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    New Release: I BUILT IT But They Ain't Coming

    in Marketing

    I BUILT IT, But They Ain't Coming: The Marketing Mogul's Manual on How to Pursue, Date, and Engage Your Customer! The Interview. Discover why you will want read and digest new release by one of Harlem's own, Derrick M. Guest, CEO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. and author of the Marketing Mogul Manual A Guide to Improving Your Marketing Brand!

    Influencer Eula Guest is our interviewee. As Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc, Eula will give us an inside view of how the book came to be and its value for you. A tenacious networker with an influential network, Eula is results oriented and has in-depth experience with all aspects of integrated marketing; on-line, offline, and social media.

    "I Built It, But They Ain't Coming, breaks down complex marketing concepts and relates them to real life situations, setting this book apart from other business books. Small businesses finally have a book that speaks to them." -Terrie M. Williams, Best Selling Author

    "A street-smart, well-focused marketing book." -Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Area Director, Northeastern USA Constant Contact


    Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc


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    I was just thinking...Black History Month 2015

    in Education

    Here we are in the middle of February and this month thanks to Carter G. Woodson has grown from his original vision of a week of celebration to a month with a lead-in of the birthdays of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. 

    We will also listen to a interpretation of the speaches of Marcus Garvey recount the problems, abilities and acomplishments of our people.

    Now, I want to take a pause here because we need to see what happened his parents were ex-enslaved and in one generation, like many of our families rose to the heights of education from our past of enslavement. Either we were entirely lucky or we had superior intelligence that could not be crushed to the ground even after 400 years of slavery.  How was it possible for our people to have an abundance of scholarship come out to such a heinous crime?

    Before our enslavement we were nation builders, architects, well versed in animal husbandry and astronomy and farming. We were irons workers and black smiths, teachers and griots brought to America [a land we had traveled and settled colonies before Columbus] to return to cultivate and build a land for those Europeans who desired to be kings and gentry of the so-called New World.  

    Come take a listen or join in the conversation:

    661-467-2407 and press #1 to talk to me.

    Friday, Feb 13, 2015 @ 5pm pacific tiem and 8pm eastern time.


    Black History is World History


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    Thorough Body Thursday with Dr. Delbert Blair Discussing his experience with ETs

    in Spirituality

    Happy New Year! Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for our THOROUGH BODY Thursday show, sip a cup of CONSCIOUS tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Join us as we bring to you  our distinguished guest Dr. Delbert Blair, Master Metaphysician, Teacher,  Historian, Lecturer, Engineer, Poet, Minister, Researcher, Educator.  Dr. Blair applies the oral tradition of the griots, along with extensive and pragmatic research. He is the Founder, Director and chief Consultant of“The Meta-Center” located in Chicago Illinois.  Dr. Blair will share with us his experiences with the Space Beings as well as other Metaphyisical topics.  Dr. Blair will Educate us on many topics such as Space Beings, the inner earth people, health, wellness, and Metaphysics.  

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    The Impact of Grief and How We To Move Forward

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on Oct. 15, 2014 as we talk with Shawnee Benton-Gibson, the Founder & Executive Director of The Griots’ Healing Circle. The Griot’s Healing Circle is a boutique consulting business offering innovative coaching, counseling and training experiences to individuals, groups and organizations seeking to expand their power, purpose and impact in the world. 

    Shawnee will be sharing her knowledge about the grieving process, and how she has helped people to be able to make it through the difficulties of loss.

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    The Evolution of Rap Music In The United States

    in Entertainment

    Rap Music is truely an American minority creation of subcultural roots. This musical artform has been around for over 30 years in the United States.

    In fact, one can trace the history of rap back to West African professional singers/storytellers known as Griots.

    Unfortunately, rap music is not percieved by many Americans as an art form, but as a fad which they thought would soon fade away...

    One cannot study American Rap Music without what is known as the "Hip-Hop" culture.

    Hip-Hop culture was also comprised of DJ'ing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, MC'ing, Beatboxing, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge & Street Entrepreneurialism!!!

