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    Let's have an in-depth discussion on all things Hip Hop. Bob will explore the culture and relevance of all aspects of the Hip Hop lifestyle. Music will be played, topics discussed, and lines open to hear your point of view. Feel free to comment or spit a few bars

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    NY Hip Hop: Better Than It's Ever Been? Plus NY hip hop events & more

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    After a couple weeks hiatus, we're back to keep the conversation about New York hip hop music and culture going, as only we can. In fact, we're going to open it up a bit tonight, have one of our occasional, "State of NY Hip Hop" talks. Join hosts Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz as they discuss the current hip hop landscape in the Mecca of it all.

    We'll discuss music being released, from the 'big names' as well as independent and underground artists. We'll talk about venues, closing down, and some opening their doors for hip hop-related events. 

    We'll be sure to talk about the other aspects of hip hop that are often missing from the conversation, including grafitti and art, B-Boying and dance and DJing.

    We'll probably talk about, criticize, and give credit where due to other hip hop media, organizations and individuals who are doing what needs to be done to keep the full spectrum of hip hop music and culture alive in the Big Apple.

    And we'll happily debate anyone who has the notion that New York hip hop is unremarkable. So if you think this is the case, we want to hear from you.

    LIVE starting at 10pm, New York hip hop's #1 talk radio show is on the air, and ready to talk with you about the greatest culture in the greatest city in the world.

    Tonight's episode brought to you by Superfly: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop, on sale now.

    Tonight's episode also brought to you by the Tech808 conference, going down 11/21 at NYU.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with U-Nam and music from C'est Le Funk!

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    What way to start our reign of LIBRA!  On September 23rd, 2014, we welcome the marvelous guitarist/composer/producer, U-Nam!  Whew, are you EVER gonna feel some ENERGY!

    Whenever U pays a visit to "Hybrid Jazz", he always has something wonderful cooking - guess it's not hard to make that kind of analogy because he's from Paris - one of the true oases for GREAT food!  And what we have in "C'est Le Funk" is a fantabulous HYBRID stew of the flavors that U-Nam has in his soul.  Those flavors spill out in the most effervescent way! Rock, R & B, Funk, Pop and JAZZ that is presented to you in a way that most certainly AIN'T your Daddy's!  

    Bacground on our guest: U-Nam picked up the guitar at age 12, studied at CIM (first European school for Jazz!), and by 19 was a pro - a fixture at studio sessions all across the City of Light.  Emmanuel Abiteboul moved to the USA in 2007, after having achieved MUCH success in his native France.  He has recorded, produced or performed with some of the most beloved names in music.  And counts one of his inspirations, George Benson, as a FAN!

    U is no stranger to recognition for his work.  He has won Gold and Platinum Records for his input as Producer.  You will certainly know his take on "Street Life" - the Crusaders classic - which went Number 1 and STAYED on as such for WEEKS!   He made the late, great Joe Sample VERY happy.  Royalties :)

    Our friend is always busy - whether it's championing a guitar via endorsement, sharing wth stage with super saxophonist wife, Shannon Kennedy or the all-star group, Grafitti.  AND writing or producing - but busy makes him BRILLIANT - and here he is with his new "C'est Le Funk" - making MAJOR strides on THREE differerent charts!  

    Let's celebrate - are you ready?!


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    Soul Emergence Radio Episode 112: Soul Graffiti with Romal Tune

    in Politics Progressive

    Join your host Peter Matthews in conversation with our special guests Romal Tune, author of God's Grafitti and Drew Dellinger, poet, scholar and activist.


    Visit us anytime online at SoulEmergence.org



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    Microphone Fiends Hip Hop Radio Show / Guest: Chief69; Host: Ricky Jay

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    Live from the Bronx, New York City. Microphone Fiends' Hip Hop Radio Show. Our guest is Chief69. Hosted by Richard Jannaccio (Ricky Jay). Showcasing and interviewing the best real Hip Hop artists/emcees.

    To be a guest, email richard_jannaccio@yahoo.com or go to https://www.facebook.com/MicrophoneFiendsHipHopRadio and message us. To call in during the show: 646 668 2531. To get links to our upcoming LIVE shows and podcasts, "LIKE" our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MicrophoneFiendsHipHopRadio


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    MICROPHONE FIENDS HIP HOP RADIO SHOW - Guest: Chief69; Host: Richard Jannaccio

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    This week's Special guest is Chief69 from the Bronx, NY, an extraordinary, authentic Hip-Hop musical artist, b-boy, poet, and visual artist. Join us LIVE: Monday, March 3, 2014 at 11 - 11:30 pm.

