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    Hagel Resignation: What took so long? His replacement?; Last words on Ferguson

    in Politics Conservative

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's "resignation" has created a huge void in an already National Defense strategy. What led up to the Secretary's resignation? Was it truly a resignation? Who will be his replacement?

    The above questions are very important in understanding what is really going on in the Department of Defense. They are also critical in who should be selected as Hagel's replacement.

    Even more important is what role did President Obama play in Hagel's decision to call it quits.

    Also this morning, we will take a quick look at some of the topics overshadowed by the events surrounding Ferguson, MO. 

    Closing out the morning visit "In the Pickle Barrel" I will make (what I hope to be) my final thoughts on the Officer Darren Wilson/Michael Brown shooting.

    I hope you will jump "In the Pickle Barrel" and take part in the discussions and share your thoughts in either the Chat Room or by calling in at 855-236-2486 to talk live on air.




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    Holy Hagel: The GOP Bashing of Nominee Chuck Hagel

    in Politics

    Fred and Marg will be joined  by our regular guest, Jeff, The Smurf Hierarchical Revolution and Karen, former host of Ventura County Progressive United in a round table discussion of Chuck Hagel and his nomination for Secretary of  Defense.  Hopefully, we will have an interesting discussion about Chuck Hagel and the GOP's resistance to the nomination of one of their own.  We also will discuss the news of the week.
    Please join us either by calling in at 347-677-1814 or join us in the chat room.

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    ISIS, Secretary Hagel, Ferguson & other front page stories

    in Politics

    We will look at today's front page stories:  ISIS, Secretary Hagel, Ferguson and the Cowboys after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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    Did Chuck Hagel REALLY resign? Walmart protesters in full force! CTC scandal

    in Politics

    Manic Monday Broadcast includes:

    What's trending on a Monday, December 1st 2014

    Featured Episodes:

    1. DId Chuck Hagel really resign? 

    2. Walmart proesters demand liveable wage by the EVIL EMPIRE.

    3. Part 2 of Kathleen Carroll's allegations against the California Commission Teacher Credentialing 

    4. Senator Chuck Schmuer "disses" Obama's first term. Whaaaaa?????



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    The Willie Lawson Show - Hagel Is In, Sanity Is Out!

    in Politics Conservative

    The Willie Lawson Show. The US senate has confirmed Chuck Hagel as the new Sec. of Defense. The highest civilian authority of the United States military. Lord help us all!

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    Ed Ross Radio #73 Lincoln, Obama, and Hagel

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative talk radio from the hub of Western Civilization.
    Abraham Lincoln’s June 17, 1858, speech, upon accepting the Illinois Republican Party's nomination as that state's United States senator, was about slavery; but his admonition about a nation divided could just as well apply to 21st century America. What divides us today, however, isn’t one man’s right to own another, but government’s right to own us all.
    Whatever your views on Secretary of Defense designate Chuck Hagel, if he is confirmed the likelihood that he will leave Defense four years from now better than he found it are extremely low. Discussions about Sen. Hagel’s personal views on gays, Iran, Israel, and other issues aside—after all, policy is made in the White House, not the Pentagon—he will have little going for him and enormous challenges to deal with as he assumes office.

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    Eleventh House Radio: Eclipse Wrap, Finding Your Guiding Planet, Live Reads

    in Paranormal

    On today's show, we'll look back on the eneriges of the the weekend, post-eclipse, break news that might have changed the destiny of the world, possibly averting WWIII and how astrology could have played a signifcant role.  We'll also look into the marker of the guiding or oriental planet of the chart, how you can find it and what it means for you, your chart and your life.

    In the final hour, we'll get into live readings, taking advantage of the energy of the astrological new year.

    Please join us.


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    R Frederick Riddle on Chuck Hagel and more

    in News

    R. Frederick Riddle is becoming known as an author of Christian Fiction, an editor of the controversial Riddle's Point of View, a blogger, and as host of his weekly BTR program: The R Frederick Riddle Show.
    In this episode, Mr. Riddle discusses the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense, ObamaCare, a jailed Christian pastor in Iran, the Debt Ceiling, and more.
    Mr. Riddle is a born-again Christian with almost 40 years of Bible study and a life-time of studying the world at large.  He is also active in his church.
    Launching his radio show in 2012, he has been very happy with the opportunity to connect with others who may share his interest in the world events going on every day.  He can be reached at information@rfrederickriddle.com.

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    Obama, Kerry and Hagel; Can We Say Surrender to Iran!

    in Politics Conservative

    First we get more untruthful statements from our resident about sequestration. It is March 2 and police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, teaching street cleaners and everyone else he said would be gone are still here! Why because his community organizer fear tactics from Alinski’s rules for Radicals are starting to fail. The sequestration the President engineered is now upon us and he is again playing the blame game and attempt to divide the American people with more class warfare. All while his emissaries Chuck Hagel and John Kerry are making moves to limit American Power in the world. These two disgraced Viet Nam Veterans are now doing exactly what Bill Ayers and his 1960’s terrorist group tried to do, Destroy American from within!!  Tell us what you think, join Jimmy and Bernie Saturday March 2, 2013 at 2:00PM EDT for another edition of Let’s Talk Justice America, on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

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    The fallout from Ferguson

    in Politics Conservative

    The RINO Hour of Power with your host Rick Moran is back on the air this week after technical problems prevented us from broadcasting last Tuesday. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Meanwhile, Ferguson. The grand jury refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson - a very rare occurrence. Meanwhile, police departments across the country are coming under fire for the increasing number of shootings. What is the significance of the grand jury's decision? Do black people have a point about police violence against black youth?

    We'll ask Bill Straub, Washington correspondent for PJ Media about these issues, as well as discuss the resignation of Secretary of Defense Hagel.  Joining Rick in the second chair will be Oregon political consultant Jeff Kropf.

    The show streams live from 8:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern time. A podcast will be available shortly after the end of the show.

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    Sunrise Social Media Networking Improving Your Online Reach Live Event

    in Social Networking

    #BYLNetwork presents a social media marketing event where entrepreneurs bring their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and participate on many online platforms to increase their reach and influence. After some tweeting, blog posts pictures and video clips we talk about the results we've had and how our social presence is growing using this method. We started out at 6:15 AM at a Panera Bread and waiting for them to open. People started to see what we were doing and joined in the fun. The entrepreneurs and executives asked for more events and they wanted them to be in other places. We agreed to grow and now the next thing happening is the evening events at Sundown. Join us for this live show at 347.237.5638. Follow Lori Wilk on Twitter@Successipes. Like our new Fan Page http://www.Facebook.com/LoriWilkPresents . For Lori's complete social presence go to http://www.Appearoo.com/LoriWilk. Lori Wilk is the host of Successipes which will be airing on http://www.BYLNetwork.com on their Money Channel starting in April 2015. My guests today from my Sunrise Social Media Networking group who are joiniing me on today's show include: Lance Berkowitz, President of http://www.CelebritySportsAuctions.com ; Harold Blotcher, an Enrolled Agent- best described as a Tax Expert; http://www.HaroldJBlotcherTaxes.com and Alan Hagel, http://www.UBizToday.com

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