    Research seems to point back to the Bronx in New York City as the origin for the hip-hop culture.

    Hip-Hop is the expression of creative intelligence.

    It is also the transformation of subjects and objects to describe your consciousness!!

    Nak Neezy

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    An Apology to the descendant of a Survivor of Slavery, Stella Antley!

    in Education

    Join The Gist of Freedom with host Roy Paul as we welcome genealogist and activist,  STELLA ANTLEY. www.blackHistoryBlog.com on iTunes WWW.BlackHistoryuniversity.com
    Stella, the Great, Great Granddaughter of a survivor of slavery recently, recently received an Official Apology her ancestor's  Slaver.
    The enslaved woman's name was Charlotte McClee and she lived to the sage age of 111, AMAZING longevity for a survivor of slavery, and more amazing…. "I have a photo of her holding me as an infant, in a rare Black History 5 Generation "Freed," Post, ante-bellum former enslaved African's Family, all alive, and in tact at the same time."
    "In this heirloom picture of the 5 Generations, shown and seated, are: My Mother, My Mother's Mother, My Mother's, Mother's Mother, And My Mother's, Mother's, Mother's, Mother, the "survivor of slavery" and me, I'm the 5th Generation, the Survivor's Great, Great"
     This show is dedicated to …Four Survivors of Slavery,  miraculously these Queens, are centenarians! They all lived to be 100+ years old!  In 1916 the matriarchal heroines  gathered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation in Washington, DC. Tell their stories and say their names to your children… Annie Parram, 104; Anna Angales, 105; Elizabeth Berkeley, 125; and Sadie Thompson 110!

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    The Celebrity Link- Jamaica DANCE HALL DJ OF THE 1970S

    in Music

    Visiting the Jamaican dancehall of the 1970 and paying tribute to some of the DJs that made their contributions

    Deejay (alternatively spelled DJ) is a term in Jamaican music for a reggae or dancehall musician who sings and "toasts" to an instrumental riddim (rhythm).

    Deejays are not to be confused with disc jockeys from other music genres like hip-hop, where they select and play music. Dancehall/reggae DJs who select riddims to play are called selectors. Deejays who are more likely to sing are sometimes called singjays.

    The term deejay came about as a result of the act of some selectors (as they were called) of the 60s and 70s such as U-Roy or King Stitt toasting to the version side of popular records of the time. The version came about when the record company produced the 45 record with the song, the flip side of which had the instrumental version of the song. This gave the deejays the chance to make up on-the-fly lyrics to the instrumental music. This occurrence gave rise to deejay toasting and the term has been used in that context ever since.

    Toasting, chatting, or deejaying is the act of talking or chanting, usually in a monotone melody, over a rhythm or beat by a deejay. Traditionally, the method of toasting originates from the griots of Caribbean calypso and mento tradition.[1] The lyrics can be either be improvised or pre-written.

    Toasting has been used in various African traditions, such as griots chanting over a drum beat, as well as in Jamaican music forms, such as Ska, reggae, dancehall, and dub. Toasting is also often used in soca and bouyon music. Toasting's mix of talking and chanting may have influenced the development of MCing in US hip hop music. The combination of singing and toasting is known as singjaying. more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deejay_%28Jamaican%29


    www.crsradio.com caribbeanradioshow@gmail.com 661-467-2407


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    The Arts and Service Jean Pouncil-Burton

    in Lifestyle

    Once upon a time long ago, retired librarian Jean Pouncil Burton became a storyteller. Parents and teachers bought their children into the library to a story time program.  The children listened, laughed, and clapped, and she was hooked!  It was not long before she was invited to tell stories, in schools, churches, community organizations, etc…  Therefore, she set out to learn as much as she could about the art of storytelling.  She took some additional classes, attended workshops, conferences, festivals and one-on-one coaching sessions. Eleven years ago, she discovered others with a common interest in the art, and The Wichita Griots:  Keepers of the Stories was born!