    Showcasing and interviewing the best up and coming emcees. To call in during the show: 646-668-2531, Every Thursday at 11 pm -11:30 pm. Your host is Richard Jannaccio. Live from the Bronx, New York City.

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode IX: (C² + APW) = Champ² > Conspiracy?

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 is live tonight @ 8PM. In the recent weeks we've had some security breaches within the safe confines of our broadcast switchboard. Someone has found it necessary to spray digital grafitti on our podcast, not once... but twice!! Well dammit, VPR Staff want answers! A person of interest who was present both times of the intrusions was one Buddy Royal. Lets review the facts... *Buddy's phone was hacked and flashed a sequence of numers that we would also see on the switchboard, and the audience would hear over-the-air. *Last week on the show Buddy called in and almost immediately a 2nd message was played in the same fashion, and Buddy's call was dropped. *Buddy has had some great championship success recently at other Promotions. Buddy may or may not be a knowing participant in what's going on. But WHY!? Why hack this show, and not... well, something bigger? No names have come forward, so far, and public threats are going unanswered. Join host Jimmy Ray as he tries to get answers from our guests, the NEW APW Tag-Team Champions, "The Unorthodox One" Levi Shapiro, and "Ace" Buddy Royal! Classic Connection RETURNS to Vendetta Pro tonight, and we got the exclusive interview!

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    2013-002 Joey Sanders Show

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    There is so much to talk about,  but this week we're going to talk about the story of how around 400 young adults broke into former NFL Lineman Brian Holloway's house, destroyed parts of the house by breaking windows/doors, punching holes in the walls, then painting grafitti everywhere. How are the parents reacting to this violently illegal, disrespectful act. Punish the teens? Teach their children this type of behavior is wrong, and disrespectful? How about by threatening to sue Mr. Holloway because he wants these children held responsible! The parents claim Mr. Holloway's attempt to receive proper compensation and justice for the disrespectful, destructive acts of these several hundred children will damage these childrens reputations and thus their ability to get into the right colleges. 
    Check out Mr. Holloway's site: www.helpmesave300.com and join us for the show.

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    Artists Elyse Martin And Julia Hamilton On Abstracts & Bones

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    Elyse Martin is an educator and artist. She creates large scale abstract works as well as haunting encaustic paintings. Julia Hamilton works in bones--using skulls to make beautiful pieces in a variety of colors, often metalic.
    Martin paints both abstracts and encaustic works. She is based in the Chicago area. She teaches art at Jordan Community School in the city.  Martin’s work has appeared in numerous juried art exhibits and she has won local and national art competitions. Hamilton, in addition to being an artist, is a talented make-up artist. Her work with making skulls and antlers in to art was part of the inspiration to do this show. Her work is beautiful and decorative. She is also owner of Pretty Windy City, a mobile artistry  team working in make-up.They do airbrush make-up for weddings and more. Make-up as artists remind me of what grafitti artists were a few years back. Not considered even a starting point for fine art. But it is.  

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    Spiritually Speaking with Rev. Jen

    in Spirituality

    On this episode, Rev. Jen will be joined by Rev. Romal Tune, author of God's Grafitti. An advocate, activist and preacher, Rev. Tune will share his story and talk about the work that he is involved with on behalf of urban youth. You can learn more about the book and Romal at http://youtu.be/tuwTvK7zgLU
    Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler is your host. An ordained minister, spiritual life coach, and all around fun person, Rev. Jen loves to share her experiences and hear yours! Join us for a fun and interactive live broadcast, or an engaging archive listen.
    Want to learn more? Visit Rev. Jen on the web at www.seedspiritualcoaching.com or follow her on Twitter: @CoachRevJen

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    Florian and Steve Champagne~Musician to Musician

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    From Chicago to Munich! This episode of Musician to Musician will feature singer/songwriters Florian and Steve Champagne. Together they will discuss their music, their influences and love of music. 
    MRFlorian was born in Montreal and now lives in Europe where he travels about making music in the streets, recording and is busy creating his Music Grafitti.
    Steve Champagne is one of "The Chefs" of the Diner and most noteably known for his recent work with The Steve and Mary Show. His anthology of individual works and GDBeatles series can be found here.