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    Storytellers Campfire Presents Grit Sequel of The Vig by Author John Nuckel

    in Books

    Grit is the sequel to the critically acclaimed novel The Vig by Author John M. Nuckel.

    John Nuckel has worked in the financial industry for over thirty years and has met enough character to fill many books.

    The Vig; The Beginning of the most corrupt decade in the history of Wall Street was a good time to steal a little bit of money from a lot of people. Frank McGinley, a trading floor specialist with a fondness for vodka, uncovers a scam to skim money from traders accounts and accepts forty grand to look the other way. He has no idea he's landed in the middle of an ongoing federal investigation of a Ponzi schemer turned violent. The Vig is the story about the seamy side of Wall Street rarely seen by the public. 

    Show Link: Storytellers Campfire Radio Program/The Vig by John Nuckel

    GRIT follows Carla and Frank McGinley as they try to mend their damaged souls. One seeks revenge, the other redemption. As they careen towards their inevitable confrontation, a pretty lounge singer, a St. Louis gangster, a drug dealer and a pompous hedge fund manager are left in their wake. GRIT will determine who will finally be free and who will have to live with the knowledge of what they have become. This novel was written by a true Wall Street insider. As a former hedge fund broker and partner in a risk arbitrage firm, he has known the sinners and saints in the industry. The best and worst of them have one thing in common: GRIT.

    Host: Rich Gehlhausen

    Guest: Author and Marble Award Nominee John Nuckel


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    Grit & Grace Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    Talk Radio covering today's current events with conservative commentary from Jennifer and Josh,  Young Americans with a mixture of history, wit, the constitution, American culture and experience in the political process,

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    Grit & Grace Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    DHS recent ammo purchases, Obama's trip to Israel, and other top Conservative political news stories.

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    Bouncing Back from Business Disappointment; Do You Have the GRIT to Succeed

    in Entrepreneur

    Ewing Kauffman’s success in building Marion Laboratories is like an entrepreneur’s dream come true.  With just $5,000 of borrowed money, he built the company into a $6.5 billion success.  How did he do it? Jim McGraw served as Mr. K’s Chief Operating Officer during Marion’s period of explosive growth.  As his way of giving back, Jim has developed free programs that outline critical skills he and Mr. K used at Marion during its glory days.  These skills are as valuable today as they were then.

    In 2015, McGraw has developed a new program that will address other the critical skills that entrepreneurs need to succeed.  One of the most important is "GRIT"; the ability to bounce back from disappointment.  

    To learn more about the free programs offered by Jim McGraw visit: http://leappahead.com/

    To hear more shows with host Kelly Scanlon visit our archives


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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (GRIT)

    in Football

    Tune into this episode of the BYGP Locker Room Show, as we talk about the type of "GRIT" it takes, for a young man to succeed in the football industry. Whether it's a high school player, looking for a college opportunity, or a college football player, looking for a Pro shot. You can anticipate having to pay a price, to accomplish your dreams. Everyone does!

    Anything worth having is going to cost, and with the right attitude, work-ethic, and "GRIT", you will be able to take hold of your opportunities!

    Join us, as we discuss.


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    Ep 61 -YSS - Failure, Grit and determination.

    in Youth

    In this show Sarah and Annie discuss why failure is a good thing, how to instil grit and how to make sure your child is determined. 

    Join Sarah Newton and Annie Fox and guests as they answer the fundamental question, what makes youth successful? What empowers them? What makes them want to change? Why do they behave the way they do and most importantly, how can we positively impact and influence them? Together, Sarah and Annie have over 40+ years experience in the youth field. Sarah, an ex-police officer in London, started her consulting business 14 years ago and is well known worldwide for her TV and radio work. Annie is a parenting expert who has been answering teen email questions since 1997. Join them on The Youth Success Show as these two seasoned experts  share their ideas, thoughts, perspectives and tools to help youth thrive. 

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    GRIT Racing Series, NAPA Super DIRT Week and YCS/Woodhull Recaps

    in Sports

    It was a busy and fun weekend of racing on the dirt in the Northeast and Turn 5 Live has all of the news, results, discussion and driver interviews to keep you up to date.  Turn 5 Live will air Live Tonight at 7 P.M. Eastern.

    The Turn 5 Live crew anchored by Co-Hosts Steven Ovens and Clint Miller will guide race fans through the Inaugural Seneca Lake Shootout that took place at the Yates County Speedway on Friday night.  Jimmy Phelps, who was the winner of the Shootout, was interviewed post-race and the Turn 5 Live fans will hear that interview along with others within the Top 5.  Interviews with all of the other winners on Friday night will also be aired including 305 Sprint Car winner Darryl Ruggles, 4-Cylinder winner J.J. Kreidler and Street Stock winner Jeremy Potrzebowski.

    There was also a Super DIRTcar Series race on Sunday at the Fonda Speedway and our Turn 5 Live correspondent Scott Mcvey was on location at ‘The Track of Champions.’  We will discuss the major points implications that took place with Brett Hearn picking up the victory and Matt Sheppard suffering a mechanical failure and scoring a DNF.

    Jeff Hachmann from DIRTcar Northeast will join Turn 5 Live at 7:45pm to talk everything NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week and beyond.

    We will close Turn 5 Live with an interview with Nick Stark from the GRIT Sportsman Modified Series that races all across the Northeast in GM Crate powered Sportsman Modifieds.  Nick will preview the next few GRIT Series races including a big show coming up locally at the Woodhull Raceway in Woodhull, NY.

    Fans wishing to call in to speak with hosts Steven Ovens, Clint Miller or the producer Brad Ovens can call into the studio and talk dirt with us at (646) 200-0582.

    You can also chat with the hosts or leave questions for our guests on Twitter during the show @Turn5Podcast

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    "Grace Grit & Gratitude with JaiKaur "

    in Self Help

    Welcome to “Grace Grit & Gratitude with JaiKaur-The Art and Science of Contemporary Life", an oasis for information and inspiration for contemporary life. Wisdom for crafting a life of purpose, power, and pleasure lies not only in the facts you were taught about life,  wisdom lies within you as well. When you learn to trust your inner authority, you learn to trust your choices and life again, leading a life of integrity  Learning to trust yourself and life again is essential for leading a life of happiness, ease, and peace in contemporary life.   Discover how a dynamic relationship with your spirit, soul, and sovereignty is essential for health, happiness, and wholi-ness in contemporary life. Update your beliefs, habits, and choices for ease and  peace with the changes and challenges of contemporary life . Learn new skills, belief, and techniques for trusting and living the wisdom, truth, and guidance already within you.  Learn how to trust and engage the intelligence and guidance of your body’s wisdom.   Live to engage your grace grit & gratitude for a life pro-active, not reactive. Learn to discern, decipher, and delight in the wisdom and guidance all around you in everyday life.   Life is a gift already granted, how we live our unique integrity creates our pleasure, purpose, and power. Learn to discern the grace offered in your everyday life, to engage your grit for meeting life's challenges and changes, and to offer your gratitude for your gift of contemporary life.  

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    The Grit

    in Music

    Whatchu talkin bout Jive Turkey!? Your door to the seedy underbelly of the the Rockabilly world! Tune in every Thursday night for a chance to here me, Yas make an ass of myself while playin some good ole fashioned rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, bluegrass and blues.

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    The Grit

    in Music

    Whatchu talkin bout Jive Turkey!? Your door to the seedy underbelly of the the Rockabilly world! Tune in every Thursday night for a chance to here me, Yas make an ass of myself while playin some good ole fashioned rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, bluegrass and blues.

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