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    Hamburg no cars - BMW self-driven car - E Pill - E Tattoo - Gun control laws

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    Tonite (1.08.2014) we covered:

    Hamburg plans to eliminate all cars in 20 years.

    BMW has a self-driven car that can drift.

    Google wants to market an E-pill that will make your entire body a password.

    Google also wants to market an E-tattoo that will be able to read your thoughts.

    Gun control laws do NOT work!

    Visit - FreeWorldFilmWorks.com for DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother.

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    New Gun control laws

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    Oregon Update --
    New gun control laws in the news again, think it will help?
    please join Clif and Robin at our new time Saturday afternoon 1 p.m. Pacific Time for a discussion of what's currently in the news today.
    also if you have an item that you would like us to address or would like to join us on the program please give us a call 646-721-9887 or send us an e-mail talk@KRBNradio.com

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    NJ Gun Control Laws and You: Perfect Together?

    in Politics Conservative

    Join "Common Sense" as we discuss gun control laws in NJ and their implications for law abiding citizens, with Second Amendment Attorney Evan Nappen.
    Evan Nappen recently took the case of Shawn Moore, the father who posted a picture of his 10 year old son on Facebook holding a .22 caliber hunting rifle.
    We will discuss the fallout from that photo and other gun laws that NJ residents must be aware of if they own a firearm or are thinking about owning one.
    In our zeal to prevent another Newtown tragedy, have we become so misguided in our attempts that we instead look to criminalize law abiding citizens rather than going after criminals and finding better solutions for those with mental illness?
    This will be a discussion you will not want to miss!

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    What can Easton Do for Gun Control Laws?

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    What can Easton Do for Gun Control Laws?
    Pennsylvania has been know for easy access to guns.
    Many New Yorkers come to Pennsylvania come and live here just so they can use guns. How should this state react to the recent event in Connecticut and should gun laws be changed?

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    What can Easton Do for Gun Control Laws?

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    What can Easton Do for Gun Control Laws?
    Pennsylvania has been know for easy access to guns.
    Many New Yorkers come to Pennsylvania come and live here just so they can use guns. How should this state react to the recent event in Connecticut and should gun laws be changed?

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    Will new gun control laws work

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    Well tonight not only will i be talking about this subject I will be giving a live demostration on how fast some one can drop a clip then reload a gun. This has never been don before so it might give ppl a live vision on being in a situation like these mass muders. I welcome someone to tell me that I amd wrong ....

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         Quite a few people suffer with depression.  Some have suggested that we do a show on it, and here it is.  There are many that are depressed and don't know it, and a lot of variable factors that contribute to depression and various ways people respond and act.  We are not experts, however we welcome anyone who wants to share theirs and join in on the conversation.
         And gun control.  gun laws, and gun teaching.  347-205-9366 3pm pacific, 5p central, 6pm eastern standard time.  The COOL CRITICS are all over the place, join us and make it happen real.

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    He holds everything together

    in The Bible

    God is and will always be in control.

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    High Vibratitional Living with your Host Kemetic Yogi

    in Spirituality

    Greeting's Beloveds. Today's High Vibration Living Show w/ your host Kemetic Yogi titled "Is Money Really Evil? Dispelling The Lies & Myths To Get To The Truth Behind The Universal Laws Of Wealth Creation," was developed after a really High Vibrational conversation I had with a Brutha a couple days ago. His name is Kurt Ra Nedrick and this Indigo is on fyah! Today, he and I are gonna dispell the myths of whether or not money is evil by discussing Consumerism , Universal Laws & their relationship to Oppression of the people, Black Culture , Spirituality , Unity. This young Brutha definitely has alot of wisdom to share with us all. Not to mention, he is from my hometown (NYC)! Currently residing and schooling in Toronto, Canada, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Check us out if you tryin to get ur mind about money right!

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    Things You Should Not Do When Looking For A Church Pastor

    in Religion

    You should make sure that they meet the initial criteria and not let them slip and slide just  because they can bring that word and preach you out of your seat. You should make sure you check their credentials. Taking their word because you are desperate for a preacher is a bad move. Never let them write their own contract, bad sign that you're in for trouble. Stick to your guidelines, don't let them tell you and change their probationary period to what they want- who's in charge of the process them or you? Dont let them get full control of the money. If you do they will rob you blind, and you have more a con man thief rather than a real man of God!  Follow the law and acceptable accounting rules if you don't they are going to take money like the church is there personal atm.

  • SiGnOtHeTiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah Tonight's Audiobook Michelle Alexander NewJimCrow

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    The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness a book by Michelle Alexander a civil rights litigator and legal scholar, published in 2010(The New Press). The book deals with race-related and social, political, and legal phenomena in the United States and attempts to apply the term 'The New Jim Crow' to the situation of African Americans in the contemporary United States. The name derives from the original Jim Crow laws that prevailed in the states of the former Confederacy of the U.S. through the 1960s. This book was on The New York Times Best Seller List ten consecutive months, and philosopherCornel West has called it a "secular bible for a new social movement in early twenty-first-century America." In the book Alexander deals primarily with the issue of the current mass levels of incarceration in the United States (with 5%of the world's population, U.S. incarcerates 25%of the world's prisoners) and what she perceives as societal repression of AfricanAmerican men and, to a lesser degree, Latino men. She discusses the social consequences of various policies for people of color, as well as for the US population as a whole. According to Alexander, the majority of black men in large American cities are "warehoused in prisons," their labor no longer needed in the globalized economy. Alexander maintains that many young black men, once they are labeled as "felons," become trapped in a second-class status that they find difficult to escape. The conventional point of view holds that discrimination has mostly ended with the Civil rights movement reforms of 1960s. Alexander claims the U.S. criminal justice system uses the “War on Drugs” as a primary tool for enforcing traditional, as well as new, modes of discrimination and repression.

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