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    AMC's Halt and Catch Fire Star Eric Goins Discusses His Latest Projects

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview AMC's Halt and Catch Fire star Eric Goins. He will discuss the following topics:


    Artistic Director of Whole World Improv Theatre

    Recurring cast on the new hit series Halt and Catch Fire.

    Plays Larry, an engineer appears in 7 of 10 episodes of Season 1.

    '80s period drama which takes place in 1983 in the 'Silicon Prairie' of Fort Worth TX (actually filmed in Atlanta)

    Sundays at 10|9c on AMC Network


    Also in 'Beacon Point' a horror film starring Melissa McBride from the Walking Dead


    For more information,  and listen to more radio shows, please go to www.totaltutor.net.

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    Energetic Light Frequencies to Halt Pain and Heal the Body

    in Current Events

    Topic:  Light energy therapies in lasers

    Laser light for arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, memory loss and learning disability potentials

    Balancing the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous System

    Guest:  Dr. Larry Lytle

    Author Healing Light - Energy Medicine of the Future

    Developed patents for low-level lasers

    Published the 'Low Level Lasers User's Manual'

    Attained FDA clearance for hand-held laser devices

    What is a cold laser light?  How can it help my arthritis?  How can light help my pain?  If I have been ill for decades, can it still help me?

    For more information visit:  www.qlasers.com


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    5 Hidden Blocks that Can Bring Your Desires to a Screeching Halt! Readings too!

    in Spirituality

    By now we have all heard of manifesting and that what we focus on we create. However if things have been slow in coming or non-existant it may be because you have 1 or more of the most common hidden blocks that often get in the way. 

    On this show we will talk all about the 5 most common hidden blocks that bring your desires to a Screeching Halt!

    We will cover:

    - The 5 hidden blocks that are most common

    - Some of the basic things you can do to eliminate them

    - Some of the top ways to accelerate things and get your desires back on track

    And we will be doing a few readings too. So be sure to call in early!

    Have you taken the FREE Aha! Are You a Special One Quiz? Go to www.ahamomentsworld.com/specialonequiz

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Halt and Catch Fire/Power HD Simulcast

    in Television

    The radio/TV simulcast all about TV, presented live on BlogTalk Radio and Brooklyn Independent Media HD. Our guests: Halt and Catch Fire co-creator Christopher Cantwell, whose series launches Sunday night on AMC, and Emmy nominee Courtney Kemp Agboh (The Good Wife), creator/executive producer of Power on Starz.

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    Damien Luzzo - Climate Justice Activist

    in Current Events

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes climate justice activist Damien Luzzo to the show on Tuesday January 20 at 2 pm ET. We will talk about the need for climate justice and his experience taking part in direct actions with Utah Tar Sands Resistance last summer, which aimed to put a halt to the first tar sands mining project in the U.S.

    For more information on Damien go to his Facebook or Twitter page @damienLuzzo. For more information on the Utah Tar Sands Resistance go to the group's Web site or Facebook page.

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    Current Events - HALT

    in Self Help

    Join as Gerald Harris talks about everything happening -and why its important for you to rest.  Get the real meaning of HALT

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    Target Canada - & New Tech - fizzle out too soon?

    in Internet

    Today Fabio and David discuss Target leaving Canada. What can we learn from this? And new tech... everyone wants to be the first kid on the block with new tech but as Google Glass announces the program halt, should we be buying Amazon Echo's? That and the launch of the new Matrix Marketing site! 

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    Fun Friday: Cuba, Terror, and Bernie Sanders

    in Politics Conservative

    Well today is the typical rantomatic kind of day.  So many things to off on at this point.  I guess if you are looking for in depth investigative repoting today you have come to the wrong damn place.  It is time to get some things said.And that is what we are going to do today. 

    Cuba: Misguided policy that will make things worse for the Cuban people.

    Terror: It doesn't m in atter what you call something. It is always what it is.  What we hae seen in France in the past few weeks is terrorism, And the terroist have been Islamic.  Is this true? Of course it is.

    Bernie Sanders: Bernis Sander (I-Vt.) Independent my ass!  This guy a liberal democrat that has one sole purpose for the next two years, grind any republican progress to a halt.

    Republican Renaissance: It is time for a rebirth, a renewing, a re awakening.  That is the purpose of the Willie Lawson Show in 2015.  I will need you help to do it.  Please help us on this mission.  go to www.willielawsonshow.com and help however you can.

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    Is Your Best Yet to Come?

    in Self Help

    Have you already lived your best life?  Or, is it yet to come?  It can be, says author Tara Alemany.  Join our Choices host, Judi Moreo, as she talks with Tara about how we can make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.  Her story will inspire you, especially if you have ever suffered the loss of a dream.  After 12 years as a single parent, she hadn't expected to find love again.  She had pretty much given up on the idea...So, when an incredible man unexpectedly came into her life, the result of an errant email, he turned her world upside down.  Four months later, his unexpected death brought it to a crashing halt.  So, how can she be so positive?  What did she learn that will help you make your life better?  Listen in and find out how you can apply the same insights to your life.

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    Celebrity Juice Features AJ Amyx

    in Entertainment

    AJ started working at a small boutique advertising agency where he focused working in the sports and entertainment industry. To this day he is thankful for this experience because he learned so much about packaging and good design. He was privileged to work with companies like Nike and authors like Keith Wyche.

    He played music and was taking everything he learned in the office and applied it to his music career. This led him to co-founding and touring in a professional Christian/Progressive/Rock band called Trade Cities. By the time he decided to split ways in October of 2009, he had achieved radio play, playing nationally known festivals, sharing stages with the biggest bands in our industry like Luminate, Seventh Day Slumber and The Wedding, a 38’ tour bus and 2 offers from record labels. During this part of my journey he learned a TON about packaging, positioning and interpersonal relationships.

    After the music career came to a screeching halt, I had a decision to make. 

    I decided I wanted something more!

    At this time a good friend of mine forwarded me an email that changed the direction of my life. It was an email for 3 free training videos from Brendon Burchard.

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