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    Guardianship: Organizing for change in a sea of predators

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    Join us this evening as we discuss how to effect change in the lucrative guardianship industry.  While many believe this business to be centered on caring for elderly or disabled adults, the truth of the system is far different.

    It must be magic!  Billions are stolen from the estates of elderly vicitms each year through the process of predatory guardianships.  While state and federal officials pretend not to know what is going on, the victims are drugged, neglected and abused, often times ending up dead once the estate is depleted.

    How do we change this system?  And how, do we stop the interference of the BAR Association and other stakeholders, in the guardianship for profit trade?


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    Boomers Against Guardianship Abuse ~ The Journey

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    Please welcome Marcia Southwick of 55,000 member Boomers Against Guardianship Abuse ("BOOMERS") to hear the amazing story of the astronomical growth of this phenominal organization, which is now just about the loudest voice for the elderly and disabled on the map!  Marcia's story is truly inspiring and her joie de vive, contagious!  God has so blessed ElderLaw Advocates and the Radio Station, bringing us in contact with very strong women and men who are not afraid to stand in the face of tyranny and corruption. As the Silver Tsunami hits with over 78,000,000 additional retirees rolling onto Medicare with the cancer that began with the National Guardianship Association's decision to guardianize the World, Change is HERE!  Not a moment too soon. Be encouraged. Thank you to the strong women who are the foundation of BOOMERS, Elders Against Guardianship, NASGA, and G.R.A.D.E. We are honored to know you! 

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    Marcia Southwick reports on the International Guardianship Convention

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    Marcia Southwick joins us to report on the convention held last week covering guardianship.  Attendees came from various perspectives and countries.

    The convention was sponsored by the BAR Association and the National Guardianship Association, among many other "stakeholders".  Both groups, whose activities are diametrically opposed to their stated purposes, had intended the convention to be a huge marketing campaign.

    Attending with the intentions of highlighting the real state of guardianship for profit, was Marcia Southwick and Elaine Renoire from NASGA.  Many other advocates and activists, many of whom have been directly impacted by predatory, court facilitated guardianships, were also in attendance.


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    Exposing Adult Guardianship ~ Featuring Barbara Stone of Miami, Florida

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    Join Lorri Burnett and Candice Schwager as we host Barbara Stone of Miama, Florida (Dade County) to discuss what has become a Nationwide epidemic of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly and disabled. Our focus tonight will be Florida's renown Guardianship system as well as Texas. The common pattern used by a large percentage of court appointed guardians includes isolation, over-medication, liquidation of assets, retaliation and civil rights violations shroud in secrecy. Truth, Transparency, and a single-minded dedication to our Constitution's protections are essential to eradicate the widespread abuse of the system in American Guardianship. Our mission is to educate and enlighten you in order to avoid falling prey to the system. 

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    Guardianship 101: Debbie Valdez & Candice Schwager

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    Join us as we begin our newest Adventure: Guardianship 101 - Everything you've always wanted to know about Guardianship but were afraid to ask!  We will begin where it all began in the Legislature, teach you what the Estates Code now provides and Debbie will give us weekly treats - suggestions and concrete plans for reform in the work by Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled and Elderly (G.R.A.D.E). We invite you to call and be part of the journey! Today's show begins where it all began in Texas..Austin and Adult Protective Services. We will provide insight on the "Frankenstein Monster" constructed in 2005 that must be dismantled, as it has quickly
    "evolved" into a very dark area of the law, where the elderly and their life savings part ways as they are placed in guardianship and neglected, hastening untimely death. But have no fear, we believe in CHANGE! We could hardly do this unless we did! Adventure is out there!

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    Texas Guardianship Reform Advocates with Debbie Valdez

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    Debby Salinas Valdez:   is a parent of a young adult born with multiple disabilities.  She is founder of Texas Adults w/Autism & IDD, a parent and advocacy support group in San Antonio, Texas. 
    She teaches legislative advocacy to parents and adults with disabilities to advocate for change in their community, or at the state and national level. 
    She is a member in several other local and state wide organizations and committees focused on supporting persons with disabilities.
    As a civil rights activist she primarily remains focused on reforms to the guardianship laws in preserving and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. 
    Became a member of GRADE- the Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled & Elderly. 
    Our mission is:  When families are torn apart we are the voices of those unseen and unheard.  My goal as a member of GRADE was to protect my daughter’s civil, human and Constitutional rights.
    I wasn’t aware at the beginning that my efforts would eventually be about my rights as a Baby Boomer where the Guardianship Industry is also gearing up to take over our lives and our assets with little to no accountability, oversight or monitoring.  It has been within my experience that those who operate this industry are better protected that those Guardianship was created to protect.

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    Guardianship: Brain injured are targets too

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    My brother Mike has been in approximately 13 institutions over the years as Chevron Workman's Compensation insists that Mike be with professionals. None of these institutions (including a community based center) has been professional.

    I pulled Mike out of UCP/CLASS of Pittsburgh after 11 years for dehydration, mal-nutrition, social deprivation, neuro-toxicity of the drugs, falls (one resulting in a dropped foot), loss of teeth (never took him to a dentist), many charges that I had intentions of filing criminal charges per the Pennsylvania Department of Protection and Advocacy, who got involved in 2006 to help me get Mike out of this facility.