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    Asthma, Diabetes & More Improved with a Spray

    in Health

    What Is your Vitamin D level? It should be 50 or greater. Ask your doctor then contact me when you find it's lower as I know it is. Why didn't he tell you this before and it's relationship to your diabetes, asthma and pain. OurSpecial Guest Griots are DALE E. WAFER, Chairman/CEO of Xpedite-it LLC, a transportation company serving the greater metro Washington DC area. As CEO he is responsible for leading new capital development projects and strategic new market expansion. Mr. Wafer has led Xpedite-it annual growth of more than thirty percent (30%) each of the last two years by securing contracts with FedEx and TNT, who currently hold leading industry positions in shipping globally. With him will be his partner in TEN DENISE McDOWELL, the National Capital Area Regional Master Trainer of Al & Hattie Hollingsworth’s B.O.S.S. The Movement, has inspired many to fulfill their God-given dreams, visions and purpose in life.  Both Dale and Denise will be sharing their latest business venture that is on the cutting edge of health and wellness technology : T.E.N. Spray Vitamins. T.E.N.'s purpose is to assist nature in it's effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the body with unparalleled effectiveness. T.E.N. Spray technology provides 100% more absorption into the blood system than pills, capsules & gels. They give at least 20% more absorption than sublingual liquids and muscular injections . Many people do not like to take pills and capsules.  Research suggests that Vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of a number of different conditions, including type1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis.

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    The Lion King Sundiata Keita Ruler of Mali

    in Education

    Sundiata Keita

    Tune in and listen up as we share the story of Sundiata Keita (b. abt. 1210- d.abt.1260)  the founder of the Mali empire in West Africa. He is regarded as a great magician-king and the national hero of the Malinke-speaking people (Mandinaka, Malinke, Bambara), and a celebrated hero. The epic of Sundiata is primarily, transmitted by generations of Mandinka griots (djeli or jeliw). The famous West African ruler Mansa Musa was his grandnephew.

    Sundiata, or Sun Djata, was also known in the Tarikhs (Moslem chronicles) as Mari Djata. Keita is a widely used family name. He is to West African history what King Arthur is to English history, in that both are popular figures about whom very little is known with certainty.

    This show will share some of the little known facts about this extraordinary Ruler of the Mali Kingdom.

    Tune in and Listen Up!


    Mansa Musa

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    Bonding Thru Books - Blogger, Book Club and Reviewer Showcase

    in Books

    Bonding Thru Books Festival - Each night 8-10pm EST,  life coaches, community leaders, published authors and industry insiders will talk about their motivation for supporting our literary legacy, how they became modern day griots, how authorship has affected their place in society, and how social media has expanded their voice and reach.


    Shelia M. Goss
    Entertainment Blogger, screenwriter and author

    Terri J. Haynes
    Amazon Vine Clean Fiction Book Reviewer

    Karyn Davis
    Girl Fridayz Book Club

    Shalonda McGhee
    Lift a Sistah Up Book Club

    SiStar Tea
    ARC Book Club Inc.

    Toni Bonita Robinson
    Prominent Women of Color (PWOC)

    Antionette Gates
    Founder of the Mississippi Magnolias Book Club

    Kim Knight
    President Reading Between the Lines Bookclub

    Jeanette W. Hill
    Founder and executive director of  JWHill Productions

    Tina Mcdade
    Divas & Diamonds Book Club

    Anamaria Akins
    Creator of Urban Divaz Reviewz

    La Sheera  Lee
    Read You Later Radio Host
    Founder of The Round Table Readers Literary Book Club

    L. D. Wells and Dr. Francene Breakfield
    Co-Editors:  An Anthology of Sisterhood  

    Parker J. Cole
    Host of The Write Stuff Radio Show

    M.J. Kane
    Founder of the blog This Writer’s Life… 

    Lisa Borders Muhammad
    Founder of African American Book Expo, Norfolk, Virginia

    Joey Pinkney
    Blogger and Reviewer for JoeyPinkney.com