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    2013...A New Year with new opportunities! Corrective and Progressive Actions are necessities to pursuing and achieving opportunities to change the quality of life for families! Join me today beginning at 5p for inspiring conversations, news, and music! Call in 347-843-4516
    Get Ready for...Jacquelyn Rochell's Moral Conversations...LIVE! SHARE YOUR STORY at www.jacquelynrochell.com; if you want to be a part of a live tapping share your story. To get tickets, put RSVP Tickets as subject. Be A Part of the Solution or Learn How to Resolve Your Personal or Family Issues! Join Jacquelyn Friday, February 1st at Harbor House with the Soul Explosion Band. This Band is absolutely entertaining! And, the Harbor House has excellent food and drinks! Tickets $10.00
    Remember your First Kiss? Join Jacquelyn at L!V Restro Lounge in Greektown, MI Saturday, February 2nd for Speed Dating, Relationship Discussion, Good Music & Dancing 6p to 2a
    Are you a Women looking for businss contracting opportunities with the government? Learn more at www.sba.gov/gcclassroom
    A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell airs e

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    Comrades, Lovers, Friends and Kin;

    Hard times call for healing vibrations, reinvention and resilience. Welcome to Republic of Love: art, cultural resistance and sacred mysticism.  On the airwaves from Toronto - Huron-Wendat, 6 Nations, 3 Fires Territory or, "the City of Living Corpses" as Emma Goldman liked to say.  We're live on-air monthly on the new moon with reviews, panels, readings and music centred on radical culture and prophecy from here at home, and around the planet.

    Tune into episode #8, for a *special live* performance/broadcast Tuesday, May 18th at 7pm. This new moon, the Republic of Love is migrating to Jess Dobkin's Artist-Run Newstand kiosk at Chester Subway in Toronto. A perfect invitation to be present and grounded in the underground as Mercury enters retrograde. I know. You're like,...again?!? Yup. Hop on for the chaos ride, folks.

    This month, we're celebrating our host neighbourhood of Greektown, in that odd colonial habit of naming a handfull of city blocks by the settlers that once lived there. Featuring a live set of Rebetiko vinyl, lovingly collected by DJ Zora. This Plus fabulous interviews music and mystical musings from your humble host-Priestess, Radiodress.

    Listen in for:

    - a conversation with activist, lawyer and legal scholar Ido Katri on the incoherence of trans bodies and Arab jewish bodies and the metaphysics of motion and transition

    - from the Archive: Anishnabe activist, writer, and sacred mind, Winona LaDuke on the healing power of apology and redemption between humans, through plant memory

    - texts from Kabbalist Perle Epstein and more...

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