    The Co-Guardian and Attorney, Laurel Hartshorn refused to help me in any way. I fired her as Attorney back in 2006. To my knowledge she has only seen my brother maybe 5 times since 1993 and the last time being 2005 at a meeting about abuse at UCP/CLASS.

    I moved Mike to Tree of Life in Richmond, VA with Dr. Nathan Zasler, not knowing that he and Al Condeluci (CEO of UCP/CLASS) were very good friends. I filed three times with the Human Rights 2007, 2011, 2013 in Richmond, VA, and with their Medical Boards 2013.

    I have been given restrictions in visits, and now cannot contact my brother unless I contact that Guardian, Laurel Hartshorn who took me off guardianship in 2009 (she got involved 20 days after Chevron offered me a settlement) for supposed misuse of funds. Dr. Zasler has threatened me with a lawsuit. I was rendered homeless and bankrupt throughout my advocacy.

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    Minnesota Culture of Professional Guardianship Corruption: Protecting Abusers

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    Tammy Hooks joins us this evening to discuss the ongoing corruption of guardianship as conducted under the protection of the BAR Association and the courts here in Minnesota. 

    Last years ruling by the State Supreme Court gave professional predators the right to end the life of disabled or elderly individuals, solely on demand.  Ignoring state statute which required the professional guardian to return to the court to seek permission to pull life support, the Supreme Court intentionally disregarded that statute and claimed that an earlier statute regarding health care, and powers of attorney somehow implied or could be interpreted to give the predator this power.  Clearly the statutes say otherwise. 

    Tammy's son Jimmy Suski has been isolated from her at the behest of the guardian.  Apparently, Tammy, demanding that the neglect and abuse of her brain injured son stop immediately and that proper care be given to him, made someone mad!

    To add insult to the injury, the neglect and abuse caused by the lack of care and concern at medical facilities that ocurred after Jimmy's injury was, shifted to Tammy.  She has been labeled as an abuser although the records clearly show the bed sores, lost weight, and terrible condition of her son was the result of mismanagement and lack of care by professionals at several facilities.  When Tammy demanded that proper care be given to her son, the guardian stopped her visitation. 

    Tammy did not know where her son was being held for almost a year, nor was she advised of his condition during this time.

    Join us for what should be a riveting show.



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    Reporter Mike Volpe / The Rampant Abuse of Guardianship via the Probate Courts

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    Mike Volpe, Investigative reporter for the website REBEL PUNDIT, joins us this evening to discuss his recent expose' on the corruption of the probate courts and those who are victimized by a for-profit system of elder abduction, isolation, neglect, abuse and the inevitable looting of their lifetime accrued assets by judges, attorneys, predatory guardians and anyone else who can find a way to tap the estate.

    From the article on Rebel Pundit "Court Appointed Guardianship Abuses Run Rampant in American Courts"

    "Initially started to protect the elderly and mentally challenged from being taken advantage of, it has often been corrupted, having the opposite effect. Those perfectly healthy who are effectively jailed and held against their wills, often end up in nursing homes away from their families."

    Join us as Mike talks about his investigation and what it revealed about the dangerous new age crime of "aging with assets". 


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    Guardianship abuse: New laws coming to protect the predators

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    Marcia Southwick joins us this evening to discuss new laws being promoted in several states claiming to reform predatory guardianships, perpetrated by professional predators operating through and with the probate courts. 

    As an example:  SB 634 from Florida, sponsored by Senator Brandes appears on the surface to deal with the failure to submit timely audits of the victims estate.  A careful reading of the opening paragraph, lines 1-32 makes clear that this new statute would apply only to NON-Professionals....in other words, family members or anyone not working in a professional capacity in guardianship.  Anyone not working under protection of the probate court, the BAR Association, The National Guardianship Association or any other association that operates as a protection racket for professional predators.

    This should be a revealing discussion on what is intentionally omitted from bills, what is written to appear as a major change when in fact it is nothing more than a furtherance of protection for those gaming the system while targeting families and friends.

    We will take calls in the second hour.


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    Texas Guardianship Program ~ Debbie Valdez of G.R.A.D.E REVEALS...

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    Join Candy as she hosts Debbie Valdez of San Antonio based G.R.A.D.E (Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled) as she reveals how the Texas Guardianship Program, intended to protect and serve the disabled, quickly became the very tool routinely used to exploit, neglect, and abuse them, removing loving family members from their lives who "knew too much" and began to investigate, violating any semblance of Constitutional Rights we now give lip to service to having. See a network of corrupt guardianship companies, ad litems, nursing homes, doctors, and attorneys PROFIT from the misery of the disabled who are taken hostage by the system and stripped of even their dignity, with less rights than a criminal. Why? Because you need to know! We need reform and the only way it's going to happen is if "WE THE PEOPLE" care enough to take action at the grassroots level, becoming a force to be reckoned with! Then, those without a voice of their own will be HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR. Join Us! http://www.elderlawadvocates.org   

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