers.com


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    "You Can Break The Cycle" (John 9:6 NKJV)

    in Christianity

    "He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay." (John 9:6 NKJV)  1) Was the blind man concern that Jesus used spit to heal him?  2) Do you know why Jesus came?  3) Is it important to know why a person is blind, halt, drunk, or even a fornicator? 4) If we minister on the solution are we ignoring the problem?

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    Talking Sports

    in Sports

    #NBA Playoffs start this weekend coming. Are the Warriors and Hawks going to meet in the Finals? What time has been the biggest disappointment this season in the NBA? Tiger Woods made the cut at the Master's Tournament, will the national media put a halt to calling for his demise? #Youdonlostyo$&%mind Moment in sports Jordan Spieth won the Master's at 21, can he and Rory McIlroy be a great rivalry? #NFL Mock Draft picks 6-10 Listen live @ 7pm Eastern www.thewilwalkershow.com Podcast available immediately following the broadcast and available @ #iTunes #Tunein #Stitcher

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    It’s time to Age Right

    in Health


    We all want to stay young and healthy for as long as possible but most people believe there is nothing we can do to halt mother natures aging clock. Well think again. Dr. Karlis Ullis sports medicine, anti aging and rehabilitation physician at UCLA will share strategic approaches to not only slowing the clock, but even reversing it. It’s time to age right!


    Karlis Ullis, M.D., received his medical training at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Geffen UCLA School of Medicine where he was a faculty member for 30 years. In addition to 30 years of medical practice experience, Dr. Ullis has been the Team Physician at Five Olympic Games. Dr. Ullis uses this world class sports expertise to address everyday problems of everyday people. Dr. Ullis has written three books (Age Right, Super T, Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan), has appeared on many local, national and international interviews, presented in numerous seminars and presentations around the world on longevity, exercise and sports medicine. Dr Ullis’ philosophy is to provide each patient the best medical experience possible by leaving no questions unanswered and no problems uncovered.

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    Dr Alan Keyes joins Host Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show

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    Known as one of the greatest orators of our time, Dr. Alan Keyes has long been recognized for his leadership within the conservative movement. His eloquent advocacy of our Constitutional Republic and championing of pro-life principles underscore Alan's recognition and respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. Alan Keyes is an unwavering defender of the American people's sovereignty through focus on securing our borders; abolishing federal income tax; reigning in the rogue Federal Judiciary; and building banking and financial systems that halt the looting of America's wealth and income. Dr Keyes proudly served as a high-level diplomat during Ronald Reagan's presidency, including time as ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and a assistant secretary of state for international organizations. Keyes also hosted a radio talk show, The Alan Keyes Show: America's Wake-Up Call, and a television commentary show on the MSNBC cable network, Alan Keyes Is Making Sense. President Reagan spoke of Keyes's time as an ambassador, saying that he "did such an extraordinary job ... defending our country against the forces of anti-Americanism." Reagan continued, "I've never known a more stout-hearted defender of a strong America than Alan Keyes.

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    Vet Gets Back on VA Program, 11 Cop Cars to Jail Patient for Growing

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    Laprill O’Brien is a registered medical marijuana patient who has beat cancer twice and suffers from manic bipolar disorder. On the morning of July 7, 2014, eleven police cars screeched to a halt in front of her home in Diamond Bar with police swarming over her home because they had a tip that they were growing marijuana. Her children abducted by CPS, Ms. O’Brien was held in jail for five days before being released with no charges being filed at the time.


    Although they have gotten their children back, she and her husband, Rick Gromoll have been charged with illegal cultivation with their next court date set for April 23 in Pomona. As the show’s first guests, Laprill and Rick reveal the horrors that happened that day, how it has affected their family and how their court case is proceeding.


    Wondering whether the VA directive stating veterans who use medicinal marijuana should not be kick out of their pain management programs is being implemented? Then meet Ken Whitmire, a veteran receiving services from the Loma Linda VA Hospital for chronic pain related to service connected injuries to his back and neck. He had been kicked out of his pain management program because of his use of medicinal marijuana.


    On Monday, March 30 he went back to his pain management doctor with the new directive in hand and became the first medical marijuana veteran at the Loma Linda VA Medical Facility to be reinstated into a pain management program as a result of the new directive. What happened when Ken confronted his VA doctor is remarkable, astounding and ever so gratifying.


    As an interesting aside, Ken lives in Slab City, a bohemian encampment on the east side of California’s Salton Sea. In addition to his story of success at the VA, he will be providing us with the low-down on this unusual bit of Americana.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    Progress of teh American people is sthreatened each day. Martin Luther King Jr. died to bring a halt to teh separation.  The repeated examples of injustice, and killing, even by police officers against unarmed Black men and women.  Many murders are being carried out and  called suicide after a limited investigation. Suicide in the household, disregards the many reasons a person would want to live.  Join in on this broadcast: blogtalkradio.com /don-durant or listen in on your phone while we are live on air. 718-305-6322  Our program is scheduled for 3:00 pm est Today....

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