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    Pope wants one world Governement

    in Politics

    The Pope has stated that he would like to see a one world government so that there would be one religion, one curency, just one leader who would be a dictator to the world.

    Now the Pope the head of a church is in politics, and is trying to become the only leader to a one world government. 

    The dictator Pope is why in 1517 the m95 thesis was nailed to the Wittenburg Church door. 

    Yes in truth since the very frist Pope all popes are to be the liberal dictator of the world and the catholic church. 

    Time to revolt and set the roman catholic church straight on facts.

  • Saturday Day Fever "Replay of TGIF'S Show" Political Progressive Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at David Daleidon's alleged illegality in shooting doctored videos. Our governement heads toward a government shutdown over the GOP's smear campaign against Planned Parenthood.  The poster child for extremist TEABAGGERS Ted Cruz weighs in on John Boehner's resignation. Guess what? Things will get much worse in Congress.   



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    TGIF FRIDAY "Civil Chat with Lee" looks at political and trending events 9/25

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at David Daleidon's alleged illegality in shooting doctored videos. Our governement heads toward a government shutdown over the GOP's smear campaign against Planned Parenthood.  The poster child for extremist TEABAGGERS Ted Cruz weighs in on John Boehner's resignation. Guess what? Things will get much worse in Congress.   



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    Sabbath - Shook Ones of Israel

    in Spirituality

    How federal agents foiled a murderous Jade Helm 15 retaliation plot


    Pope Francis is the anti-christ

    Chemicals in the Water

    Chemicals In The Air

    They are listening to us


    why israel is scared of these things, but not scared of GOD and his son Christ?

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    Reach Out America: We are One America

    in Current Events

    We are one America debuts its Radio show tonight Immediately after Locked and Loaded.
    We are one America was created to create community activities that will produce unity. 
    Every state will have its own state page and its own Director, its own in state support system. We are interviewing for State Directors right now.
    If You are an American, and Sick of feeling helpless those times are over! 
    We are One America is About Getting things accomplished not just another all talk group. 
    We will accomplish these things legally, using our system of government, and at the same time organizing our State Militias in preparation to defend our homeland and our purpose.
    Our First Endeavor is to dismantle the Bureau of Land Management and Return State Property back to the States. Once this is Complete, we intend on doing the Same thing to the Department of Education.
    My Fellow Americans this is an important start ,once we get one of these accomplished, the People of this nation will see hope and prosperity, because they will then realize that the government of, by and for the people is again being run for the interest of the people Not special interest. 
    A lot of you will say and ask is this doable? well let me ask you this WHAT STATE SENATOR wants to come home to His state and explain that he voted against returning the management of State lands to his /her State. 
    We will not only propose the legislation we will also write it .
    Again let me be clear we are here to accomplish a brotherhood within the Local communities and return The power of government back to those Communities.

  • Who's Who is the Presidential Race? Political Analyst Jon Scott to Weigh In.

    in Politics

          Can the Republicans takes the presidency in 2016?  If they do, will they repeal obamacare, roll back common core, come up with a good immigration plan?  We have a great show tonite with political analyst, Jon Scott.  

           Jon Scott was the Republican Party's nominee in 2006 and 2008 against Patrick J. Kennedy in Rhode Islands 1st Congressional District.  Scott is now running as an Independent for mayor in Providence. He will face the winner of a four-way Democratic Party primary in November.  He has done notable work as a Governement Relations Consultant since 1996 and has been recognized by 'Who's Who in America" for his work with non-profits.  For more information on Jon Scott go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Scott_(politician)      

    hosts:  Rueben Torres and Doreen Finkle

    This show sponsored by Studentsforabetterfuture.com

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    Debates, Party Loyalists and the Long Season of Hate

    in Politics

    As the 2016 election season starts in earnest, Mike Madison will take a look at the candidates, debates and the ridiculousness of it all. Americans will be facing 15 long months of listening to pandering candidates and party loyalist commentators and citizens. It is a relentless onslaught of babble. There has become so little difference between the two parties that the results of elections are the same regardless of who wins.

    We will also take a look at the escalating trend toward a deeper system of socialism as the country continues to become unraveled financially.

    Lastly, we will discuss a true "Let Them Eat Cake!" moment in today's White House and the "Small Governement" Republicans latest attack on state's rights.

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    Thinking About Going To Bible College? *REPLAY*

    in The Bible

    Do you have the call of God on your life? Are you looking for a Bible College that is full of the Presence of God? Are you looking for a place where the Holy Spirit is given full control to move as He sees fit? Tonight I am going to be speaking about three awesome Colleges: The River Bible Inistitute. The River School of Worship and The River School Of Governement. This is not just a school for those who are called to the Five Fold Ministry it is also for those who want a closer walk with God and a deeper understanding of the Holy Bible.





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    Government Grants Infomercial You Are Sorry You Missed

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://leskofreeradio.com/, http://lesko.com/fiverr and http://bigdatalesko.com shows us the governement grant informercial - 'You are sorry you missed'.

    Watch: https://youtu.be/GFRUNMsyJTE

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    Racism, Removing the Blinders placed by Democrats

    in Radio

    For decades, the Black and Hispanic communities have been targeted by Race pimps and Democrats eager to hold on to power and control over the people.  Making promise after promise, offering more and more money, these people have successfully created a culture of dependency and unrealistic expectation.  From our Education system to the Justice Department's attempt to take over State's jurisdiction, we have allowed ourselves to become slaves to the government.  Some people don't want to remove the blinders because it's easier to ignore reality.  We'll talk about this and more on my last Thursday Night program.  Call in to share your thoughts...

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    Week 39: Farewell to Welfare...Again!

    in Radio

    Join us for our first segment State of the Union, as we address the new state law that aims to limit how long public assistance will be dispensed. Is this positive or pejorative? Join the conversation.

    Our second segement - Behind Closed Doors: She's gotta have it...just like him. Can today's woman be more bold and forthright about sex and promiscuity? Is it about morality? Is it independence? Just what is it?

    We want to hear from you. Call in and share your views.